What Is a Meal Prep Container and What Are Its Benefits?


    Good food is loved by all, right? Then, wouldn’t it be important to keep that food’s goodness and energizing aroma? There are many options for meal prep containers to keep your food fresh and ready to eat when you’re taking it to school, work, or a picnic. We are aware that it is upsetting to witness that fantastic food getting ruined, so please save it! A good meal prep container is essential to alleviate your frustration.

    What is a Meal Prep Container?

    The foundation of meal planning is meal prep containers. Literally. They will assist you in portioning food so that it is ready for grab-and-go, stop spills in your preferred lunch bags, and endure years of use and washing. But it can be difficult to know which containers are best for you and your way of life with so many materials, brands, and styles available.

    Lunch box with food in the hands. Catering

    How to Choose a Meal Prep Container?

    Your criteria for selecting your containers will remain the same whether you are meal-prepping for health reasons, to stay within your budget, or to save time.

    A meal prep container’s seal should be airtight and prevent food from absorbing odors in the refrigerator. At its best, a good seal should make the container leak-proof when transported in a bag. A durable and long-lasting design that’s simple to maintain is essential because washing, reheating, and freezing can all be taxing on certain materials. While microwaveable meal prep containers let you reheat or defrost food right from the tub, reusable meal prep containers are a more environmentally friendly choice. If you decide to use plastic, you might want to choose a BPA-free meal prep container.

    Two Types of Meal Prep Containers

    1. Plastic Meal Prep Containers

    Plastic containers are a fantastic, affordable option, especially if you frequently need to transport food and want to reduce extra weight. If you are worried about sustainability, they might not be the best option for you.

    Close up of woman preparing plastic food boxes with fresh green onion, strawberry, and blackberry for freezing on the wooden table

    Pros of Plastic containers: 

    • Lightweight, particularly when compared to glass containers
    • Not easily breakable
    • Dishwasher-safe
    • Microwave-safe
    • More affordable than other materials

    Cons of Plastic containers:

    • When exposed to dark-colored foods like tomato sauce for a few days, it can stain easily.
    • Keep hold of strong flavors
    • If you do decide to discard plastic containers, they do take a very long time to decompose in a landfill.
    • They are no longer suitable for use if they crack or have significant scratches.

    2. Glass Meal Prep Containers

    Glass containers are a fantastic, reliable choice for meal preparation. Despite coming in a range of sizes and shapes, they do tend to be slightly more expensive than other materials. If you plan to frequently reheat food in the oven and are concerned about sustainability, glass containers are the way to go. If you need to take your meals with you or if money is tight, glass containers might not be the best option.

     Healthy vegan food in glass containers, top view. Rice, beans, vegetables, hummus, and juice for takeaway lunch

    Pros of Glass Containers:

    • Dishwasher-safe
    • Microwave-safe
    • Frequently oven-safe
    • Won’t retain bold flavors or stains
    • Plastic generally lasts longer.
    • It is recyclable

    Cons of Glass Containers:

    • Significantly heavier than plastic
    • Breakable
    • Expensive compared to plastic

    Benefits of Using Meal Prep Containers

    Salmon and Meat Balls Meal Prep in storage containers

    1. Meal Prep Containers Can Help You Save Time

    Any cook with a tight schedule can benefit from using meal prep containers, which enable them to prepare a ton of delectable and healthy meals in advance! Meal prep containers have several benefits, but they are most helpful when it comes to time savings, which makes them especially useful if you live an active and busy lifestyle.

    2. Meal Prep Containers Can Help You Save Money

    You can cut costs on your weekly grocery bill and keep a lid on your eating-out expenses by buying healthy ingredients in bulk and filling up your meal prep containers using batch cooking methods. Meal prep containers can help you reduce your portion sizes and switch to a healthier diet in addition to saving your family money on food.

    3. Meal Prep Containers Can Help You Organizer Your Food

    Set portion sizes will make it simple for you to plan your meals each week, ensuring that mealtimes are always organized whether you’re eating in or bringing a lunch to work. Meal prep containers are ideal for transporting a wide variety of foodstuffs safely. They can be used to store fruit, vegetables, meat, and fish.

    4. Meal Prep Containers Can Handle Food Temperatures

    If you select the appropriate meal preparation containers, you can use them for both cold and hot food. Meal prep containers are a common type of container in many kitchens because of their usefulness and convenience. It’s crucial to choose containers that are made from only the most robust and resistant materials if you want the most robust meal prep containers that can handle varying food temperatures as well as any bumps in the road.

    Choosing the Best Size for Meal Prep Containers

    Overhead Shot Of Woman Preparing Batch Of Healthy Meals At Home In Kitchen

    Since every person is unique, there will naturally be differences in the quantity and type of food that they require when eating. Consequently, what works for one person won’t work for another, so selecting a meal prep container based on a one-size-fits-all philosophy isn’t the best idea.

    You should always consider your individual diet goals when choosing the proper size meal prep container. The predetermined portion sizes of meal prep containers may be used by some people to make sure they are eating enough, while others may use them to prevent overeating. 


    You can quickly pre-prepare a variety of delicious and nutritious dishes using meal prep containers in preparation for your busy week. Meal prep containers provide a simple solution for both storing and transporting pre-prepared meals, and are suitable for both individuals and families.

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