What Is a Lunch Box Backpack?


    A lunch box is a handheld container used to take food with you when you are going out and want something homemade with you. Commonly lunch boxes are small metal or plastic boxes that you can place in your bag and take with you. With the increased use of backpacks in various scenarios, manufacturers have started building lunch boxes into backpacks, meaning you won’t have to carry a separate box.

    Lunch box backpacks have a designated space where you can put your food. They come in various types, and you can choose one based on what fits your needs. These backpacks are incredibly useful as they keep your food warm. When lunchtime rolls around, your food will be warmer than if you used a lunch box because these backpacks come with insulated spaces. 

    Benefits of a Lunch box Backpack

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    Lunch box backpacks are handy because they allow you to have fresh, home-cooked meals even when you work or commute. Most people are extremely busy and tend to skip meals. With a lunch box backpack, you can store your food in your backpack, take it out, and eat it whenever you want. It also helps save money because you won’t need to purchase food from expensive eateries. 

    1. Keeps Your Food Warm

    A lunch box backpack’s interior is usually insulated and is made using PEVA. This is a vinyl fabric that is safe for food and ecologically sustainable. The material ensures that your food remains warm by providing excellent insulation. It also contains no plastic or harmful chemicals, meaning it is safe to keep your food in. Additionally, you can use it to keep your food hot or cold. 

    2. A Hygienic Space

    If you purchase a high-quality lunch box backpack, it will be dustproof, meaning no dirt particles will be able to enter the bag. This feature helps create very hygienic conditions inside your backpack and gives you peace of mind that your food is not exposed to germs. Also, hygienic conditions prevent your lunch from spoiling in your lunch box backpack. 

    3. Different Compartments

    Lunch box backpacks are versatile in nature. You can use them to carry items other than food because they come with detachable compartments. You can store your food in these compartments, and in different compartments, you can store other items such as clothes, books, etc. This means that you can use it like any other backpack.

    4. A Waterproof Exterior

    Most lunch box backpacks are made using polyester, which ensures that the backpack is waterproof. When using these backpacks, you do not have to worry about getting your sandwiches wet if you accidentally get caught in the rain. The polyester material will ensure that your food stays completely dry and that there is no chance of your food getting wet or contaminated. 

    Additionally, polyester is lightweight, meaning it does not weigh you down. Its waterproof nature also prevents it from absorbing moisture, so it remains lightweight no matter how much water it is exposed to. This makes these backpacks extremely easy to carry with you every day.

    5. Easy to Clean

    Lunch box backpacks are designed to be easy to clean because they contain food items and need to remain hygienic. Most lunch box backpacks are made using easily washable materials, which you can wash when needed. Although you won’t be washing your lunch box backpack daily, you can easily wipe it down using a wet cloth every week. This practice will help keep your lunch box backpack clean and hygienic. 

    Types of lunch box Backpacks

    Two blue-colored lunchbox backpacks.

    If you are in the market for a lunch box backpack, you will find three distinct kinds. Depending on your use, one of these backpacks will likely fit all your needs.

    1. Backpack With a Built-In Lunch Box

    Backpacks with built-in lunch boxes are designed to be used as a daily carry backpack but have an added feature of a lunch box. This is extremely helpful for those who prefer home-cooked meals. These lunch box backpacks are special insulated cooler compartments where you can store your food and drinks. 

    The rest of the backpack has no insulation, meaning you can use it as a regular backpack. You can carry all your daily essentials like books, laptops, change of clothes, etc., without fearing your food leaking and destroying your things. 

    These backpacks benefit people who like to carry lunch boxes alongside other items. They are a versatile all-in-one solution that can be used for school and work. Such backpacks eliminate the need to maintain separate lunch boxes as it combines both into a single, convenient solution. 

    2. Detachable Lunch Box Backpack

    Another kind of lunch box backpack is one that you can detach the lunch box from. In these backpacks, the lunch box is an insulated compartment designed to store your food and drinks. These compartments can be removed, which makes them perfect for those who only carry their lunch sometimes. 

    Detachable lunch box backpacks allow you to remove the compartment when not in use, which makes your backpack a lot lighter and easier to carry. Such backpacks are also great for when you want to pack your lunch at night. You can arrange everything, pack up your lunch or dinner, and leave it in the fridge. That way, you will only have to take it out and attach it to your backpack when leaving for the day. 

    Such lunch box backpacks also have a lot of extra features that you would find in a regular backpack. These include tech compartments, smaller organizers, large main compartments, and even a laptop compartment.  This means you can use it like a regular backpack or a laptop backpack with an added bonus of an insulated compartment. 

    3. Backpack Lunch Box Cooler

    A backpack lunch box cooler is very similar to a traditional cooler, but instead of being shaped like a box, it is designed in a backpack form. These backpacks are designed to only carry food and drinks. The main pockets of backpack lunch box coolers are insulated. You can store multiple beverage and food items to remain cold or hot throughout the day.

    These backpacks are much easier to carry compared to a standard handheld lunch box cooler because you can sling them over your shoulders and have your hands free. This feature is handy for when you are on the go as you do not get tired easily. Additionally, backpacks are designed to divide weight evenly, so you do not feel pressure on a single part of your body. 

    Backpack lunch box coolers are excellent for people who need to carry multiple food items for large lunches. If you often go on a picnic or a hike where you need to take a lot of food, these bags are perfect. Additionally, their ergonomic shoulder straps, leakproof interiors, and non-insulated pockets are beneficial for going on adventures. 

    Factors To Consider

    Blue coloured lunch box backpack open and showing insulation.

    Suppose you are searching for the perfect lunch box backpack. In that case, you should consider a few factors to ensure you are getting the best possible backpack for your needs. Here are some factors that you should look out for. 

    1. Use

    It is extremely important that you know what you will use the backpack for and your specific needs. Suppose you plan to use your lunch box backpack as your everyday backpack that you will take to school or work. In that case, you should purchase a lunch box backpack with an inbuilt lunch box compartment or a detachable one. Such backpacks are incredibly convenient as you can get multiple uses out of them simultaneously.

    On the other hand, if you plan to go on a hike or a picnic and need to carry a large amount of food, a backpack lunch box cooler will be a much better fit. Detachable and inbuilt lunch boxes will only reduce the space you have to keep your food, which will be challenging to manage if you are going on a picnic. 

    Some lunch box backpacks are built for specific activities like hikes and picnics, so buying a specialized one will be much more feasible.

    2. lunch box Compartment Size

    The lunch box compartment size is an important consideration when purchasing a lunch box backpack. Ensure that you select a backpack that has an appropriately sized lunch box compartment. It should be neither too small nor too large. You will have trouble fitting in your food and beverages if it is too small. If it is too large, your food will rattle around, and it may also increase the weight of your backpack. 

    3. Comfortable and Easy To Carry

    Lunch box backpacks are designed to be carried on your back, so it is essential that they are comfortable and easy to carry. Ensure that the backpack you purchase has padded and wide straps. This helps distribute the load more evenly, meaning that they do not cause excessive pressure on your shoulders.

    Additionally, choose a lightweight lunch box backpack, as heavier backpacks are much more difficult to carry. The backpack’s design should also be ergonomic, making it comfortable to wear. 

    A lightweight backpack is highly essential for when you are carrying heavier items. It would be best to look for backpacks with hip and sternum straps and extra padding. These backpacks are generally much more comfortable if you want to take them on long trips or a hike.

    4. Material and Durability

    The material used to make your backpack is essential as it determines how long it will last, and this factor depends on your use. If you intend to go on hikes and out in nature, you will want to purchase a sturdy bag that will not rip easily.

    Ideally, your backpack should be able to withstand heavy weights, and the stitching should also be extremely strong and robust. If you are looking for a durable backpack, buy one made of leather. Lunch box backpacks made of this material are lightweight and do not add to the weight of the items you put in them. Additionally, it is also very strong, so you do not need to fear it ripping apart.

    Leather is also effortless to clean, so you won’t need to worry about dirtying the bag and possibly ruining it. Backpacks made of this material are also water resistant, making them perfect for taking on an adventure.  

    5. Insulation

    The insulation of lunch box backpacks is one of the most critical factors to consider. As they are a kind of backpack cooler, they are much more flexible and versatile. Their insulation is not as good as hard coolers with closed-cell foam, but there are a few backpack lunch boxes that use the same closed-cell foam. 

    Cold-cell insulators are extremely good at insulating but tend to be expensive and weigh more, which is why they are rare. On the other hand, if you value the backpack’s insulation over all other features, then lunch box backpacks with closed-cell insulation are the best option.

    Besides the kind of insulation, you should also focus on its thickness and evenness. Thicker insulation is better at cold preservation but also tends to increase the bag’s weight. You should ensure that the insulation is even and thick and that there are no weak areas. Suppose the insulation does not surround the compartment effectively. In that case, it will lose its ability to maintain the temperature of the food and decrease the chill time.

    Ensure you purchase lunch box backpacks made using high-quality materials with no gaps. Fully insulated and leak proof compartments allow you to keep your food hot or dry. The backpack you purchase should also have good seams, as it will help prevent any moisture or condensation from escaping the cooler compartment. 

    Pros and Cons of lunch box Backpack

    Although lunch box backpacks are beneficial, they also have some cons. Here are some pros and cons of owning lunch boxes.

    Pros Cons
    Your food remains warm. If it is not cleaned, bacteria can spoil your food.
    It is a hygienic place to keep your food. Not all the food in the lunch box is meant to be the same temperature.
    Some types have different compartments for your food to keep it separate from other items.
    They are easy to clean.


    How to clean lunch box backpacks?

    To clean lunch box backpacks, you need to rinse and dry them. Ensure that the cooler is completely dry before you start using it. If there is water inside to be cleaned, use disinfectant wipes after thoroughly cleaning it with water and soap.

    What to look for when buying a lunch backpack?

    When purchasing a lunch backpack, choose one with an appropriate compartment size and sound insulation. It should also be durable, comfortable, and easy to carry.

    What is the difference between a lunch bag and a lunch backpack?

    A lunch bag allows you to carry your lunch in a separate bag in addition to your main bag. On the other hand, a lunch backpack is multipurpose. You can use it as an everyday backpack and place your food in a separate insulated compartment designed to hold your food.


    A lunch box backpack is a multifunctional backpack that can be used in several different ways. Some lunch box backpacks allow you to carry large quantities of food. Others enable you to bring your everyday items and have a separate compartment for your food. The lunch box backpack you decide to purchase depends greatly on your use. Other factors you should consider are the backpack’s insulation, how comfortable and durable it is, and the lunch box compartment size. 


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