What Fashion Accessories Are Popular


    You just finished taking a shower more than an hour ago, yet you’re still wearing your bathroom robe. You need to be ready for a party you’re going to attend in less than an hour, but you still can’t find the right outfit and accessories to wear. 

    Your clothes and accessories are already scattered on the floor. You’re starting to panic. “What am I going to wear?” “I should’ve gone shopping yesterday!” 

    Well, isn’t this the same scenario that many women can relate to nowadays? While there are women who do not make a big fuss about things like this. Some women, especially those who are into fashion and being on trend with the latest fashion ideas, want to be at their best, especially when attending various events. 

    Stressing out on picking an outfit and the perfect accessories to match it does not just happen when women prepare for big events. It also happens daily–when you’re preparing for work, for school, for a quick grocery shop, or when you’re meeting up with friends.

    However, you don’t need to be stuck on that unending loop of waking up in the morning, going to the shower, and stressing out about what accessories to match your cute top with. As you know, there’s a solution to prevent you from getting all frantic when it comes to dolling yourself up for events or even your simple day-to-day routines. Want to take a guess?

    We’re probably thinking of the same thing right now. Yes! All you need to do is get acquainted with what’s popular in fashion accessories nowadays. And by the fashion world, we’re referring to everything that belongs to the fashion industry and not just about high-end brands. 

    Also, if you’re a busy queen bee, don’t worry about spending your precious time scouring the internet for popular fashion ideas on accessories because we’ll do it for you! Here’s a list of the popular fashion accessories you need to know to make your doll-up sessions much easier. 

    1. Handbag

    Image of a shelf full of different types of handbags

    You’re probably wondering why this is at the top of our list. Well, a handbag is a classic fashion accessory that you can match with your outfits regardless of the season. 

    Handbags are perfect, especially when you need to stay chic and fashionable despite carrying many things. Do you want to bring a water bottle to work? That will surely not be a problem because handbags are bigger and can hold different sorts of things. 

    However, handbags also come in various styles and sizes. Among the many other styles are baguettes and clutches. Baguettes are smaller than your typical handbag but can still carry essentials, such as a phone, a small make-up kit, and a wallet. On the other hand, clutches are smaller handbags without straps designed to be held by hand. 

    Get a handbag that suits your style and personality best. That way, this simple fashion accessory can amplify even your simplest outfits. 

    2. Wide-waist belts

    Woman posing in a trendy burgundy suit with wide-waist belts and sunglass on an urban roof

    Have you ever experienced a moment when wearing a dress that’s perfectly fitted for your body just gave you confidence, like you can conquer anything in the world? Well, a wide-waist belt can give you that exact same feeling! 

    Wide-waist belts are fashion accessories that are wider and thicker than regular belts. They help define your waist and shape you even more. They became a big thing during the Y2k fashion era and are being brought back into the latest fashion trends to give more visual texture to your current fashion style. 

    Wide waist belts are perfect for wearing long blazers, cardigans, body-skimming dresses, and even on top of your sweaters. 

    3. Layered Chain Necklaces

    Beautiful woman wearing black lace clothing and layered gold chain necklaces

    We all know that wearing necklaces adds more personality to your overall look. But have you ever tried wearing layered necklaces? This is a much fun way to give yourself a more multidimensional and chic look.

    Using varying lengths of necklaces can give the illusion of having a longer neck, which, by the way, is considered to be elegant and much envied. So when you layer chained necklaces, you’re not just highlighting your neck. You’re also achieving a classic yet sophisticated look. 

    4. Stylish socks

    Teenage girl riding a skateboard wearing sneakers and stylish socks

    If you’re more of a sneakers type of person, you can still be up with the latest fashion trends by pairing your fave kicks with stylish socks. Gone are the days when we’re always exerting efforts in trying to hide our socks or buying the most invisible ones; showing them off is the new trend. 

    As you may have noticed, many celebrities amp up their casual and comfy street-style fashion by wearing stylish socks, usually in bright neon colors. These stylish socks, however, are not just for visual pleasure but also for the comfort it gives, especially when worn during the cold months. 

    5. Bucket hats

    Woman standing near brick wall wearing a trendy bucket hat

    Another fashion accessory piece for those who crave comfort but want to remain stylish is a bucket hat. They may be your dad’s favorite back in the day, but it is surely a fashion girl statement in the present. 

    It is simple and can be worn with any casual outfit you already own. It is also perfect to match your cute bikinis, sundress, or coverup when you’re going to the beach. What’s more to ask for? This flat-top hat with a wide, unstructured brim is a must-have fashion accessory!

    6. Headbands

    portrait of a young woman wearing a black pearl headband on a black background

    Running out of ideas on how to style your hair for an event? Why not get a headband for an easy, on-the-go, yet chic hairstyle? Regardless of your decade, headbands will always be a classic headpiece. 

    Headbands come in various styles and sizes. There are classic, bedazzled, puffy, velvet, bowtie, and pearl. Some headbands are perfect for athletic activities, such as sweatbands. The choices are endless. Just choose one that will match your outfit and the activity or event where you’re going to complete the look.  

    young women wearing sweatbands while sitting in a yoga pose with eyes closed 

    There you go! These are the popular fashion accessories we think can boost your overall look. Aside from these, there is still much for you to choose from. 

    However, do note that when choosing fashion accessories, you just don’t simply go with what’s trending. You need to ensure that you’re comfortable and confident with what you’re wearing because we all know that fashion accessories do not just exist to improve the wearer’s look and compliment the outfit she is wearing. They, most importantly, can reflect the individual’s personality and identity. 


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