What a day!

I am still so exhausted, but today I actually have a better reason to be. I finally got to take out some of my anxiety on my kitchen and scrubbed it for about 2 hours. That wasn’t my intention for today, but I did something awesome. Apparently I threw away the lid to a gallon of OJ last night without realizing it, and today I took it out of the fridge and shook it up and juice flew everywhere! It was the biggest mess and it was all over about half of my kitchen. Really cool move on my part, huh? Any, it was particularly awesome because I needed something to do to while I cleaned in the kitchen for 2 hours, so I brought my laptop in there and watched/listened to two of my favorite sermons from our old church in Seattle. 

I know some of you are probably thinking “Wow, real fun Melissa” but it was! 

If any of you haven’t heard of Mars Hill Church in Seattle, WA you should really check it out. I wasn’t raised in a church going family, or really with any religion or anything growing up, but my husband has been a Christian for about 12 years now I think so he’s been trying to get me to have a relationship with God for almost as long as we’ve been together. Mars Hill was founded by Pastor Mark Driscoll and it’s the first and only church that I’ve ever really loved going to. Like really loved. It was fun and the people were awesome there. Mark has a way of breaking down the Bible and scripture in a way that anyone can understand and he will give you real life circumstances to go with whatever he is preaching. When we left Seattle the only reason I was remotely sad was because I knew I would miss Mars Hill, and I sometimes wish we would move back simply to go there again. We haven’t found another place like it.

Today I listened to two sermons, both of which I’d already heard before, but they are two of my favorites. One is “marriage and men” and the other is “marriage and women” and it basically is exactly what it says it is (click on the links to take you straight to the videos). Mark preaches of what a biblical marriage should be like, the roles for the husband and wife, and how to maintain and strong marriage. It’s really amazing and it makes me tear up, and then 5 seconds later I will literally LOL at something he says. At the end of the women’s sermon he brings his wife Grace out and they do a little Q&A. Grace is awesome and I wish everyday that I could be just a smidgen like her. Anyone who is married, or thinking of becoming married, should watch these sermons. And ladies, it will also help you to look for what kind of men to steer clear of and watch out for. Mark is not afraid to call out little boys you prey upon women, and you’ll see in the end of the men’s video where he gets really ticked off talking (or yelling, rather) about these kinds of guys.

Mars Hill also has probably thousands of sermons on their website that you can listen to or put on your iPod…we have a ton on ours and listen to them in the car instead of the radio. 

So yeah, today was a good day 🙂