What a crazy week!

It’s been a crazy 10 days or so in my house. 

First of all, I’ve been plagued by migraines a lot lately. It’s been making it really hard to get anything done because there are days where it’s been so bad that I’ve been throwing up & can hardly get off the couch. No fun at all. I inherit this from my mother I think. Feel very bad for us!

Plus it was my little guy’s 7th birthday party last weekend! I still can’t believe I am now the mother of a seven year old. He’s getting so big…there’s really no stopping him now. I’m betting in another year or two he will be taller than me (which isn’t saying much since I’m like 5’4″, but still…)

We had a good old backyard birthday party at our house and it was a huge hit with the kids. My friend let me borrow a little bouncy house so the kids were super happy. The bouncy house was definitely the kids’ favorite thing about the party, plus we have a great backyard so they were definitely running off some of that crazy energy they have (where do they get that much energy?!) I think in total we had about 10 kids here, and while it was crazy, it was a great day and my little man felt extremely special and loved by everyone.
Here’s some of his little buddies on the swing set.
Lillers & her bff Haya.
The ever popular bouncy house. This thing was awesome!

What’s a party without presents? The big bag was from us 🙂

The boys took turns being Optimus Prime. He looked kind of funny swinging.

Present time! Man it was hard trying to get them all to sit in a circle. 
One of many action figures he got.

Posing with all of his buddies & his new Xbox 360 from Mommy & Daddy! Lucky boy.
Lily asked me to take a picture of her with her new Ariel headband. Always posing for the camera!
My happy boy after the party was over.
Again with the posing 🙂
Me & Lily hung out in the bouncy house together for a bit after the stinky boys left.
Ayden was very lucky to have his cousin Kelsie here to so lovingly help put his new Lego Harry Potter set together.
He loves Lego Harry Potter!
The only thing I totally forgot to take pictures of were his cupcakes. I completely spaced it. I’m hoping Shayne’s sister got a couple pictures of them because they turned out pretty cute if I do say so myself! 
Ok, my next project I’ve decided is going to be my buffet table. Remember this thing that I got for free?
What color should I paint it??????
I have a huge phobia of color in my house. I have a ton of black. A lot of grey. A lot of white. I have little touches of color around the house but I don’t have any pieces of furniture in color & I would really like to change that. 
I would love to do something like this:
Or this:
 But I just can’t make a decision & I’m too afraid of….well, I don’t know what I’m afraid of. What do you think? Help me pick a color so I can begin!
xoxo, Melissa