What are the Types of Moving Tape?


    The idea of moving in itself is already emotionally taxing on its own but doing the deed adds another level of stress! When preparing to move, ensure that things are properly packed and organized to minimize stress. One way to stay above moving-related problems is to use the right packaging tool for the right situation.

    There are different sets of packaging items. Types of packaging tools may range from items for general use to specialized ones. These are designed to protect your packed items in general or to address specific problems.

    This time we will be focusing on packaging tapes.


    Many different types of tapes are sold in the market. The number and variety of options can sometimes be overwhelming. When deciding on what’s best to use when moving, it is best to remember that it’s all going to depend on what you intend to use it on.  

    Cold Temperature Packing Tape

    While a typical shipping tape’s adhesive is designed to function under normal shipping conditions, it is vulnerable to sudden drops in temperature. A shipping tape’s adhesive can be compromised by cold temperatures. This can be a headache if you’re moving to or even passing through areas that experience winter or cold snaps. But fortunately, there is a type of tape specially designed for these situations.  

    A Cold Temperature Packing Tape is a specialized tape designed to handle a cold environment. Its hot melt rubber adhesive is specially designed to function in refrigerated or cold weather conditions. A Cold Temperature Packing Tape will ensure that boxes remain properly sealed even when moving to or passing through places that experience cold weather.  

    Cross Weave Filament Tape


    Cross-weave filament tapes are ideal for people moving to a distant place. This type of tape features opposing directional glass filament reinforcements. The filament reinforcements of this general-purpose tape make sure that items are secure. It also has a very strong adhesive, which, coupled with its filament reinforcements, makes it very hard to open. This reduces the chances of incidents involving deliberate or accidental opening by unauthorized people. Aside from its strong adhesive and filament reinforcement, the tape also has a strong plastic backing, which makes it resistant to moisture and abrasion.

    Masking Tape

    wo rolls of masking tape and a paint brush

    Masking tapes are popular household and office items. Masking tapes are normally used for varied tasks around the home or office. This versatile type of tape can also be used when moving, albeit only to a limited degree.

    Masking tapes aren’t good for sealing and holding down boxes because it is too thin. It can, however, be used for small binding items like kitchen utensils. Aside from biding small items, masking tapes can also be used to label items or boxes. Masking tapes are ideal for writing on because of their beige color.

    Shipping tape

    Shipping tape is noted for its hot melt adhesive and pliability. This type of tape is usually used for sealing boxes. It’s an excellent choice for moving because its strong adhesive and tensile strength can ensure that your moving boxes remain tightly sealed during the entire moving process.

    Storage Tape

    A storage tape is best used for boxes that are meant for storage. It is maintained for things that go into storage units and other types of storage facilities. This type of tape is noted for its durability and robustness. It can seal items for up to 10 years and remain intact in any temperature or humidity! Its durability and robustness are attributed to the tapes’ excellent design because storage tapes are built with acrylic adhesive that is heavier than most tapes.  

    When using this type of tape, you can be confident that the box you’re sealing will stay tightly sealed for a long time.

    Washi Tape

    wo rolls of masking tape and a paint brush

    Washi tape is a decorative tape that features different patterns and colors, which makes it popular with creative and artsy people. This type of tape is mostly found and a mainstay at arts and crafts stores. Though not ideal for sealing boxes, washi tape has other uses when it comes to moving. Washi tape can be used to organize boxes during the moving process.

    The colorful tapes can also turn mundane packing and organizing chores into a fun activity. It is an effective tool for color-coding boxing. Its colorful designs make it stand out and are easy to spot.

    Aside from its colorful designs, genuine washi tapes are also sustainable. Unlike other tapes, which can be made of plastic or tree pulp, authentic Japanese washi tapes are made from Japanese shrubs.

    It is also safe for kids since it doesn’t require sharp scissors and is easy to tear by hand. With its wide variety of designs and lively colors, Washi tape can also encourage kids to participate and help out in organizing and packing!    

    Water Activated Packing Tape

    Water Activated Packing Tape, also known as gummed tape, is a type of tape that is made from kraft paper and an adhesive that is only activated by, as the name suggests, water! Once wet and activated, the tape forms an immediate bond with packaging materials. And once it dries, the tape creates a tough seal that cannot be removed without damaging the tape. Its clever design makes the tape ideal if you want to deter tampering or theft!

    And not to mention, for those that want to avoid nasty toxic chemicals, the tape’s adhesive is not hot melt rubber like other types of tape. Its adhesive is made of gum!

    There are many types of tape available on the market, and when there are numerous possibilities, it can be challenging to decide which one is the best to use. Which kind of packing tape do you believe works best while moving? The answer is according to what you are taping, obviously.

     rolls of plastic packaging film on the automatic packing machine

    Some tapes shouldn’t be used with moving boxes because they will make packing harder. Additionally, using only one kind of tape for each stage of your move will not be effective. You’ve come to the right place if you need guidance on the best kind of tape to use when relocating. We’re going to detail the various kinds of moving tape for you today. 


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