What are the Types of Moving Boxes?

Leaving behind a house full of childhood memories in time for your first year of college isn’t always easy. Not even when you’re leaving behind the house, you built from your blood and sweat when you’re moving to another county for your next big life opportunity. However, all of these feelings of attachment and crippling nostalgia are thrown out of the door when faced with the dilemma of the actual back-breaking moving process. 

Moving from one city to another can’t be that hard when you’re on a roll for the next big adventure, but it comes off as a challenging task when you’re moving with a mountain of belongings along with you. You’ll have to devise a way to fit your stuff into your tight bags. Lucky for you, you wouldn’t have to struggle packing because you can also choose to use moving boxes!

Moving is an arduous task but using moving boxes that can fit everything you may need are definitely at the top of the list of items you will need to stock up on before moving. Although there is a wide variety of boxes to choose from, not just any boxes will do, so make sure to make the right choice! 

Why Does Having a Good Box Matter?


The ultimate goal of using moving boxes is to secure your belongings as much as possible. Regardless of shapes and sizes, boxes function as a whole, meaning the more uniform they are, the easier and more efficient they can be. Thus, it will be convenient for you to fit everything together.

 When packing a truck for a move, the goal is to make the items as secure as possible. If the boxes are of various shapes and sizes, it is much more difficult to keep everything stable when stacked upon one another. The more uniform the boxes are, the easier and more efficiently they will fit together.

The lids and covers of the boxes also matter since you have to ensure that all of them are made with the exact dimensions. It’s better to check out the variety of boxes, even the specialty boxes that make it safer to transport fragile and diverse items!  

You will later discover that investing in sturdy and efficient moving boxes is a great investment to ensure a smooth moving process. They may also be made of durable materials such as wood or metal for heavier items, while boxes are made of corrugated fiberboard, paperboard, or other non-durable materials for light items. Here are the types of moving boxes you have to watch out for, each with its purpose and type of material:

Types of Moving Boxes


Small boxes 

Many items you may want to bring with you are mostly small in size. Even the collection of the most sentimental and random stuff you find in your room can be placed in a small box. It can also be used to pack other heavy items such as office supplies, table decorations, kitchen items, handheld tools, and others. These small boxes are 16 inches in width, 12 inches in length, and 12 inches in height. Although small, these boxes can bring out many essentials you need for your new place!

Medium boxes  

If you have a higher quantity of items you need to bring, you can also have medium-sized moving boxes that can fit at least 3 cubic feet. You can put the toys and gaming equipment in here for your kids while ensuring that they don’t find them while moving, just in case, they’ll use them again! You wouldn’t want to repeat the whole process from step one when moving, of course. You can also find medium-sized boxes useful for storing your kitchen equipment and electronic devices! After all, these are the ‘just right boxes for anything and everything!

Large boxes

As much as you want to travel light and be more minimalist in your move, some items you can’t just let go of, especially when they’re the household essentials! Large moving boxes can hold a capacity of 4.5 cubic feet, so you can also fit larger and heavier items like linens, chairs, and lamps. 

Extra-large boxes 

You don’t have to be restricted by the size of your belongings, as you can also fit your massive items in extra-large moving boxes! You can fit all of your bulky stuff in these boxes, so you wouldn’t have to leave your pillows, stuffed toys, winter coats, etc.

Dish Pack Boxes


There’s no denying that you’d still have to cook and prepare meals when you move to a different place! You just can’t leave all of your dishware at your old place, so this is when dish pack boxes come in handy. With these boxes, you can easily bring your bowls, dishes, stemware, and other kitchenware without fearing that they’ll fall and break. After all, these boxes come with cell dividers, so all of your dishware isn’t cramped together. This is also larger than the standard box as it can hold 5 cubic feet. More than anything else, it is made of double-reinforced cardboard to provide extra support for fragile dishware.

Mattress box 

A home isn’t a home without a good bed. You need to rest your body on a comfortable yet familiar mattress at the end of a long and tiring day. There’s no mattress better than the one you have at home, so if you want to bring yours, a mattress box is a perfect item to protect your prized possession. It can also come in various sizes that fit the bed size, such as a crib, twin, standard, double, and queen/king.

Mirror boxes

The last thing you want is a cracked mirror inside your new home! Even if you aren’t superstitious, having a mirror box to protect your mirrors or glass items just makes sense. You can adjust these cartons to fit almost any size of mirror. Above anything else, they can fit the shape of your item, so you’re assured that there is extra support for your glass item.  

Wardrobe boxes


Having the perfect linen and clothing from home is a must for anyone starting a new and exciting chapter in their life! Lucky for you, there are large boxes that can stand upright while also having a bar that can be used for hanging clothes and curtains. You wouldn’t have to worry about having wrinkled clothing during your travel, so you wouldn’t have to start all over again in organizing your new closet! This offers you the convenience of smoothly transferring your unwrinkled clothes from your old closet to your old one with minimal effort. 

Make sure to get the boxes right because the wrong ones can spell disaster for you. More than anything, it could end up costing you your most prized possessions.