What are the essentials for basic apartment living?


    Living alone with out your parents in an apartment for the first time simply implies independence. Living independently allows you the chance to explore your true self and gain a sense of comfort in your own company while also forcing you to be more self-reliant without the support of your family back home. If you’re moving out for the first time, this checklist might help you get organized and prepared for your new place.

    Living Space

    foldable divider in a room

    Although you do not need to have a formal living room in your home, the living room is the most significant room in the house to decorate. Families typically spend most of their time together at home in this room, so it must be comfortable and inviting.

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    1. Couch & Chair Set
    2. Pouf or Ottoman
    3. Coffee Table and Side Table
    4. Table Lamp
    5. Room Divider
    6. TV Console
    7. Wall Décor
    8. Curtain & Curtain Rod
    9. Area Rug or Carpet
    10. Throw Pillow
    11. TV and Sound System

    wooden table with glass top in white background

    Kitchen Essentials

    onions being sautéed in a pan

    A home’s “powerhouse” is the kitchen. The kitchen is the center of the family’s activity and joy. It’s a central location for storage and seating in addition to having everything needed to make meals. No matter how big or small your kitchen is, you must have a full selection of kitchen necessities such as cookware and bakeware, cutlery, appliances, and other kitchen necessities.

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    1. Stock Pot
    2. Skillet
    3. Large Pot
    4. Sauté Pan
    5. Casserole Dish
    6. Grill Pan
    7. Tongs
    8. Whisk
    9. Ladle
    10. Oven Mitts and Pot Holder
    11. Slotted Spoon
    12. Trivet
    13. Knife Sharpener
    14. Bread Knife
    15. Paring Knife
    16. Butcher knife
    17. Garlic Press
    18. Lemon Juicer
    19. Potato Masher 
    20. Measuring Spoons & Cups
    21. Can Opener
    22. Peeler
    23. Cutting Board
    24. Grater
    25. Colander or Sieve
    26. Air Tight Food Storage Containers
    27. Aluminum Foil, Cling Wrap & Parchment Paper
    28. Sponge & Scouring Pad
    29. Dishwashing Liquid
    30. Dish Rack
    31. Blender
    32. Coffee Maker
    33. Microwave
    34. Sandwich Maker
    35. Air Fryer
    36. Dish Towel
    37. Silverware Set
    38. Plates, Bowls, & Saucers
    39. Dining Table & Chairs

    Bedroom Essentials

    TV set in a modern room

    A restful night’s sleep revives, re-energizes, and gets the body ready for the workday. An active and carefree morning helps you stay in shape all day. Therefore, for your comfort and quality sleep, having a well-organized bedroom is essential.

    different colorful carpets

    1. Mattress
    2. Bed Sheet
    3. Pillow & Pillow Case
    4. Comforter
    5. Mattress Pad
    6. Dresser
    7. Shoe Rack
    8. Side Table
    9. Alarm Clock
    10. Coat Rack

    Bathroom Essentials

    woman washing hands with a blue liquid hand soap

    Every home needs a bathroom since it serves a basic hygiene function, offers some privacy, and is the ideal location to unwind with a hot shower after a hard day.

    For your bathroom to have that wow factor, bathroom essentials are a must. Asking homeowners whether items in the bathroom are not available is never a good idea. When a bathroom is packed with necessities, visitors will feel more at home. 

    toothbrushes in toothbrush holder

    1. Shower Curtain, Rod & Hook
    2. Bath Towels, Hand Towels, and Towelettes
    3. Toilet Paper
    4. Bath Rug
    5. Anti-Slip Mat
    6. Waste Basket
    7. Toothbrush Holder
    8. Plunger
    9. Toilet Brush
    10. Shower Caddy
    11. Soap Dispenser or Dish
    12. Hand Soap
    13. Personal Care Products (Bar or Shower Gel, Shampoo & Conditioner, etc)
    14. Water Bucket & Dipper 
    15. Mirror
    16. Reed Diffuser

    beauty care products in a box


    woman’s hand using first aid kit

    The upkeep of the flat may be the most crucial aspect of proper housekeeping. It involves DIY projects, cleaning, and simple house repairs. Here is the whole list of things you must have in a new home in order to ensure your safety, privacy, and comfort. From essential safety equipment to required cleaning materials, and everything in between.

    a pair of yellow rubber gloves in white background

    1. Home Tool Kit
    2. Nails, Wall Hook, & Brackets
    3. Extension Cords
    4. Duct Tape
    5. Electrical Tape
    6. Teflon Tape
    7. Sealant
    8. Vacuum
    9. First Aid Kit
    10. Smoke Detector
    11. Fire Extinguisher
    12. Trash Bin & Trash Bags
    13. Multi-Surface Cleaner
    14. Disinfecting Surface Cleaner
    15. Rubber Gloves
    16. Microfiber Mop


    Do some market research before making any purchases for your new apartment to make sure you are getting the most value for your money.

    Once you have moved in, you can purchase some home decorations and improvements. Such as the juicer, baking pan, hand mixer, full complement of automatic fire alarm devices, etc. Before the big day, you might find this extensive list of items that we think are crucial for moving into a new house useful. 


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