What Are the Major Electric Beard Trimmer and Shaver Brands?


    What Is a Beard Trimmer and Shaver?

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    Beard trimmers and shavers are handheld devices designed to help you cut your facial hair accurately and in a style you enjoy. These devices usually have multiple lengths that can vary greatly. Depending on the kind of shaver or trimmer you purchase, you can trim your beard to 0.25cm or even 1.27cm. 

    Beard trimmers feature several razor-sharp metal blades with teeth stacked on top of each other. These blades are usually one inch wide. When the trimmer is on, the blades oscillate, causing the teeth to overlap periodically. This is when it cuts your hair. Usually, beard trimmers come with a plastic guard that is placed over the blade to protect the blade from coming in direct contact with your skin. 

    The difference between trimmers and shavers is quite simple. When choosing between them, you must consider how much hair you want to remove. Electric shavers are designed for those who want a clean shave, and they come in two types, which operate differently but give the same result. 

    Different Kinds of Electric Beard Shavers

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    Electric shavers come in two different kinds, foil heads, and rotatory blades.

    Foil Heads

    Foil head electric beard shavers contain many fine and angled blades positioned to quickly move from one side to the other. When these blades move, they are able to partially pull hairs through the metal foil screen and then cut them.

    These shavers help you get a close shave while also preventing irritation, making them perfect for sensitive skin. They are also easier to clean, which means they are easier to maintain. Foil head beard shavers are available in single, dual, and triple foil heads. 

    Foil Head Type Use
    Single Single foil heads are used to shave fine hair or slow down beard growth.
    Dual Dual foil heads are excellent if you have coarse growth and sensitive skin.
    Triple foil heads are useful when you have longer stubble or flat-lying hairs located under your lips or on your neck.

    Rotary Blades

    Rotary blades are circular blades that are designed much differently than foil heads. The circular blades are placed under a slotted head, and some even have a floating head, allowing you to adjust the shaver to your face. These electric shavers are excellent for shaving in tricky spots. If you have long hair, rotary blades will help you immensely. The only downside to rotary blades is that they are hard to clean, and if you don’t upkeep their maintenance, they will rust. Due to this, it is essential that you purchase a high-quality one that uses rust-free blades. 

    Major Electric Beard Trimmer and Shaver Brands

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    When purchasing an electric beard trimmer and shaver, you must purchase from well-known brands. Although their devices may be priced a bit steeper, they are made using high-quality materials and use the latest technology. Additionally, some brands also offer warranties, which gives you the certainty that if something happens to your electric trimmer or shaver, you will be able to replace it.

    Some major electric trimmer and shaver brands include Wahl, Philips, Remington, and Braun, which have been in the industry for ages. They have established their name as companies that produces high-quality devices that are long-lasting and feature-loaded. 


    Wahl beard trimmers and shavers are some of the market’s easiest-to-use beard trimmers and shavers. They come in a large variety, so whether you are on a budget or want a specific kind, you will easily be able to find one within the brand’s extensive catalog. They have corded and cordless options available too. Wahl trimmers and shavers are also ergonomically designed, meaning they are straightforward to use and don’t slip out of your hand. 

    The shavers have sharp blades that ensure you get a close shave whenever you use them. The trimmers, on the other hand, allow you to shape your beard and get any style you desire. Some of the most popular models include the Wahl Aqua Blade 9899, Wahl Lithium Ion Stainless Steel Groomer, and the Wahl Lifeproof Foil Shaver. 


    Philips trimmers and beard shavers are some of the most versatile on the market. All models under the brand are designed to run smoothly and glide over your face, neck, and chin. You don’t have to fear it snagging your hair as the blades are sharp and precise. Philips allows its users complete control over their trim, so you can adjust the shaver’s speed, change the comb length, and more.

    Additionally, these devices are designed to be easy to clean. You can effectively disinfect Philips trimmers and shavers without much hassle. Some popular models from the brand include the Philips AquaTouch S5050/0 and the PHILIPS NORELCO OneBlade Hybrid, Philips Norelco Series 9300.


    Remington electric beard trimmers and shavers are some of the most affordable and heavy-duty shavers available on the market. They allow you to get a clean trim quickly and safely. There is no fear of getting nicks or cuts with these devices. Remington also offers a host of accessories that you can use to get any style you want. The battery-powered trimmers and shavers are also extremely powerful. They have long battery lives, meaning you can use them for extended periods without worrying about running out of charge. 

    Some popular models from the brand include the Remington Hair and Beard Trimmer and Remington F5-5800 Foil Shaver.


    Braun electric shavers and trimmers are some of the most popular and versatile ones available on the market. They use sharp blades, which allow you to cut your beard to whichever length and style you want. These shavers also have impressive specs and are waterproof too. Braun also offers huge battery life, which means you can easily get a few shaves and trims out of it before you need to recharge it.

    Some popular brands include the BRAUN Series 9 Pro 9465cc and the Braun MobileShave Electric Shaver.

    How To Properly Use an Electric Shaver

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    To get a clean shave, it is vital that you take your time with your device. If you want a smooth, dry shave, ensure that your facial hair is not too long. If it is, you should trim it first. Otherwise, it may get yanked, leaving you with skin bumps. Ideally, you should have stubble.

    The next step is to rotate the shaver at a right angle. You should move against the direction of your hair growth and use circular motions. Such motions will help reduce skin irritability, and they will also help you minimize shaving time. 

    If you want a wet shave, wash your face using a cleanser and warm water first. This step helps soften the hair and get rid of excess oil. You can also apply a pre-shave. Next, massage the foam or gel it onto your neck and face. Leave it on for around 5 minutes, and then start shaving. By letting it sit for some time, you are allowing it plenty of time to soften your coarse hair.

    When using the shaver, always shave against the gran. Use your other hand to pull and tighten your skin to get a smoother finish. Go over sensitive areas like your neck first, and never exert unnecessary pressure as it may lead to irritability. 

    You can also apply beard balm to help moisturize your beard afterwards. 

    How To Choose an Electric Beard Trimmer and Shaver

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    When purchasing an electric beard trimmer or shaver, you must consider all the different factors. Here are a few things you should keep an eye out for. 


    Most electric beard trimmers and shavers are designed to be powered through batteries or rechargeable, meaning they are cordless. For such trimmers, you must ensure that they have a long battery life and are fast charging. Rechargeable shavers are ideal because when you are not using them, you can put them to charge. Additionally, you can use them anywhere and even take them with you on a holiday or a trip. If you choose battery-powered, you must ensure that you always have spare batteries. The cost of purchasing batteries also adds up, making such shavers expensive to own.

    Wet vs. Dry

    Another critical factor that influences your choice of shaver is whether you prefer wet or dry shaving. Dry shaving is much more convenient and fast, which is why many prefer it. If you prefer wet shaving, ensure that you purchase a shaver that is capable of it and is waterproof. Some shavers and trimmers are designed to do both. These are ideal as they give you flexibility and do not restrict you to one method.

    Manual Clean vs. Cleaning and Charging Stations

    It is extremely important that you clean your shaver. If you do not upkeep care and maintenance of your electric shaver, it may become unusable very soon. Ensure that you clean your shaver after every use, and choose a shaver that is easy to clean. 

    Advanced models usually come with built-in cleaning and charging stations, meaning they can clean themselves without interventions. Such shavers and trimmers help save time and effort, and it is a hassle-free way to keep your shaver hygienic and clean. All you need to do is place your shaver in the unit and leave it.

    These shavers and trimmers are more expensive, but if you have the budget, they are handy and worth all the time and effort you save.


    With electric shavers and trimmers, prices vary greatly. Depending on the features you want and your budget, these devices can cost anywhere between $50 to $300. If you have the money, purchasing a more feature-loaded and expensive shaver is definitely worth it. They usually have helpful features that make shaving a much easier and quicker process. Even if you are on a budget, plenty of brands offer affordable trimmers and shavers with all the essential features.


    When purchasing a beard trimmer or shaver, you must purchase one that has a powerful motor. These are especially helpful if you want to get a smooth trim quickly. Weak motors can often create problems, including snagged hair and uneven trimming. Additionally, you may also have to go over an area over and over again. 

    Suppose you want a clean and precise cut. In that case, you should always check the product descriptions. By checking the device’s specifications, you can ensure that the trimmer or shaver you are purchasing is powerful enough for your tasks.


    When picking out a trimmer or shaver, you should pay close attention to the design. Ensure that it is neither too thin nor thick. Your trimmer should have an ergonomic design that you can rotate in different directions to ensure a smooth shave. 

    Slimmer trimmers also improve visibility because you can see your face better when shaving in front of a mirror. The best way to ensure that your trimmer or shaver is comfortable is by holding it and moving it around like you would when shaving. 

    A Built-In Spotlight

    Some trimmers and shavers come with a built-in spotlight, allowing you to see small hairs you might want to get rid of with your device. Additionally, suppose your shaver comes with a nose hair trimmer. In that case, a built-in spotlight will help you see the interior of your nose and remove all the excess hair.  


    When purchasing a trimmer, you need to consider how long your electric shaver will last before replacing it. You can often tell by the material it is made of. The stronger the material, the more likely it is to last long. 

    Ensure that you choose a trimmer that is made using high-quality materials and is also lightweight. Otherwise, you may have trouble using it and get tired quickly.

    Pros and Cons of Using a Beard Trimmer and Shaver

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    Pros Cons
    They are lightweight and quiet. They cannot completely remove your beard but allow you to have a close shave.
    They rarely cause cuts or scratches. They can be expensive if you want one with all the attachments.
    Beard trimmers and shavers are portable because of their handheld nature.  They require maintenance.
    They last long.
    They allow you to style your beard however you want from the comfort of your home.


    What are the best brands for beard trimmers and shavers?

    If you are in the market for beard trimmers and shavers, companies such as Philips, Wharl, Remington, and Braun make some of the best ones.

    What size trimmers should I use for my beard?

    The best size is 1 to 3mm because it trims your beard without making it too short. You should always check the user’s guide for your trimmer because each brand has a different rating. Additionally, you should not shave your beard more than twice a week as you may damage your skin.

    Is electric shaving better for the skin?

    Yes. Electric shaving is a much better and safer option for your skin as the risk of getting cuts and nicks is lowered. However, electric shavers do cause irritation, but it is often bearable. 


    Electric shavers and trimmers are available at a variety of different price points. Even though the cheaper options may seem tempting, buying one from a well-known brand is always best. Shavers and trimmers from these brands are designed to be durable and long-lasting. Additionally, they are easier to clean and have multiple attachments available, making trimming and shaving a lot easier. Besides the brand, you should also assess the design, use, and budget to ensure you get the best shaver and trimmer for your needs. 


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