What Are The Key Features To Look For In An Electric Stove?


    Families no longer have to worry about their carbon footprint or the safety of their young children around open flames from their gas stoves. The usage of electric stoves has soared in recent years, and they can be found in homes worldwide. However, switching to an electric stove may need some research for someone who has lived their whole life using a gas stove. If you plan to buy or switch to an electric stove, you have come to the right place. We will guide you on the best key features of an electric stove.

    Basic Key Features

    boiling tea using an electric stove

    Certain basic key features must be considered when purchasing an electric stove. One of the most significant concerns is size. Before purchasing, measure the dimensions, such as the height and width of the space where your electric stove will be installed. The width of the ranges can range from 20 to 40 inches. 

    Depending on the features, the price might vary from roughly $100 to more than $1,500, so evaluate your budget before purchasing. Electric ranges come in various styles, so don’t make a hasty selection. Shop around and look at as many models as possible to discover one that will work nicely with your kitchen arrangement.

    Common Types of Electric Stoves

    Slide-in Electric Stove

    There are three options to consider when looking for a range: freestanding, slide-in, and built-in versions. The most popular and most accessible to install is a freestanding electric range. Freestanding ranges are often installed in an area in the kitchen surrounded by a countertop and cabinets. Still, they have completed sides that allow them to stand alone if necessary. Slide-in stoves do not have completed sides. It’s designed to fit between two cabinets before finishing with a trim kit. It creates a more personalized appearance and does not interfere with the backsplash. Drop-in stoves are similar to slide-in stoves in that they have unfinished sides and a custom look, but they also have a warming drawer.

    Heat Source

    Woman cooking on an electric stove

    When shopping for an electric stove, it’s essential to consider its heat source. Radiant heat elements are the standard in electric range technology and are responsible for transmitting heat to the burner. While most modern electric ranges utilize infrared elements, others employ halogen elements, equally efficient at transferring heat and generating it. A halogen stove should be considered for more consistent cooking results, as its components disperse heat more widely.

    Cooktop Surface

    In contrast to conventional stoves, a smooth top range has an utterly level cooking surface. The burners are integrated into the stove’s top surface, which may facilitate cleanup but potentially damage some cookware. More care must be taken while cleaning a classic coil range, but it is safer for a wider variety of cookware. A solid disk element is another option; it’s simple to clean but only suitable for use with flat cookware. Choose a range top that suits your needs; if you go with a smooth one, metal pots and pans will be your best bet.

    Cleaning Features

    Different versions of electric stoves may provide unique methods of cleaning. Choose from the regular cleaning mode, the continuous cleaning mode, or the self-cleaning mode. Regular cleaning demands that you scrub the stove interior on your own. While more tedious, this approach may prove financially beneficial. Constant washing and baking help remove a fair amount of dirt without resorting to harsh chemicals. Self-cleaning stoves minimize the need for manual cleaning by using a high-heat cycle to melt away any remaining crumbs and spills.

    Controls for Heat

    Heat-control knobs have typically been positioned towards the top of the rear panel or near the front edge of the electric stove. When cooking large meals on all four stoves on high heat, grabbing for control knobs on the rear panel of the electric stove can be dangerous. On the other hand, in a tiny kitchen, you don’t want passers-by, such as toddlers, to easily reach the control knobs near the front of the stove. Avoid this concern by purchasing an electric stove with electronic touchpads.

    Built-in Ovens

    There are electric stoves that come with built-in ovens. There are several types of ovens. Electric ovens spread heat evenly, making them ideal for baking, but gas ovens heat up faster than electric ovens. Gas ovens, which require a gas pipe, are more expensive upfront but less expensive to operate, whereas electric ovens are less expensive upfront but more expensive to operate. Finally, personal choice and the availability of utility access in the home come into play.

    Smart Technology Feature

    Smart home operating system

    Electric stoves are no exception. It’s uncommon to find an appliance manufacturer that doesn’t offer a model with smart technology these days. They include smart features that allow the user to control them by turning them on and off or adjusting the temperature using a smart smartphone. Some even have automated assistants that voice commands can control.

    Child-Lock Feature

    For families with children, a child-lock button is essential, and the controls are positioned on the front of the machine. Simply turn it on to prevent those small fingers from changing your cooking preferences.

    Delayed Start and Stop Feature

    Some electric stoves have delayed start and stop functions that allow the user to program when the electric stove turns on and off. While this function may be helpful sometimes, remember that an electric stove should not be turned on while no one is at the house to avoid electric stove-related accidents and damage to your stove as well.

    Convenience and Safety

    Electric stoves are incredibly simple to install; typically, it is as simple as plugging them in. It is simple for you and saves an expensive installation. Furthermore, electric stoves are incredibly efficient, utilizing 100% of the heat produced. This implies that when it is switched on, no energy is wasted. It generates heat instantaneously and does not require time to reach the desired temperature. 

    Electric stoves emit no fumes or smoke, making them extremely environmentally friendly. In terms of safety, electric stoves are often safer to use than alternatives, which means you won’t have to worry when using the stove. Because of their ease of use, electric stoves may be fitted into most room kinds and sizes.

    When buying an electric stove, it’s crucial to understand the many types available and what size would suit your kitchen. You should also become acquainted with the modern key features of these appliances and the cooktop layouts that will work for you. Now that you know the key features to look for in an electric stove, it will be easier to shop for the best available electric stove at your nearest physical or online store.


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