What are the Different Types of Bean Bags?


    A bean bag chair’s basic design is quite simple: it consists of sizable fabric bags that are sometimes filled with dried beans and beads. And depending on the type, different materials are employed in these seats. For instance, although square bean bag chairs typically contain foam, round bean bags are typically filled with beads.

    These chairs’ exterior covers differ as well; some are made of leather, fabric, corduroy, suede, or even synthetic fur.

    People who want to conserve space typically prefer bean bag chairs since they are more compact than novelty couches or chairs. Furthermore, because it adapts to the contour of whoever is sitting on it, this furniture is suitable for all body types.

    A History of Bean Bag Chairs

    Sacco was the name of the first successful bean bag chair. Three Italian designers, Pierro Gatti, Cesari Paolini, and Franco Teodoro, unveiled it in 1968.

    It was produced at the height of Italian modernism. This post-war drive led to the development of new industrial techniques. The shapeless chair Sacco was created as a result of the period’s emphasis on design and the different movements that were at play.

    The first item developed in collaboration with Zanotta, Sacco, was a success. The “Blow” ancestor was unable to maintain its shape and was never put into production. Sacco corrected this problem with stitching that was done properly and leather for the exterior.

    This chair was designed with the hippie community and the idea of non-conformist households in mind as its target demographic. Such a chair was intended to be a non-chair to fight conformity and a critique of excellent bourgeois taste.

    The Different Types of Bean Bags

    There are numerous sizes of bean bags available that are suited for both adults and children. In addition, they differ in terms of the contents, cover material, and intended application. So, let’s learn a little bit more about these kinds.

    According to Shape

    1. Round Bean Bags

    The most typical shape for a bean bag chair is round. They are circular and typically small, as their name suggests. They are great for providing cozy places to sit for a while.

    Round bean bag chairs can look quite basic and functional. Keep in mind that this sort of bean bag chair might not provide the same level of back or shoulder support as some of the other types when making your choice.

    They are nevertheless organized and useful. Excellent additions to any setting, such as classrooms, where you need to maintain everyone’s attention while also attempting to create a cozy atmosphere.

    2. Square Bean Bags

    These bean bags are clearly shaped, seem like conventional seats, and some even have an armrest. They therefore provide a conventional sitting experience and are advised for individuals who require back and arm support. This square bean bag can be useful for those who work from home.

    3. Teardrop Shaped Bean Bag Chairs

    Teardrop shaped bean bag

    A bean bag chair in the shape of a pear should be at the top of your list if comfort is your main priority. This kind of bean bag chair will support your hips, back, and neck if it is the right size.

    Your hips will be comfortably cushioned by the wide, spherical seating area while you recline and your back settles into the shorter, narrower back region. While taking up less room than a standard chair, this design provides better support than circular bean bag chairs.

    4. Gaming Bean Bag Chair

    Your neck, arms, and back will be provided with the highest comfort and support by the game bean bag chair, which is a luxurious piece of furniture. These conform to the curves of your body, much like circular bean bags do. As a result, during those lengthy gaming sessions, comfort won’t be a concern.

    These items are mainly rounded in shape, wide at the bottom and narrowing toward the end. Even are composed of far more comfortable materials than standard computer seats, and occasionally they have integrated speakers that you may connect to the computer.

    5. Novelty Bean Bags

    This one is specifically made for children and comes in a variety of shapes, including those that mimic animals, flowers, footballs, and other objects. These chairs are utilized as reading chairs because they are attractive and comfy, which may encourage kids to participate in academic pursuits.

    6. Elongated Large Bean Bags

    These bean bags are quite long, as the name implies, and may fit more than one person. Because they are so comfy, they are good alternatives to sofa chairs.

    7. Corporate Bean Bag Chairs

    Because they encourage greater comfort, bean bags are an excellent complement to any office. As we become more perceptive and may even come up with original ideas, a relaxed frame of mind is essential to creativity! Due to this, many offices are starting to incorporate these seats as a fashionable feature.

    It’s simple to keep your staff inspired and eager to work by switching out the usual chairs for bean bags. There are specific corporate bean bag chairs that may inject some humor into any drab office setting.

    According to Size

    Since bean bags come in various sizes, it’s important to choose a high-quality bean bag that is perfect for you. So, based on size, here are a few different sorts of bean bags.

    1. Small or Kids Bean Bags

    Boy sitting on a bean bag

    Despite the fact that anyone who uses a bean bag chair is a kid at heart, these cushy chairs also come in kid-sized options. Smaller bean bag chairs like these might be entertaining additions to your child’s room or reading nook. Since they are close to the ground, kids can quickly hop on, and the bean bag will precisely and comfortably cushion small bodies.

    If you buy children’s bean bag chairs, make sure the zipper or opening is completely covered. Children are innately curious, so to prevent any inevitable filler eruptions, use a lockable zipper style or a double zipper.

    2. Teen or Large Bean Bags

    Teenagers have their own sense of style, and adapting to their evolving preferences may be as easy as occasionally switching out the bean bag chair coverings. Teens can hold serious chats or study for exams in comfort in bean bag seats. 

    The styles of teen-sized bean bag chairs vary. There are full-body bean bag chairs that are fashionable, elevated typical round bean bag chairs, and basic flat comfy pads.

    3. Giant-Sized Bean bag Chairs

    Bigger is better when it comes to bean bag seats! It won’t take long for a huge bean bag chair loaded with cushy, soft memory foam to become a favorite meeting place in your house. A 7-foot luxury bean bag chair can be positioned in living rooms, bedrooms, or family spaces to offer a comfortable location to unwind.

    4. Lounger Bean bag Chairs

    Large bean bag chairs called bean bag loungers may fit three adults in comfort. When you need extra seats for a party or game night, it is ideal. When it’s not being used by other people, it’s the perfect cozy place to spread out on your own for some alone time.

    5. Bean Bags for Couples

    There are now more options for bean bag chairs than just one seat. They can serve as the ideal cushy nest for couples to reconnect after a hard day at work or a cozy spot to curl up and watch a movie. You won’t feel like you’re falling off these large bean bag chairs because there is plenty of space all around.

    Couples who use bean bag chairs benefit from the fact that, unlike similar air-filled products, movement is not transmitted through the furniture.

    If your spouse gets restless during your favorite movie, don’t worry about being thrown around because the filling compacts and absorbs the pressure from the weight being placed on it.

    According to Filling

    Bean bags can contain a variety of fillers, however the most widely used ones are expanded polypropylene, polystyrene beans, and shred polyurethane foam. These fillings have an impact on a bean bag’s weight, comfort, and durability, among other characteristics.

    1. Polystyrene Beads

    White polystyrene foam balls

    The most popular filling for bean bag chairs is polystyrene, mostly because it may provide the most comfort regardless of your posture. Round bean bag chair fillings are typically made of these smaller, lighter materials because they shift and move easily.

    2. Shredded Foam Filler

    This is an additional variety of bean bag stuffing that is typically seen in pillows or cushions. Bean bags loaded with shredded memory foam offer less comfort than bean bags filled with other filling materials.

    3. Expanded Polypropylene

    The most pleasant filler is probably made of expanded polypropylene. It’s a popular material among Asians and is largely utilized in high-end bean bags.

    This durable and lightweight bean bag filler is incredibly comfortable since it can withstand pressure and snap back into place when released.

    According To Cover Material

    A bean bag’s look and comfort are important factors in addition to the filling. It’s crucial to make sure that a bean bag chair fits in nicely with the interior design if you want to use it as a decorative component in your living room.

    Regarding this, a variety of materials, including vinyl, cotton, suede, velvet, plush or velour, and leather, are utilized for the outer cover.

    1. Cotton Covers 

    Buyers prefer cotton covers because they are more user-friendly and convenient to clean than other bean bag cover materials. These bean bags come in a variety of sizes, patterns, and hues for use as household accents. Additionally, they are better suited for indoor furnishings than outside use.

    2. Vinyl Covers

    Despite their durability, vinyl covers can be challenging to maintain. They may develop apparent spots on the surface if you use them for an extended period of time. You must therefore frequently wipe the surface with a clean rag.

    3. Microsuede Cover

    Suede is a kind of leather with a fuzzy and napped surface that is frequently used for shoes, coats, purses, and other items. The texture of this fabric doesn’t deteriorate with time and it is incredibly comfy and strong. Consequently, you can use it for longer periods of time without having to worry about the cover fading or being damaged.

    Additionally, suede covers can be washed in the washing machine, so cleaning them wouldn’t seem like much of a chore. However, in order to get it cleaned properly, make sure to adhere to the manufacturer’s cleaning guidelines.

    4. Plush Covers

    Bean bags with plush covers are perfect for usage inside. Despite their high level of durability, it is preferable to clean the outside with a hairbrush that has plastic bristles in order to preserve its elegance.

    5. Velour or Velvet Covers

    Covers made of velvet or velour are also excellent for indoor use. You can also choose from a huge variety of cozy and opulent-looking color options. But it’s important to take good care of the cover to make sure that its appearance lasts longer.

    6. Leather Covers

    Bean bag

    Although attractive and long-lasting, leather covers require proper care. These are available in a variety of shades, just like our last choice, so you may choose one that matches your home’s decor. In order to maintain the leather’s tone over time, it’s crucial to use a leather conditioner.

    According to Use

    It’s critical to take weather resistance into account when choosing a bean bag for outdoor use. You should look for a unit that is UV-resistant, waterproof, and fade-resistant because they are frequently exposed to the rain and sun. Additionally, buying a stain-resistant bag will be a smart move to reduce the amount of upkeep required.

    Virgin polystyrene fillings are typically used in bean bags since they are lightweight and convenient to move. Additionally, you don’t have to worry about damp situations because they dry out quite quickly. In fact, you might even come across bean bags that are mold- and flame-resistant.


    Any living room may be instantly made unique and comfy by adding a bean bag chair. Every situation, from secluded home rooms to professional ones, can benefit from using bean bag chairs. Lightweight and inexpensive bean bag chairs are available.

    For increased longevity, many fashions also feature double stitching. The cover of an existing bean bag chair can be changed to completely transform the appearance of a room.

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