What Are the Different Types and Benefits of Electric Crepe Makers?


    Nowadays everyone is looking for ways to cut down on prep time without sacrificing the quality of their meals. Some foods require more time than others; therefore, it’s vital to have the proper tools to speed up the process. That is certainly true for making crepe’s as well.

    Thankfully, with the advent of crepe makers, making these delicious treats is now a quick and simple process that everyone can enjoy. In this post, we will guide you on the different types of electric crepe makers available and the benefits that they can give.

    Why Crepes Are Popular

    Compared to other pancakes, crepes are extremely thin. Crepes can be made in two distinct styles: sweet crepes or savory galettes. You can get them stuffed with everything from cheese to jam to hazelnut chocolate spread. Crepes are created with dairy products, eggs, and a touch of flour. Thus they are higher in protein than they are in carbohydrates. Gluten-free buckwheat flour can be used instead of regular flour to improve health. It’s tasty without adding extra pounds.

    Crepes are versatile since they may be filled with a wide variety of sweet and savory ingredients. They may be eaten at any time of the day and are a nutritious addition to any meal. Crepes may be made to suit any palate thanks to the wide variety of fillings and toppings available.

    Woman eating a crepe in a coffee shop

    What is a Crepe Maker?

    The crepes may be cooked uniformly with the aid of a crepe maker. It’s possible to find crepe makers in a few distinct styles. Some are shaped like an inverted frying pan resting over a concave frying pan. This stovetop crepe maker is preheated before the crepe batter is dipped onto its flat surface. The crepe is the resultant thin layer of batter on top of the griddle. The crepe is cooked by inverting the crepe maker onto the stovetop.

    Banana nutella crepe being prepared by food vendor

    Electric Crepe Makers

    Electric crepe makers resemble a conventional flat, circular griddle and are placed directly over a heating source to cook the crepes. A tiny amount of batter is poured onto the griddle and spread out by the cook, typically using a wooden spatula. Although inexpensive for industrial usage, this crepe maker may be out of reach for an average home user.

    Different Styles of Electric Crepe Makers

    The pricing and output of single and dual crepe makers are different. If you are running a crepe business, choosing a style that can handle the volume of business you expect is vital. If only for home use, it boils down to preference and how you frequently need crepes.

    In a cramped kitchen, a single electric crepe maker is a space-saver. They’re perfect if you only have a few crepe options or are just starting with crepes on the menu. Its production is smaller than that of dual crepe producers. Therefore, it may be unable to keep up with demand during peak hours.

    When compared, dual electric crepe makers can crank dozens of crepes every minute, efficiently meeting the rush-hour demand and boosting earnings. They may heat both sides with just one burner on quiet days or utilize both on busier days. However, they require more room on the countertop than a standalone model would.


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    Types of Cooking Surface Material

    Electric crepe makers typically come with either a Teflon (synthetic coating) or cast iron cooking surface. Even though Teflon and cast iron both seem to achieve identical outcomes, there are important distinctions between the two that you should know before making a purchase.

    Typically, Teflon-coated crepe machines get hotter faster than cast-iron ones. Teflon coating on a pan eliminates the need for seasoning while facilitating effortless crepe flipping and removal. Teflon-type nonstick surfaces are effortless to use and clean. There’s no need to spend more time or energy seasoning your cooktop. On the other hand, if the cooktop is damaged, the nonstick coating might flake off and get into the food, releasing harmful chemicals. Electric crepe makers coated with Teflon have a limited serviceability of three to five years.

    For professional use, however, nothing beats the uniform and steady heating of a cast iron electric crepe maker. Proper seasoning of cast iron cooktops makes them nearly nonstick. Besides being long-lasting, it also retains heat quite well. However, the rusting tendency of cast iron should be considered before making any cast iron investments. There’s also the fact that it takes longer to heat up and is more challenging to keep clean and maintained.

    Electric Crepe Makers Offer Convenience and Ease of Use

    Creating crepes using an electric crepe maker is very convenient after learning how to use the tool. As a matter of fact, companies are still vying to see who can come up with the most innovative tool for crepe lovers.

    It’s evident that a traditional crepe pan is more challenging to use for a novice than an electric crepe maker with a batter spreader. In contrast to an electric crepe maker, which allows even novice cooks to produce professional-looking crepes on the first try, using traditional pans will necessitate more skill and experience.


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    Electric Crepe Makers Are Portable

    Electric crepe makers may be taken with you wherever you go. A gas crepe maker is not portable since it needs to be connected to either a natural-gas line or a source of liquid propane or butane. There is a more extensive selection of electric models, and they may be easily adapted to different settings. For one thing, a gas crepe maker needs its fuel line.

    Electric Crepe Makers Have Temperature Adjustability

    Moreover, you can control the heat using an electric crepe maker. The knurled knob on the appliance’s casing, just below the hotplate, adjusts the temperature.

    Some models have a single knob that controls the machine’s on/off status and temperature settings. Crepes may be cooked to perfection in a matter of minutes, depending on the user’s willingness to flip them over, and this option is available on even the most basic of machines. It’s a handy feature that’s missing from gas crepe makers.


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    In many different cultures, crepes play a significant role in the cuisine. Crepes, which are essentially very thin pancakes, may be loaded with everything from fruit and cheese to vegetables and meat for a uniquely continental lunch. In order to produce a good crepe, you need a good electric crepe maker. Whether you’re looking to earn a profit or satisfy your own cravings, knowing which features and capabilities of electric crepe makers will work best for you is vital for any crepe-tic operation. 


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