What are the Best Places to Do Standup Paddleboarding in the US?


    There’s no other feeling like cruising through the waters while standing on a paddleboard. Whether it’s on a river, a lake or an ocean, there are hundreds or even thousands of places for you to try out and enjoy standup paddleboarding (SUP).

    But if you want to take your cherished sport to the next level, perhaps you should check out any of the suggested places in the US for your next standup paddleboarding adventure!

    1) Mission Bay, San Diego (California)

    Mission Bay, located in the city of San Diego, California, has been a popular venue for a variety of water sports. Mission Bay’s ocean front views are always stunning. Another plus is the excellent weather all year round. All these great attributes prove to be advantageous for paddleboarding enthusiasts. As Mission Bay has attained somewhat of a cult status as a paddleboarding attraction, it has become easy to find facilities there such as paddleboard rentals as well as expert lessons.

    2) Kauai (Hawaii)

    Faraway Hawaii is not just an exotic paradise to many, but also as a paradise for paddleboard surfers. While there are countless places to do the sport in the Aloha State, let’s focus on the island of Kauai just for now. Kauai itself boasts many beautiful spots for paddleboarding. But one of the well-known locations in Kauai is the Kailua River, where one can paddle while enjoying the scenic views of the Nonou Mountain – more popularly known as the “Sleeping Giant” – on the background. As Kauai has become increasingly popular for paddleboarders, you can find several guided paddleboarding tours that will take you to the best places in the area.

    For the more experienced and daring paddleboarders, they can hit Kauai’s gorgeous white sand beaches and ride on the crest of the giant waves there. The beaches of Wailua and Kealia are the best to do big-wave paddleboarding.

    paddleboarding autumn

    3) Lake Tahoe (California and Nevada)

    Lake Tahoe is a well-known freshwater lake located around the border of the two states, California and Nevada. It is one of the biggest lakes in the country. As the lake is quite vast, you can do many activities there including paddleboarding. In fact, the sport is quite popular in Lake Tahoe that several competitions have been held there. The crystal-clear tranquil blue waters and gorgeous surrounding alpine scenery are other big reasons why you should take your next paddleboarding adventure to Lake Tahoe. Paddleboarding there is possible all year round, even during the cold winter months.

    4) Florida Keys (Florida)

    It is impossible to end this list without mentioning Florida. The southern state is surrounded by the water and is enjoying generally good climate all year round. These attributes help Florida to become a growing community of paddleboard enthusiasts. Needless to say, the Florida Keys is teeming with spots where you can do standup paddleboarding. Its crystal-clear azure waters allow you to explore abundant marine life, beautiful tropical surroundings and a diversified ecosystem.

    5) Manhattan (New York)

    Manhattan may be the last thing you can think of when it comes to paddleboarding. But you will be pleasantly surprised that this highly urbanized enclave in the Empire State actually enjoys a thriving and vibrant paddleboarding community. The Hudson River and the East River are some of the best places to go on a paddleboarding action. Jaded urbanites and high-rise office dwellers will definitely find paddleboarding a refreshing and exhilarating break from the usual city cares. They can combine paddleboarding with other activities such as yoga. While paddleboarding in Manhattan can be done anytime of the day, it is best experienced during the sunset where the iconic New York City skyline and the Brooklyn Bridge dramatically transform into breathtaking and unforgettable city spectacles.


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