What Are the Best Coffee Makers for Travelers?

Sometimes you love to travel and venturing to places with great coffee, thanks to the proliferation of third-wave coffee shops. But on some days you are reluctant to go on a business trip because you have to, and you are forced to gurgle some awfully bitter coffee that’s been served at a business hotel or wherever you’re staying. Sometimes, you don’t like the taste of your coffee — it’s almost like a bitter pill on one end, and watery and tasteless on the other. It just sucks the energy out of you instead of providing it.

Fortunately, there are portable coffee makers which enable you to brew your own blend in whatever flavor or strength that you desire. Coffee kits for travelers and peripatetic businessmen have been popular these days, and it doesn’t take a rocket science to use it. Coffee kits are specifically designed to be travel-worthy so don’t worry about bumps and tumbles while you’re on transit. Plus, they’re absolutely easy to pack and carry wherever you go — camping trips, road trips, on the beach, everywhere. And the best part? No electricity needed!

The following are some of the best coffee makers that you would like to take in your travels:

1. AeropressAeropress

If you want a genuine espresso or Americano in the middle of the forest or at the back of your camper van, then the Aeropress is the right coffee-making gadget for you. The Aeropress is probably the most popular name when it comes to portable coffee makers. It may be made of plastic and may cost relatively cheap, but it is surprisingly durable as it is almost made of polypropylene. As expected from this contraption, it is small, only slightly bigger than a soda can when all of its components are stacked up.

Speaking of components, the Aeropress consists of a chamber (where you will put the ground coffee and the boiled water) and the plunger which forces the steeped coffee through a filter and down to your cup — it works in a combination of a French press and syringe. It uses a paper filter (stacks of the paper filter are also included in the unit) that is fitted into the chamber.

Another great thing about the Aeropress is that it makes rich-tasting coffee quick and easy. It reduces the length of time where the coffee grounds remain soaked in hot water. This prevents your coffee from becoming too bitter. A total of mere thirty seconds makes for an ideal brewing time — but the resulting product almost has a similar taste and concentration of espresso that you buy at coffee shops.

2. Press Coffee Brewer

Another recommended portable coffee maker is the Press Coffee Brewer. Aside from having the filter and the chamber, this unit also doubles as a mug, so no need to carry an extra cup.

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Press Coffee Brewer

Its filter has a finer mesh, thus allowing you to brew much finer coffee grounds in the hot water. You don’t have to worry about the tiny pieces of coffee grounds in your cup because the Impress Coffee Brewer blocks them from entering into the brewed coffee — a problem that you sometimes encounter with your French press.

Since it also functions as a travel mug, the Press Coffee Brewer has a double-walled  chamber and a specially made cover which keeps your coffee warm and delicious throughout.

3. French press or coffee pressfrenchpress-300x199

The French press may not produce a potent or clean coffee compared to other coffee makers, but it has won many fans since it was introduced in the early 20th century. Its uncomplicated design (only a container and a plunger) makes the French press portable and versatile — from the desktop to the picnic table.


collapsible-coffee-dripper4. Collapsible coffee dripper

If you are more of a low-maintenance, light traveler who craves for a cup of brewed coffee, the collapsible coffee dripper is right up your alley. This contraption is so tiny that it doesn’t take up a lot of space inside your travel bag. It is entirely made of silicon, but don’t worry about it — it is not the same as plastic or rubber, so it means that your coffee won’t taste anything like that, nor does it absorb the essence of the coffee.

The other things you need are the paper filter and your mug. Just put the paper filter inside the collapsible coffee dripper and place the whole thing over your mug. Put the ground coffee grounds inside the dripper, pour hot water over the coffee grounds and just wait for the coffee to drip completely into your mug. Take the collapsible coffee dripper off the top of your mug and… voila! Enjoy your freshly brewed coffee anytime, anywhere, with less the hassle!

It is also the cheapest of all the options mentioned here — one piece of it costs only about $13.

5. Handpressohandpresso

A handpresso is another popular form of portable coffee maker, although it is the newest one of this batch as it was introduced only in 2006.

The handpresso comes in two types: the pump-operated and electric. The pump-operated type requires only your hand power to pump out the espresso straight to your mug. The electric type requires plugging into your vehicle’s cigarette lighter in order to get it running; needless to say, it is the more expensive of the two.

These are some of the top rated coffee makers that are ideal for travel. Check out the coffee maker reviews too to help you make a solid decision and purchase the right product for your portable coffee making needs.