Weekend Wrap Up

Good Monday morning, my lovely readers.
Anyone else not ready for Monday just yet?
Let’s do a little recap of everything that happened, on & off the blog, this week!

I shared some pictures of where I live- The Pacific Northwest.
I spent a good portion of my week sitting outside in the sun, watching the kids play and ride their bikes. We had 3 days in a row of sunshine (though it was still a chilly 50-60ish degrees). I actually got a little sunburn on my shoulders and my chest, even though I had goosebumps sitting outside most of the day.
I finished up A Storm of Swords and it was definitely one of the best books I’ve ever read. I read for pretty much 3 days straight and it felt like it was taking me forever to make progress on it (900 pages on my Nook, almost 1200 in paperback!) It was absolutely amazing, and now I can’t wait for the rest of season 3 of Game of Thrones. There were like five different parts of the book where my jaw dropped and I said “Did that just happen?!” The rest of the season should be good! Then I started The Elite. So far so good.
Had to snap a picture of this because it was so sweet. We live on a private road and we have to walk the garbage cans down to the end of the road every week for trash pickup. He saw our can sitting there empty and brought it back for me on his way home from the school bus stop- without having to be asked. Most days he tries to remember to bring me the mail too so I don’t have to walk down there. What a sweet kid!

Speaking of mail, we got a package from the kids’ Auntie! Lily loves packages, as you can see. She was waiting for the UPS guy on the front porch since she woke up.

Auntie sent us tons of fun stuff and plenty of goodies (like the new hoodie she’s wearing), but Lily’s favorite thing was the loaf of cinnamon bread from one of our favorite bakeries she goes to. She thinks of everything. The entire loaf was gone in 24 hours.

They also got this really cool book on bugs and reptiles, and I caught them reading it together for like an hour while I was cleaning and making dinner. It was so cute! They love learning about stuff like that.
I hosted another week of Things I {don’t}Love
I linked up to The Nail Files & shared this new color.
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 Hope you guys had a great week!
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