Weekend Wrap Up

Good Monday morning!
I hope your weekend was great- mine sure was.
Let’s do a little recap of everything that happened, on & off the blog, this week.
I posted another DIY Gel Nail tutorial
I got to try out my new Gelish kit I won! I’m so in love with the LED lamp. It cures in 45 seconds. That saves so much time compared to the UV lamp that took 2-3  minutes to cure each coat.
I bought a watermelon and was asked no less than 50 times to cut it up.
I think she was happy when I finally did!
I hosted another week of Things I Don’t Love, where I talked about ripping off tattoo ideas.
Ayden had a Grandparents Day concert at school, so Lily and I went (since none of the grandparents live here). Unfortunately I left my camera card plugged in to my laptop, so I couldn’t take any pictures with my camera. I got one with my phone but it’s pretty hard to see anything. It was cute nonetheless. Mom fail!
We found a cool Diary of a Wimpy Kid “wimp yourself” website. The kids had a blast playing around on it creating all kinds of characters. Then we found out that there’s going to be an 8th book! Ayden is so excited.
And we had a bit of a scare here when a bridge in our town collapsed. There were a few terrifying minutes where I thought my husband might be on it- read about that here! I’m so happy and thankful that no one was killed or seriously injured, but now we’re dealing with some awesome traffic. This is our I-5 bridge, so the freeway is completely closed for this section, and the detour routes are all nightmares.
 Hope you guys had a great weekend!
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