Weekend Wrap Up

Time for my weekend wrap up!
This week kicked my ass. For real.
I mentioned that in this post about how I’ve been summer slackin’.
Pneumonia sucks. I’ve been coughing and coughing.


And to top it all off I just found out my Photobucket account exceeded it’s bandwidth, so now a ton of my blog pictures aren’t showing up. Just one more thing I have to start paying for now.
I did manage to blog about this awesome Veet EasyWax kit I got from Influenster. I seriously cannot say enough about this stuff, and I’m not being forced to say that either. I love it!
My not-so-little guy finished up 2nd grade! Tuesday was his last day and now he’s off until September.
A friend of mine shared this on Facebook and I thought it was a great reminder to stay positive, even if you think you’re having a bad day. I was feeling sorry for myself being sick and all until I read this!
I finished up A Song of Ice and Fire, and man, these five books were so long. I won’t spoil anything but George RR Martin sure left book 5 at one heck of a cliff-hanger for just about every character. If you haven’t read them yet I highly recommend you do.
We restocked our Play-Doh supply and the kids spent hours playing it on two very rainy days.
We did some yoga. And I also discovered that our children’s museum offers a yoga for kids class every Friday, so we are going to try to hit that up next week.
I took the kids to the library to get their summer reading sheets checked off. They get extra entries to win the grand prize drawing for a new bike at the end of the summer and Ayden is determined to win.
The kids have been having fun sleeping in Ayden’s room together since it’s summer now. They got creative while making a fort and decided a hammock was a better idea!
Hope you guys had a great week!
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