Weekend Wrap Up

Good Monday morning, my lovely readers.
Anyone else not ready for Monday just yet?
Let’s do a little recap of everything that happened, on & off the blog, this week!
I posted my goodies I received from the last book swap I participated in. This one was a book and coffee mug swap, so it was pretty fun and I had a great partner! See what I got her here.
I spent a ton of time with my butt on the couch making good progress on the 3rd book in the A Song of Ice & Fire Series (Game of Thrones). I read some reviews on this book before I started it & luckily I didn’t read any spoilers because it sounds like something big is going to happen, as in possibly a main character being killed off or something. It’s making me nervous and I’m only about halfway done (900+ pages!)
Then I talked about my current book obsession here on Oh, How Pinteresting Wednesdays, where I shared some of my favorite book-lover pins.
Lily got to go on a “Daddy Date” on Wednesday (his day off). They ran some errands, went to the art store, the library, the bank, got coffee, and bought some new toys. She loves her Daddy Dates!
Only my daughter would check out a huge book of cats, flip to this page, and still say “Awwww.” She loves cats!
I hosted another week of Things I {don’t}Love where I did my weekly venting. This week I complained about the post office, the waiting game for books sequels, and bad makeup purchases.
I officially became the best wife ever when I came home with this iPod touch (5th gen!) for my husband on our 7 year wedding anniversary. At first he tried to make me take it back, but when I refused he was pretty dang happy.
Then we went on a little impromptu adventure. Shayne was just telling us what a beautiful drive he went on recently while running some errands, so he, Lily & I decided to go check out the area and go on a little hike. It was a chilly, rainy day (as usual) but we bundled up and had some fun!
(Do you love my husband’s burly mountain man beard? It’s pretty impressive!)
On Friday I went to send Ayden off to the school bus when this thing hopped in my front door. I told Ayden to get it & his response was “I gotta go Mom!” and then he ran to the bus stop, leaving me to deal with it.


My boys did some grilling for dinner! Ayden’s been learning from his dad so he’s able to do a lot by himself (under close supervision, of course). He loves helping out in the kitchen and now he can help when we BBQ.


The kids and I were playing outside on what we thought was a nice, sunny day. Except then we saw these black clouds rolling in and within about 2 minutes the sky was black and we could hear thunder. It was crazy how fast it came up on us!
While I was wrapped up in my book on the couch, Ayden decided to sneak up on me wearing his sister’s dress up wig and a Spiderman mask. What is with these kids loving to torment their mom?! It scared the crap out of me.
 I had a funny little convo on Twitter about how my Keurig kept screwing up and would only brew a half a cup at a time. Apparently this is VERY common with the machines. After checking online I read that a lot of people “fix” it by turning the machine upside down and hitting the bottom. Really? I thought that’s what you did when you were really mad. Regardless, they refer to it as “spanking your keurig” (Google it!), and it made me giggle.



Hope you guys had a great week! 


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