Weekend Wrap Up

Time for my weekend wrap up! Let’s see what happened this week…
We had the Sunny Summer Swap reveal on Monday.
I chaperoned my son’s field trip to the zoo.
 It was my birthday this week & I celebrated with a giveaway.
 I hosted another week of Things I Don’t Love, where I talked about my white thighs & UPS.
I wrote about 23andMe’s genetic testing and my own family history.
 We got ready for summer reading through our library!
My mom sent me this awesome water bottle from her coffee shop (Thomas Hammer Coffee- hence the hammer on the bottle). I love it! I’ve been doing great at drinking water, which usually I suck at.
We went to a parade. Lily was annoyed at first but look how much candy we got!
And my son drew this picture for his dad for Father’s Day. I guess he wanted to create a superhero. And yes, I am proud. I mean, from a purely artistic standpoint 🙂
And finally, I’m thiiiiiiis close to finishing up the last Game of Thrones book. I have 300 pages left to read (out of 1100 for the last book!) I’m getting anxious to see how this one will end, but I’m sad too because I won’t have any more GoT to read, and we have to wait until next year for season 4 on HBO.
Hope you had a great week! I’m off to the couch now where I’ll spend my day sick, sneezing, & coughing while hopefully getting some reading done.
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