Weekend Wrap Up

Today is my husband’s birthday!
He’d be pissed if he knew I told anyone.
He even erased it off the calendar at home.
Good thing he doesn’t read my blog.
Anyway, let’s do a quick little recap of this week:
I started it off with a huge giveaway.
We went to lunch a local seafood place known for Lily’s favorite thing: clam chowder.
She was in heaven.
We had 2 days of sunshine and we may have hit 70 degrees- once. That was all it took for us to break out the Slip n Slide and head to the splash pad. Too bad we’ve been wearing hoodies and have had to crank the heat back up since then!
I finished up A Feast For Crows (book 4) & started number 5. Sooooo good!
It was hard to get any blogging done with this sitting next to me.
I hosted another week of Things I Don’t Love.
I talked about my neighbor’s love of fire and lack of attention.
Lily shared her annoyance of the kid screaming in the grocery store.
She glared at the kid, plugged her ears, & loudly said “Someone should tell that kid to shut up!”
The rain made it impossible to mow for about 2 weeks & my yard was a jungle. Yeah, we were that house on the block with knee high grass. Sorry. We did find a mama bird and some babies on the front porch though. The kids love to watch her feed them!
Lily wanted to fake everyone out and make them think she cut her hair. She tucked her hair into her bathing suit straps while getting dressed and discovered her own way of keeping her hair out of her face. It would be cute if she cut it but she is determined to have long hair still.
Ayden met his last reading goal of the year! This is his 3rd lunch he gets with his teachers.
Can you tell I’m excited for the finale?!

Hope you had a great weekend!


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