Weekend Wrap Up

Time to do a recap of this week!
{I’m posting this a tad early because I have a giveaway going live at midnight PST}
Ready? Here’s how it went:
I got to upgrade my Nook! I’ve had the oldschool Nook first edition for over 3 years now, and it’s been my baby. It’s totally served me well. I use it every day. But I really wanted a newer one that came with all the bells and whistles. The best part: I got a killer deal by ordering it online Memorial Day weekend and was able to get the 9 inch tablet for less than 7 inch one. So glad I went with the larger one
The kids love playing with it too. Lily especially loves this kitty salon game.
I got a little package in the mail from Influenster. I’m excited to try this stuff out!
I wrote up a little post for my Grandma’s birthday.
I hosted another week of Things I Don’t Love, where I showed off my amazing art skills.


Lily and I had an exciting trip to Target. Fortunately everything turned out OK.


I showed off some of my new Gelish goodies & linked up to The Nail Files.


I kicked off June by checking in on my New Year’s Resolutions again. I kicked some ass!

I unknowingly purchased some limited edition ice cube trays, and had to take to twitter to see what the heck was so special about them Rubbermaid filled me in, thankfully. Exciting stuff.

I finally made a grocery trip to Costco and I’m so glad I did. We stocked up on some good stuff.


Just in time for me to complain about dinner- the bane of my existence. Anyone else feel this way. Every night I pray that we can just skip dinner, but alas, the children must be fed. Damn you Kardashians and your personal chefs. I wish!
And this is what my weekend looked like. I spent most of it working on my giveaway that starts tomorrow. I also had a Sons of Anarchy marathon while doing it. As you probably know, giveaway planning takes forever, so I probably watched about 20 episodes.
Hope you had a great weekend!
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