Weekend Wrap Up

Brrrrrr. It’s been a bone chilling week here!
We had a pretty mellow let’s-stay-inside-and-not-freeze-to-death type of week.
This is how I feel about a negative 20 degree wind chill advisory.
I’m not much of a hat person!

I finally caught up and recovered from the long Thanksgiving break. More on that here.
I did a lot of reading. The kids did too!
I just finished up this entire series and it was amazing. I totally fell in love with the characters and their storyline (cryogenically frozen people traveling 300 years through space to a new planet). I would recommend this series to anyone who loves YA fiction and science fiction.

 I posted a little about holiday accessories from Shane Co. here.
I’m proud to announce that Ayden received an award for Citizen of the Month at his school, and I got to attend a special awards ceremony this week. I have to admit that I did cry (just a little!) watching him accept his certificate. It was just so cute and I was so proud!
It was so sweet to see the things his classmates said about him.

The cold pushed me into full on MacGyver Mom mode & I sealed up the windows and fixed the weather-stripping on the doors, hoping to keep some of the chill out. I’m hoping this makes it seem less drafty and helps keep the heat bill relatively low- under $200 please?

We took the kids to see Santa! In years past, Lily has always cried, but she promised me that this was the year that she’d smile and not be afraid. She did great, and it was actually Ayden we were worried about. He hadn’t been feeling well and ended up being rushed to the bathroom right before this to throw up in a mall garbage can. Lily did great though, and we got the cutest picture of them both with Santa!

Then we took the kids to a special Christmas shopping store in the mall where children can experience the joy of giving while benefiting a great cause. You set a price limit ($.50-$8) and the kids get to shop with the help of an “elf” for whomever they want. Mine chose to shop for each other and they even got to wrap the gifts themselves too. The cool thing about this is that the items are all donated from businesses and the proceeds go to a local children’s hospital for abused kids. They were so proud of themselves for doing the shopping all on their own! And I love that the money spent is going to a great cause, rather than in the pockets of Walmart or something. We will definitely do this again!


Hope you had a great weekend!