We finally got a new house!

If you’ve read my blog for a while you’re probably sick of hearing me talk about moving.
We’ve been back in our hometown for about five months now. We spent the first 6weeks or so at my parent’s house while my husband got settled into his new job. Starting at a new shop can take a bit to get established and develop a clientele, but I’m impressed and proud of how awesome Shayne has been doing. He’s really happy with he’s at now, and he’s got quite the clientele going already. Winter is usually the toughest time of year for tattooers and it tends to get really, really slow. This sucks when you work solely on commission. When people aren’t getting tattooed, we aren’t making any money. But he’s actually stayed pretty busy and is getting an impressive amount of clients and referrals already. I’m shocked because I really didn’t think that would happen so quickly here and that it would take us a lot longer to get back on our feet.

The first few months we were hard. We stayed at my parent’s house for about 6 weeks, and then moved into a temporary roommate situation with a long time friend of Shayne’s. It wasn’t ideal, but it worked for the time being. Both places were a lot smaller than what we were used to (the kids had to share a room) and none of us really had any space or privacy. We had an audience all the time, and we’re usually a really quiet and private little family. We love being at home just the four of us, hanging out, doing our thing, being ourselves. It’s hard to do that when there are other people around.

It’s like having permanent company or something, like when someone comes over to your house and you have to be “on” and entertain. You can’t just sit around in your pajamas, eat whatever you want, shower whenever you want, and do your usual routine. You can’t100% do your own thing and be yourself. It really bothered me and I didn’t deal well with it. I’m a control freak. I want my own stuff. I want my own space. I want to be able to parent my children without someone else around all the time. The kids act different when there’s an extra person there. I did it as a kid too. I thought I could get away with more when my mom had a friend over or if my aunt was visiting. My kids have been acting that way for the last 5 months because of our living situation. It’s been driving me crazy!

We had been seriously looking for a place since New Years, and after almost two months of searching we finally found a place that was big enough and still in our price range. It was a lot harder than I expected. But we did it. We found a 4 bedroom, 2 full bathroom house with a bonus family room in the basement that will be Shayne’s office/art room. It’s an older house and could definitely use a little TLC, but with some new curtains and a woman’s touch with some decorating it will be perfect. The kids have an entire floor to themselves with their own bathroom, and I get my sewing room back. The house is about 3 or 4 blocks away from the kids’ school and I’ve been walking to get them in the afternoons, so yay for exercise for this pregnant lady (I’ve been so lazy during this pregnancy!) Plus I get to decorate the baby room. I’ve got 5 or 6 months to prepare, so watch for some crafty stuff in the near future.

We finally got some snow a few days ago and the kids have been loving playing in their new yard. Even I played in it for a little while, and I usually hate snow. But it’s been a few years since we lived some place where it snows, so I couldn’t resist helping them with their snowman and then getting into a snowball fight with Ayden. It was actually fun! I kind of don’t mind if it sticks around for a few more days.


Anyway, that’s the latest. We’re settling in nicely to the new digs and are really loving having our own place again. I can’t complain about being bored anymore because I’ve got tons to do!

What’s the weather been like where you’re at? Do you have any snow?
I hope to have some pictures of the new place soon!