Ways to Organize Shoes in Your Closet

Most women love shoes. They are fun and practical, but the problem with shoes is that they can easily mess up your storage. It doesn’t take long before even a few pairs can begin to clutter up your closet. With the right shoe organizational system, it will be easier to find the perfect pair of shoes for work, sports, doing errands, or a party. Here are some smart ways to organize the shoes in your closet.

Avoid throwing shoes on the floor

Before anything else, the first thing to do to get organized is to get rid of nasty, lazy habits, such as throwing shoes on the floor after use. Putting back your shoes on the closet won’t take minutes – it’s best to do it right away. Lining up your shoes up on shelves makes it easier to find and reduces scuffs. But if you find yourself needing to store your shoes on the floor, take a look at your space to see if you need extra shelving or if you need to dispose of some of the shoes stored inside.

Organize them by style and by color

If you wear different types of shoes, organize them by style. Keep your flats together, and do the same with your boots, heels, sneakers, and more. If you own different types of heels, sort them starting from pumps to strappy styles, then store them from dark-colored to light-colored. Do the same with your other types of shoes. This way, you can go straight to the shoes you need without having to look for tons of others when you are heading out.

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Install shelving to your wall or closet

If your shoe collection has expanded, you can add a few shoe shelves to your existing closet to hold your shoes. If there’s no space left, add an open shelving to one wall to keep all your shoes together. The shelving can also offer plenty of space for other things. This works best if you have a large walk-in closet, but you can put up new shelves at any empty wall with an excellent location. But if you want to optimize your small space, you may also prefer an over-the-door shelving for the back of your closet door.

By installing shelves yourself, you can easily tailor the space to fit with your current collection. For instance, if you have several pairs of boots, you can install a taller shelf to keep all your boots upright. And if you have many flip flops, then you can have several smaller shelves for holding this footwear that doesn’t take a lot of space. This way, you optimize the space you have.

Use a bookshelf as a shoe organizer

Bookshelves are great not just for books but for anything you want to keep and store. It can help keep your collection neat and organized as well. If you have space to add a bookshelf in your closet, then try adding one. If not, you can put it in your bedroom or master bathroom. You can go for a bookshelf with adjustable shelves or a solid wooden case.

Buy a shoe rack

A shoe rack is perfect storage for shoes. It’s great for organizing the closet, and it’s also easy to assemble. Shoe racks have several layers, and for each layer, you can get around four to six pairs on each section, depending on the shoe rack that you buy. Many easy-to-assemble shoe racks are lightweight, yet still durable enough to hold boots and heavier shoes. Here are some excellent shoe racks to pick:

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Use breathable, hanging shoe organizers

You can store shoes inside your closet where your hangers and clothes are kept. How? With the help of hanging shoe organizers. These items are made of sturdy and breathable fabric that allows you to make full use of every space inside the closet while allowing your shoes to breathe as well. These are some of the best hanging shoe organizers you can find:

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Use shelf dividers

The problem with shoe racks, however, is when you always end up rushing to go out in the morning and you have no time to organize your closet, the shoes can be mixed with one another. If you have spacious storage, you can add a stackable closet shelf organizer to keep your shoes organized. If you want to save space with your existing shoe storage, go for space saver shoe slots like this one, or stack a pair of shoes together using this shoe slot.

Use an over-the-door pocket hanger

Flats, flip-flops, and other lightweight, thinner shoes can fit well in over-the-door pocket hangers. It’s a great space-saver, so you can use your shoe racks or shelves for your other normal-sized and bulkier shoes. These are some high-quality pocket hangers to pick:

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Try using hanging shoe storage

Using a few strips of board, create a perfect place to hang your heels. You just need some strips nailed or screwed to the wall to make sure they are level. Then, hang your shoes by the heels on the strips. This is a space-saving technique for smaller spaces, and you can get to store several pairs of shoes on one strip of the board.

Store shoes in clear plastic boxes with lids

Want to keep your shoes in boxes? But we know that keeping shoes in boxes may take you extra time opening and closing boxes, looking for that particular shoe you want to wear. Lessen your shoe hunt time by keeping your shoes in clear boxes with lids. Here are some clear plastic boxes for shoes you can choose from:

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IRIS USA, Inc. TB-35 5 Quart Stack & Pull Box 
IRONLAND Stackable Storage Shoe Box
Whitmor Clear Vue Women's Shoe Box 

Since these boxes are great for storing shoes, you may have to limit what you store in it because it can be costly. The perfect pairs to keep in these boxes are your shoes that are not worn often or your pricier shoes that need a little more care.

Use wire shoe hanger

You can also use a makeshift wire shoe hanger as an alternative to shelves. This option is great for flip-flops and sandals. This kind of hanger is made out of a cut and molded wire hanger that you can hang from your existing clothing rod or below your typical hanging rod. Use pliers to cut the bottom section of the hanger, and use it to curl the ends up into two hook shapes. Curl the ends to a smaller loop at the end to keep your sandals or shoes from being poked by this end.