Ways to Improve Kraft Macaroni and Cheese Dinners

On busy weeknights, a box of Kraft macaroni and cheese always comes to the rescue. While Kraft changed its formula to remove the artificial food coloring that gave its orange color, still the classic flavor was retained. This blue-boxed goodness will always be one of our comfort foods, but there are ways to jazz it up if you want variety. Check out some of these yummy homemade upgrades you can do to that plain old Kraft dinner:

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1. Mac and cheese pizza

Who doesn’t love pizza? We bet everyone in your home does. You can take pizza night to the next level by adding pasta on pizza because sometimes you just need to give in to your carb cravings. Get a premade pizza crust and spread the cooked macaroni and cheese on the crust. Sprinkle on some more shredded cheese of your choice, then bake it at 450 degrees for 7-10 minutes or longer. 

2. Mac and cheese balls

A great way to repurpose leftover mac and cheese is to mold it into balls and fry it. It makes a tasty snack for a party with your friends. Deep frying it makes it extra crunchy. Check out this tasty recipe here that uses flour, cream, egg, breadcrumbs and parmesan cheese. If you want to make it fancier, you can combine béchamel sauce with leftover mac and cheese.

3. Buffalo chicken mac and cheese cupcakes

Savory cupcakes are always welcome there’s something exciting about the cheesy goodness that’s packaged as a cupcake. This particular cupcake is stuffed with creamy mac and cheese mixed with spicy Buffalo chicken. All these yummy goodness are baked in wonton wrappers. Just looking at it will make you drool. Check out the recipe here

4. Pizza macaroni bake

What if your family is craving for both pizza and macaroni and cheese? You can combine it in a simple casserole to make everyone happy! This hearty and tasty casserole just needs ground beef, onion, green pepper, shredded cheddar cheese, pizza saucesliced pepperoni, and mozzarella on top. You can find the recipe for this yummy meal here

5. Mac and cheese dogs

Hotdogs are one of the foods that everyone knows it’s unhealthy, but we all eat it anyway (excepts vegans and vegetarians, of course). How can we stop when it’s so good? To be creative with hotdogs, you can add extra cheese better yet, mac and cheese. You can pile on more cheese, bacon, and relish. See how you can pull it off for your next party here.

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6. Mexi-Mac casserole

This mac and cheese with a Mexican twist can make an exciting dinner on those days when you feel a little extra but want to stick to the basics. The classic cheesy macaroni is flavored with lean ground beef, tomatoes, green chilies, taco seasoningtortilla chipsshredded Mexican cheese, whole kernel corn, garlic, and onion. Know how to prepare this dish here.

7. Cheeseburger mac and cheese skillet

A skillet dinner is always a welcome option for supper. This mac and cheese version is mixed with ground beef or turkey to emulate a cheeseburger taste. This recipe also enriched Kraft dinners with frozen mixed veggies, ketchup, mustard, shredded cheddar cheese, and onions. It’s so easy to make perhaps you have all these ingredients in your fridge right now.

8. Bacon mac and cheese egg rolls

Using egg roll wrappers, you can create an unexpected twist to your classic mac and cheese. You only need a few other ingredients: cooked bacon and barbeque sauce for dipping. Once it’s deep-fried, you can enjoy all the more the cheesy goodness of mac and cheese, plus the savory flavors of bacon. Try it for yourself using this recipe. All you need to do is to mix macaroni and cheese and crumbled fried bacon, then roll it up inside the egg roll wrapper to prepare.

9. Mac and cheese smothered fries with French dip

Make yourself a fantastic weeknight dinner with mac and cheese smothered in French fries. Top it with shredded beef, bacon, and lots of cheese. Add enough au jus to completely moisten the mixture and give it a good French dip taste. Top it with parsley, and you’re good to go. This dish has a high potential for everyone’s favorite in your home. Check its recipe out here

10. Mucho mac and cheese nachos

For vegetarians out there, here’s a fantastic recipe. Your boxed mac and cheese can be made yummier with a healthier twist. The mac and cheese will be mixed with yellow corn kernels and black beans, and the pasta is served with Blue Corn tortilla chips, shredded lettuce, cilantro, avocado, sour cream, salsa, green onion, and red bell peppers. It’s beautiful, colorful and absolutely delicious.

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11. Chili mac and cheese

Chili and mac and cheese? Both are comfort foods, and when combined together, it tastes like heaven. This Mexican/Southwestern twist on mac and cheese is high on taste yet low on the scale of difficulty. For the chili, you need ground beef, diced tomatoes, diced chilies, tomato sauce, chili powder, cumin, red pepper flakes, pepper, cream, and shredded Mexican cheese blend. Here’s the recipe if you want to make it at home.

12. Taco macaroni

Love taco meat and mac and cheese? Why not combine them both? It can give you an easy, yet super tasty dish that even your picky eater can enjoy. It’s a great solution for busy nights and snowy days alike. It’s so simple – all you need is ground beef or turkey (the kind of meat you put in a taco), taco seasoning mix, water, milk, and of course your Kraft dinner. Check out the easy-to-make recipe here.

13. Chicken enchilada mac and cheese

Mac and cheese are great, but you can make it more enjoyable by making a Mexican fusion out of it. Add shredded chicken, avocados, corn, tomatoes, enchilada sauce, spices, and cheese into the mix, and you’ve got a chicken enchilada on your staple pasta. This mac and cheese recipe gives you a creamy and flavorful dish that your loved ones will enjoy. Just make sure you make enough for everybody!

14. Roasted vegetables mac and cheese

If you want a healthy twist to the regular mac and cheese you feed your little ones, this is a tasty dish to serve them. Mac and cheese is a comforting part of life, but it becomes better if it includes veggies. All you need to do here is to roast some veggies like diced bell pepper and zucchini until browned and soft. Mix it with creams, mozzarella cheese, and of course the mac and cheese. Add tomatoes to the sauce for extra healthy goodness. Here’s the recipe for this amazing dinner idea

15. Cheesy tuna mac

Dress up a boxed mac and cheese mix with tuna and canned soup. It’s a snap to fix because you only need to mix them up. You can add veggies like frozen peas and onions for added taste. Here’s the short recipe, and it’s guaranteed easy to make even for the noobs in the kitchen