Vegetable Choppers Buying Guide

Let’s agree on the fact that perfectly even dices of fruits and veggies for your salad can be a never-ending battle between your fingers and knife. With easy manual vegetable choppers or a push of a button, you can get fruits, vegetables, and many more foods sliced, diced, and chopped within seconds.

Thanks to the amazing combination of culinary innovation and mechanics, vegetable choppers make a great kitchen gadget for people who have a busy lifestyle and want quick results.

Things to consider before purchasing a vegetable chopper

The basic agenda of buying this product is the hassle-free and burden-less experience, so buying anything that’s cheap but looks good is of no value. As you will be using this regularly, choosing the finest steel material that needs minimum maintenance should be the priority. Let’s look at some of the considerations to buy one of the best vegetable choppers.

Electric or manual 

Manual Choppers have a range of attachments and gives you more liberty to create various kinds of cut, generally having two models, one with a dwindling arm without stretch and you can chop the veggies easily with hands. Contrarily, some models have hand-split that are good for hard veggies.

Whereas, on the other hand, electric choppers call for an electric plug to operate as they are among high tech gadgets and offer two or three functions. But, it requires minimum efforts. Just place the vegetables, press the button blades will do the magic in less time. Also, they are best for the people who have some hand or joint problems.

Dishwasher safe

If you are going to buy this gadget to reduce your working hours in the kitchen, then you must also look for the one whose cleaning is easy otherwise there’s no use buying a time-efficient device that consumes an additional time cleaning it. Therefore, do proper research to find the choppers with that should have dishwasher friendly parts so that you can easily put it in the dishwasher when you are done chopping.


Checking the capacity of the vegetable chopper is really important. For that purpose you would need to think of the measure of veggies prepared daily and how big your family is. You might need an advanced limit chopper if you’re cooking for a family get-together

BPA-Free material

A material called BPA (Bisphenol-An) is mainly used for the purpose of solidifying plastics and also to mold them. BPA can easily leach into the food from the utensils that are composed of BPA. It has negative effects on the brain and prostate glands of children, infants, and fetuses. This is the basis of some people’s concern and their reason to avoid buying any kitchen utensils made of BPA. Choose items on which its written “BPA-Free” confidently claimed by the maker company. The best material for choppers typically presents in the market is stainless steel. Plastic ware comes second. Moreover, you can also find choppers made of glass and silicon.


Blades are, in fact, the superhero of any chopper because dicing and chopping is dependent upon them. So select a model that comes with variety of blades sizes and shapes. Hardened steel blade is the best choice to begin with. It doesn’t matter whether you purchase the electric or manual chopper, it should have sharp steel blades. They help against rusting and chipping to prolong the shelf life of chopper and also makes you tension free from replacing them time and again. Do not choose any chopper with delicate blades that can be stuck through the hard food e.g. carrots in the middle.

If you are looking for a vegetable chopper that fits your requirements and budget, you have landed to just the right place.


Here comes the real work, to actually choose and buy the chopper after going through endless research and countless options available. We have come with a top list of vegetable choppers after extensive research. Every item has something unique to offer and has a versatile price range to suit everyone’s convenience.

Let’s dig in…


Where to Buy
Mueller Chopper AustriaPro-series Vegetable Chopper With Container
Fullstar Vegetable Chopper 
Sedhom 3-in-1 Veggie Chopper


1. Mueller Chopper AustriaPro-series Vegetable Chopper With Container

It’s a non-electric chopper absolutely BPA-free, dishwasher safe, FDA-certified, and also contains eight diverse stainless steel blades for slicing, shredding, grating, and julienne. Talking about it’s working; it can chop, cut and dice quite easily within a few minutes. Plus, it makes the whole experience fun and trouble-free without you having to remove the parts for a wash as in electric one.

Also, it’s mess-free and doesn’t give any unlikeable smell. For cutting onions with minimum chance of tears in eyes, it’s the best option as it condenses the onion vapors. Not only veggies can be cut easily, it’s so good for cutting fruits and cheese. comes with a lifetime warranty.

2. Fullstar Vegetable Chopper 

This vegetable chopper comes with a variety of shapes and sizes for dicing and chopping that it ultimately makes it the finest selection. It comes with 4 interchangeable blades for diversified cuts like chopping, long slicing and Julienne cut, contains sharp rust-free Grade 420 stainless steel blades along with a rubberized smooth handle and non-slippery base. This chopper is convenient for salsa, onion, garlic and salad preps.

It also has remarkable storage capacity with half-liter cup and works consistently with high speed. Its main body is made of ABS plastic whereas the blades are of stainless steel. Again the smaller one is appropriate with softer foods and the larger for the hard vegetables and stuff. Additionally, it provides two more blades spiral and ribbon shaped to intrinsically create the wonderful shapes.

3. Sedhom 3-in-1 Veggie Chopper

Sedhom veggie chopper is a resourceful chopper. It has 12 different replaceable blades in its package. So if you’re creative and keep experimenting with different shapes, it’s made for you. It is simple to use and highly proficient in dicing, grating, chopping, slicing and peeling. It also has a non-slip bottom side which keeps it in place with non-toxic and odorless chopping experience.

There will be no mess using this device as it has a bottom-container. Protective accessories i.e. handguard are included and therefore very less risk of injuries. It’s made of high-quality ABS plastic along with premium ultra-sharp stainless steel blades. For much simpler and fun experience in kitchen it can be a good choice.


Where to Buy
Black & Decker Electric Food Chopper (Electric)
Ninja Express Chop
Cuisinart DLC-2ABC Mini Prep Plus Food Processor 


1. Black & Decker Electric Food Chopper (Electric)

Moving onto the electric ones, Black & Decker electric chopper can’t be forgotten. It contains dishwasher-safe removable parts, 70W motor power, and considerably enhanced chopping assembly with lid. It also comes with the Bi-level stainless steel sharp blades enduring durability and giving off high-quality performance

Furthermore, it has such a modern and sophisticated design offering 1.5 cup capacity and one-touch pulse control over it. It’s an excellent choice as it can easily chop and mince food. Another thing to appreciate is that the bowl it contains effortlessly comes out with no extra strain and grip involved.

2. Ninja Express Chop

It is an all-rounder in the electric vegetable choppers available today. It comprises of amazing features that it outgrows most of its competitors. Having 200 W Power pod and one-touch pulse for precision control, it is best for dicing, chopping, mincing and grinding a lot of different vegetables and ingredients for easy meal preparation.

Its dishwasher safe, BPA-free and also has an ergonomic powerhead style making it easy for mounting. What is more, it has large capacity of 16-ounces and works effortlessly with food including spices, cheese, bacon, onions, dressings, spreads, and nuts. Also, it has a splash guard and anti-spill system making it suitable for mess-free preps.

3. Cuisinart DLC-2ABC Mini Prep Plus Food Processor 

A Cuisine food processor is a powerful combination of ergonomic body shape and a strong motor which makes it prominent out of other choppers. It boasts a patented stainless steel blade equally best for grinding as well as chopping variety of veggies and food. Moreover, it comes with 250-watt power and a 3-cup working bowl making it equally best for grinding and chopping a variety of veggies.

In terms of ease, it has a very user-friendly control panel operating just with a push of a button. Though it only weighs 24-ounces, it is highly durable, dishwasher safe and portable. It has a lid for rapid cleanup and there also comes a spatula with it.

Final Words

For the manual choppers, our best choice is, without the doubt, Mueller Pro vegetable chopper. If you want to have a handy, durable and easy to use cordless chopper, you can grab this one. Thanks to its innovative design, finest material, better control and versatility and check out consumer reports best blender food processor combo. Whereas, in terms of the electrical ones, our preferred budget pick is the chopper by Ninja Express Chop due to its compactness, effortless use and assembling. It’s made of quality materials, and is multipurpose, yet available at a bargain rate.