Veet EasyWax Electrical Roll-On Kit- a review

 Influenster sent me another little present this month!

I was super pumped to find out that I qualified for another VoxBox- a waxing one.

Now, let’s get one thing straight: I’m not a waxing newbie. In fact, I’m pretty experienced when it comes to waxing because I had to learn how to do it in beauty school. I wax my own legs and brows, and a few other unmentionables from time to time. And if you have hair that grows back quickly it’s worth the discomfort, especially in the summer.


Here’s what the kit looks like:




Here’s what Veet says about the EasyWax kit:
Discover the new Veet EasyWax Electrical Roll-On- an innovative self-heating wax kit with a roll-on applicator for salon quality results at home. Made with the same ingredients as salon wax, Veet removes hair the first time, right from the root. It works even on hair as short as 1.5mm, giving you smooth skin for up to four weeks. With shea butter, Veet EasyWax leaves your skin soft and touchably smooth. And with regular use, you’ll get fewer, finer and softer hair growing back.
Sounds great, right?
Using Veet EasyWax really was pretty easy.

Insert the wax cartridge into the electrical warmer. Then plug it in and set it in the base it came with. It should take about 30 minutes for the wax to come to the correct temperature.

While that was heating up, I hopped in the shower to exfoliate my legs really well and remove any dirt, oil, and lotion I had on my legs previously. *Your skin needs to be clean and dry for the wax to adhere properly, and exfoliating will help get all of those hairs when you’re waxing.* It also helps to pop a couple of ibuprofen prior to waxing to help reduce the pain and discomfort.
Here are the basic instructions for using Veet EasyWax:
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My before & after:
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I cannot believe I’m actually posting this picture of my hairy legs on the internet, but I figured it was necessary for my review. Notice how in the before picture the hair is pretty sparse? Sure, it grows in a little darker right there on lower legs, but it comes in patchy because I’m a pretty regular wax user. Waxing really will help decrease the amount of hair that grows back if you use it regularly! And any redness, bumps, or irritation you might have afterward will go away within 24 hours.
What I loved about Veet EasyWax:


  • It really was easy to use. It wasn’t messy like the wax pots with the little wooden sticks that I was used to using. Cleaning up wax drippings off the floor and counter afterwards is never fun, and the EasyWax made clean up super easy.
  • It kept the wax at a consistent temperature. With microwavable waxes, I’m constantly running back and forth (with sticky, half waxed legs) to the kitchen to re-heat the wax. Then sometimes it gets too hot and I either burn myself or have to wait for it to cool down. Wax warmers can be really expensive too.
  • The Perfect Finish Wipes it comes with are awesome. Seriously, I love them! They are perfect for cleaning up the little bits of wax that get left behind when you’re finished. I’ve tried other wax removers and they don’t work as well as these little babies did.
What I didn’t love about Veet EasyWax: 
  • The cord was a little annoying. While it was nice that it kept the wax at the perfect temperature, sometimes the cord got in the way or knocked stuff off the counter while I was using it. A battery powered option would be great!
  • Wax went on a little too thinly. I found myself going over the wax 2-3 times to get the right amount on there. One swipe with the roller was too thin and didn’t get all of the hairs. If the roller allowed a little more product to flow through at a time that would be great.

I’ve read online that people have said the kit needs to come with more strips. I disagree, and there’s a simple solution to that problem: reuse your strips. That’s right, you can reuse them. After you’re done waxing an area, use that same strip again (wax side facing down, directly on top of the new wax you spread on). After doing this once or twice, you can probably even wax an area with the same strip without reapply more wax. Simply place the used strip on the area, press firmly, and then pull it off again. Voila! It will remove the hair. I reused each strip 3-5 times. I waxed both of my lower legs, from the knee down, and I still have an entire pack and a half of strips leftover for next time. So reuse those babies!

Now, aside from needing a tan on my thighs, my legs are smooth and ready for summer!
If you’ve never waxed before I highly recommend this kit. It really was much easier to use than traditional wax pots that I’ve tried (and trust me, I’ve tested out a lot of them).
You can buy the Veet EasyWax Electrical Roll-On kit for around $30 at places like Walmart and Amazon.You can also buy refill kits if you just need more wax, strips, and wipes. I will definitely purchase a refill!
So what do you think? Do you think you’re ready to try your hand at waxing?
Disclosure: As a member of Influenster, occasionally I am sent products complimentary for testing purposes from Influenster. As always, all opinions on the products I received are my own.