Utilizing Amazon for Your Wedding Registry


    A wedding registry can help you and your fiancé start your married lives with the things you really want. One of the great wedding registry platforms you can sign up to is Amazon’s wedding registry. Whether you want traditional gifts like china sets and bath towels, an alternative like scuba diving experience, or a combination of the two, Amazon’s wedding registry is prepared to deliver. It offers a great inventory selection, as well as discounts for unpurchased gifts.

    If you’re looking into creating an online registry on Amazon, here are the things you need to know.

    How Amazon Wedding Registry Works

    To be able to create an online wedding registry, you will need an Amazon account. Your guests will also need an Amazon account to be able to purchase the gifts.

    When you register, it will ask you for certain information such as, your name and your partner’s name, the shipping address where you want the gifts to be sent, the date of your wedding, and the location of the event.

    After completing all the information and saving your wedding registry, you can start adding items in it. You can either search for the things you want or browse curated lists where you can also find inspirations.

    Amazon Wedding Registry Features

    Amazon Wedding Registry Features

    More than being a wish list for your upcoming wedding, the Amazon’s wedding registry offers noteworthy features for your convenience.

    • Variety: Amazon has wide variety of products, therefore, you can add any of the over 200 million products it offers to your wedding registry list. You can add anything from decorative pieces, kitchen utensils, bedding, bathroom, furniture, clothing, and so much more.
    • Bonus Gifts: There are some brands in Amazon that throw in free gifts when certain registry items were purchased or when minimum purchase amounts are reached.
    • Universal Registry: Amazon’s wedding registry is universal, meaning, you can add items from other sites on the web using the Amazon Wish List button. You can install it as a browser extension and conveniently add any item of your choice to your wish list.
    • Gift Prioritization: The Amazon wedding registry will allow you to mark items in your registry high or low priority to guide your guests.
    • Thank you list: Amazon can record who bought each item that is purchased from your wedding registry, making it easy to follow up and to send thank you messages to them.
    • Registry Completion Discount: Amazon will send you a discount code for the remaining gifts on your list after your wedding day. If you’re a Prime member, you will receive up to 20% discount, if not, you will receive 10% discount.

    Wedding Registry Access and Privacy

    When you set up a wedding registry on Amazon, you can make it visible only to you, only to people with the link, or you can also make it public where anyone can search for and view it. You can also share your wedding wish list to your friends and relatives via email, Facebook, and Twitter by providing them the unique URL. If your registry is public, your guests will be able to find it by visiting and entering your name.

    Registrants will be able to edit your wedding registry list. You can add your partner’s email address so you both can make changes on the list from your individual accounts in Amazon.

    Wedding Gifts Shipping Cost and Tracking

    The shipping cost and speed of the items ordered will depend on your guests’ membership status. For non-Prime members, a free standard shipping is offered for orders of $25 and up. For Prime members, there is the usual free two-day shipping on eligible items. The tracking details of the products will only be available to the purchaser.

    Wedding Gifts Return Policy

    The return policy for Amazon’s wedding registry offers free returns within 180 days from the delivery date. Refunds will be sent in the form of an Amazon gift certificate. If the items are purchased outside of Amazon or from third-party websites, they are subject to the policies of their respective sellers.

    Amazon’s Wedding Registry Completion Discount

    This is probably one of the best things Amazon can offer if there will be gifts left unpurchased in your wedding registry list. Amazon gives a one-time-use promo code for the remaining gifts you might decide to buy. You can also add other eligible items to the order. All you have to do is enter the code that will be given to you at checkout to redeem the discount. The discount will expire in 90 days after your wedding date at exactly 11:59 pm Pacific time. If you want to know more about the terms and conditions Amazon have for discounts or their wedding registry, you may visit their website.

    The features that Amazon offers are truly promising and convenient and they have a wide variety of items to choose from. If your wedding is coming up and you haven’t chosen any wedding registry yet, you might want to give Amazon a try.


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