Useful Parenting Tools


Parenting isn’t an easy task for anyone, especially those who want to be a hands-on mentor for their children. Fortunately, there are several modern devices that can make parenting a little easier and even safer.

Parents are always worried about their child’s safety at home or out of the house. The following items can serve as a helping hand for you to ensure that your baby, child, or toddler is as safe as possible. Some of these can also help you get your work done without worry as well.

Baby Vital Signs Monitor Sock


Baby Vital Signs Monitor Sock


Many parents feel uncomfortable leaving their babies alone, even and especially while they’re sleeping. Even a regular baby monitor isn’t the best solution here, as we’re all aware of how babies can stay quiet if they become ill. With this monitor sock, however, you can now have regular updates of your baby’s vitals delivered to your phone.

This sock uses pulse oximetry to detect whether there’s anything suspicious in the baby’s breathing or movements. Many parents have reported that they experience a peace of mind and less guilt when they have this sock on their little one. However, you might want to make sure that it fits your baby properly, since a tight option could disturb their sleep. Overall, though, this would make a great gift for new parents or anyone who wants to be away from their baby for some work.


Military Grade Baby Carrier


Military Grade Baby Carrier


Those who want to carry their baby around but also keep their hands free would surely appreciate the gift of this military baby carrier. This is made of military-material and looks manly enough to be suitable for dad as well. While this carrier is mainly marketed for men, there’s no reason why every involved parent can’t do with this sturdy, durable carrier.

This carrier has a tactical mechanism, with a MOLLE attachment system on both sides. It also features a sun shield along with an outer construction of 100D nylon for extra sturdiness. The carrier itself can hold infants of 8 to 35 months, so be sure not to go out of this range.

The interior of this carrier also has many pockets, so you can carry your essentials while carrying your baby as well. The lumbar support is adjustable providing a comfortable experience no matter how tall or wide you are.


Baby Movement Monitor


Baby Movement Monitor


When an infant’s sleeping, you have to be extra careful about their position and breathing patterns. With the baby movement monitor on hand, you can remain free of worry by clipping it onto their diaper waistband. This device vibrates in order to produce movement from the baby. If it doesn’t detect any, it sounds a loud alarm so you can get help as soon as possible. These few seconds could probably be crucial in saving a baby from serious breathing or moving issues.

This monitor requires no cords, sensor pads, or even wires. It simply needs clipping on and gives an alarm if there’s no movement for 20 seconds. This should hence set your mind at rest after you put your child down to sleep. However, this device is not for co-sleeping parents, since it can detect external movement from adults as well as the baby.


Canvas Baby Swing Hammock by Cateam



Baby hammock made of canvas for youngsters aged 0 to 3 years old. Toddler hammocks are composed entirely of upholstery fabric. Our pillows are filled with 100% hypoallergenic polyester stuffing. The wooden dowels are untreated and perfectly polished.

Our hammock swing includes one heavy-duty ceiling hook, one chain, four wood screws, four concrete bolts, and two carabiners. Ropes secure the pillow to the back bar. The hanging chair also has 5-point harnesses for further safety. WEIGHT LIMIT: 110 LBS – Dimensions: 17.7 in x 27.5 in (45 cm x 70 cm) (50 kg)

Our infant hanging chair is constructed of canvas, which is UV-resistant and long-lasting. Pillows and canvas can be machine washed at 86 degrees Fahrenheit (30 degrees Celsius) on the gentle cycle. The swing is not water resistant. When not in use, keep the hanging chair out of the weather to preserve it in good condition. Keep the swing somewhere dry. Baby swings for babies offer a simple height adjustment system that allows them to be installed in a variety of locations, including the garden, backyard, tree, porch, living room, or baby’s room.


Baby Shushing Device


Baby Shushing Device


Babies do respond to shushing, but this activity could be tiring for an already harried parent. This device cleverly takes a human voice and uses it to shush the baby for you. The sound would soothe, calm, and silence the child while allowing you a moment to breathe.

You can even set the device to long periods of shushing (from 15 minutes to half an hour) if the baby is especially difficult. Adjust the volume in order to calm the baby without disturbing others, including yourself. If you wish, this item is compact enough to strap on your wrist. Since there are batteries included, there’s no waiting time for charging or cranking.

This baby shusher also includes other noises that can soothe a baby to sleep or silence. These might sound jarring to older ears, but they’re actually very calming to an infant.


Foldable Car Booster Seat


Foldable Car Booster Seat


A car seat is necessary to ensure that your child is safe in a car. If you or someone else has multiple small children in the car, however, this booster seat would be a less bulky purchase than regular seats. You won’t be compromising on safety, but simply getting it in a more convenient package.

This booster seat is suitable for kids aged 4 years or more. However, the cut-off range limit is 100 pounds in weight of 57 inches in height. The compact size when folded is small enough to fit in a backpack, purse, or satchel. Plus it’s very fast to set up, so you won’t be late for your trip or flight with this seat. While you shouldn’t do away with your regular car seat, this booster version is great for traveling and Uber rides.


The Infant Survival Guide



If you know a new parent or are one yourself, having a fun guide on hand could be more important than it seems. This particular survival guide comes with several tips, hacks, and tricks to make parenting a smoother journey. With this investment or gift, you can learn from the mistakes of other parents and see how to handle several potential problems.

Many users have reported a high level of satisfaction with this Infant Survival Guide. The illustrations and tips are designed to make for light reading that even provides comic relief in several parts. The parents-to-be or new parents will surely thank you for such a gift.

The book also gives the reader many safe and effective ways to make infants calm down, stay healthy, and play happily for a long time. It also gives advice on how parents can make sure their child looks, acts and feel their very best.


Aqueduck Faucet Extender


When children start to grow a little, you want them to begin performing small tasks by themselves. This would not only give them a sense of independence but also lessen your own burden. However, there are several basic chores that a small child might find difficult simply due to their height. One of the most common of these is reaching the water stream from the faucet.

Some parents might try to resolve this issue by placing a small stool in the bathroom or kitchen. However, this could lead to slipping and falling accidents, which isn’t good for anyone involved. The faucet extender is probably the best solution in such cases.

This Aqueduck faucet extender can attach on many kinds of standard taps, helping your little one to reach the water and wash their own hands. It would also not interfere with the adults using the same tap.

Puj Tub

Keeping your baby clean is yet another tricky part of parenting, especially when it comes to giving them an all-over bath. With the Puj Tub on hand, however, you have a soft, foldable bathtub that can fit into any sink for an easy, convenient baby bath time.

The tub comes in at least three color choices; aqua, gray, and white. It’s BPA-free and PVC-free, which is the best choice for your baby’s health. It’s suitable for newborns to infants of 6 months. When you want to store it, simply hang it flat on a wall. The material is resistant to mold and mildew, so there’s no need to worry about harmful spores causing health issues for your baby.

Overall, many parents are satisfied with the comfortable, soft nature of this bathtub. It’s much easier to handle and store than a regular bathtub, along with being more portable. New parents can hence easily wash their child with both hands and without squatting or bending.

The Mommy Hook

This hook is not just for mommies, but any parent who wants to get the hang of multitasking. This is an essential part of parenting without which you probably wouldn’t get much done. The hook attaches to your child’s stroller and holds all your shopping bags, grocery bags, baby bags, or other items without breaking.

You can hence focus on steering the stroller in a safe direction while still making sure everything else is secured. This would help in walking around town, bringing all you need from the car to the house, and keeping your hands free for other work. In short, your outings will no longer be limited by how much you have to carry.

The hook or handle here is available in several colors, so you can choose to match the stroller or go for a classy neutral shade.  The heavy-duty aluminum is equipped with foam, so the handle won’t slide or slip. You can hook one on the side and one on top in order to balance out heavy items and prevent the stroller or pram from tripping.

The parenting tools discussed above are no doubt good investments or gifts for any parent. The specific items you end up choosing will depend on the need in question. For completely new and overwhelmed parents, the infant Survival Guide is a must-have. If you want to easily monitor a young, the baby movement monitor can be very helpful and reassuring.