Useful Pantry Organizers

If your pantry is a jumbled mess, finding cookware and ingredients can take as long as cooking dinner. You don’t have to waste precious time looking for a can of whole kernel corn or packet of gravy if you keep your pantry organized. If you need tips on how to organize your pantry, read here. 

Here are some things you may want to use to make a neat and orderly pantry:

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1. Stackable, airtight containers

Stackable containers can be used to store anything like pasta, flour, oats, seeds, beans, nuts and crackers. Choose ones that are designed for modular stacking, like the square and rectangular ones. These shapes are also easier to store and can save more space compared to round ones. It is also important to choose airtight containers that has a snap closure. These can keep your goods fresh and protect them from ants or rodents.

This is a complete set of airtight containers with different sizes for your edibles of all sizes, shapes and volumes. It comes with two tall (8-cup), 2 medium (6-cup), 4 small (3.6-cup) and 4 mini containers (1.4-cup). These containers have a silicone seal inside the lid to provide airtightness and maximum freshness. It even comes with chalkboard sticker labels. This set also comes with 10 measuring spoons (½ tsp, 1 tsp, ¼ tbsp, ½ tbsp, 1 tbsp and 15 mL, 7.5 mL, 5 mL, 2.5 mL, and 1 mL) and 4 measuring cups (¼, ⅓, ½ and 1 cups).

2. Glass containers

If you’re not a fan of plastic, go for glass containers for your pantry. Glass is a healthier choice for handling food because it doesn’t discolor, doesn’t retain smells or leach chemicals to food. It gives it an organized upgrade that allows you to see what you need easily and also know right away if you’re running out on something so you can refill it immediately.

This glass storage jar features thick side walls and a wide mouth opening for easy access and scooping. It’s great for storing candies, biscuits, seeds, nuts, oats, packets of tea, among other things.

Love cookies and baked goods? Or do you love munching on cereals and granola? Use this glass jar for storing these yummy foods for serving in a party or for everyday enjoyment. It’s a clear jar with a clear fitted lid that looks clean and sleek.

If you need a large glass jar for keeping larger volume or larger-sized goods, try this jar. It’s a 2.5-gallon jar with brushed metal lid. 

Neatly organize your spices with these jars, as keeping them in same-sized containers can help make a clean look for your pantry or countertops. This set includes 14 storage jars with tight shaker caps plus silver lids. It also comes with reusable labels so you won’t mix up spices.

3. See-through storage

In your pantry, organize your like-items like cans, bottles or boxes in a bin together. This way you can eliminate hunting time for something like a can of tomato sauce, or a packet of chicken breading. But it’s best to put your goodies in a visible and see-through bins. By doing this, you can see instantly what you need and avoid duplicating things you already have as you go to the grocery store. 

This set of 4 storage organizers is thoughtfully sized at 12” long, 10” wide, 8” high for storing large items like boxes of cereals, baking supplies, boxed foods, tall food cans and bags of chips. You can also place them in the refrigerator or freezer if you need to. It comes with easy-carry handles at both sides so you can grab and take it somewhere you want.

This is a smaller and shallower version of the other bin. It measures 10” long, 6” wide and 3” high, which makes it ideal for smaller boxes, yogurts, canned goods, cheese and snack packets. These bins are stackable, thanks to its raised feet on the bottom. These bins also have handles.

Do you always end up losing your small packets of spice or mixes? This bin caddy can be very helpful for you. This plastic organizer can help you separate and organize spice packets, dressing mixes, seasoning, sugar packets, instant coffee or chocolate packets, and other small things packed thinly. 

4. Wire baskets

Wire baskets are more preferable for storing produce instead of plastic bins, so the produce can breathe and be kept fresh. This is also your other see-through storage option if you don’t want transparent plastic bins.

These bins feature easy-carry handles, which are perfect for fruits, veggies, onions and garlic, potatoes and more. It has an open front for easy access to the contents of the basket. It measures 10.7” x 12.5” x 8.5” high.

5. Wicker or any woven basket

A wicker basket adds a touch of texture and elegance to a pantry. They are usually added to shelves on living room, laundry room or bathroom, but when used in a pantry, then can conceal things. But if you’re not into wicker, you can choose monochromatic woven baskets to add style.

Made of 100% seagrass, this set of storage baskets are great for storing your many knick-knacks in the pantry. They are stackable and measures 12” x 9” 6” high.

This is a set of three woven baskets finished in granite gray and are made of durable polyethylene strands woven around a steel frame. It’s water-resistant and easy to clean, so you don’t have to worry about ruining it if something spilled. This set includes 1 small (12″ x 9″ x 6.1″); 1 medium (13.1″ x 10.2″ x 6.5″), and 1 large (14.5″ x 11.5″ x 7″) baskets.

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6. Rack organizers

A rack can help you organize storage for items that may otherwise get lost in the sea of your may other things. 

Use this organizer to store your boxes of Ziploc bags, wax paper, saran wraps, cling wrap and aluminum foil. It comes with three layers for a more concise storage. This rack organizer measures 9.5” long, 7.4” wide and 8.6” high.   

This one’s a handy rack organizer for storing cutting boards, cookie sheets, oven pans, bakeware and pot lids. It’s made of stainless steel and measures 9” long, 7.8” wide and 5” high.

Here’s a great pan organizer that can save cabinet and countertop space and makes it easy for getting the pan you need. No more pan stack tumbling down because you need to get the pan at the bottom! You can use it vertical or horizontal, and you can also secure it to a fixed position in your cabinet because it has screw holes with hardware included. It can fit up to 5 pans and it measures 8.75” x 9” x 12”.

Store your spices, condiments and jars in this sturdy steel spice rack organizer. It has 5 tiers that can store up to 45 spice jars. You can attach it to a wall or inside the door of a pantry or kitchen cabinet to keep your kitchen sturdy and neat. It’s easy to assemble and comes with tools. This organizer measures 16.5” wide, 3” deep and 25.6” high. Each tier has a space of 5.6”.

7. Pocket organizers

Pocket organizers became popular as shoe storage, but it became a common storage solution for everything and for every place in the home. Hang it on the pantry door and will add an instant organization solution. Store envelopes of gravy mix, boxes of tea, or any small or light thing that piles up in the corners of the cabinet or falls through your wire shelves.

This over-the-door organizer has 15 large storage pockets and 6 smaller pockets for all your light pantry essentials. For those items that have no place in your cabinets, put them here to give them a home.

8. Canned goods storage

If you buy canned goods in bulk, investing in a can rack will be a good idea to further organize your pantry. By storing cans on their sides, you can grab the can that you need while the next can rolls to the front. Easy peasy. 

The best seller in can dispensers, this rack organizer can store up to 36 cans at once. It has three layers plus six adjustable plastic dividers to keep cans aligned and organized. This rack measures 17” wide, 11.5” deep and 14” high.  You can even get creative and use Bottle cutters to create storage with bottles.

9. Lazy Susan

Dead end spaces and cabinets can be tricky to organize, and getting something from the far back would require you to remove things in front of it. A lazy Susan can help with it, so you only need to rotate it for easy access to your goods. 

Reach stuff from your cabinet without knocking other things over with this lazy Susan. This has an outer rimmed edge to prevent things from falling off, and a non-skid surface to keep them in place while you rotate it. The exterior measures 1.5” x 12” diameter and the interior space is about 1 to ½” smaller. You can buy it in gray, blue or aqua.

This one’s a double rack lazy Susan for base corner cabinets with independently hinged doors. Corner cabinets are notoriously messy because it’s so deep you don’t have time to organize it or put things back and forth into proper places. This has a 28” diameter, so allow 30” inside for seamless integration.

10. Portable steel carts

Portable steel-manufactured storage equipment has been used by the commercial cooking industry for a long time, but your kitchen can benefit from this kind of storage option. Rolling steel carts can help you add storage where you need it and hold items like a hand mixer, cases of water or extra paper towels. 

This is a storage rack made of chrome-plated steel and a removable wood top. It has two chrome shelves that has a 50-pound capacity each. It comes with hooks for hanging, 4 caster wheels, and an adjustable shelf height in 1-inch increments. You can lock the wheels into place if you want to. It measures 15” x 21” x 36.7”.

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AmazonBasics 5-Shelf Shelving Storage Unit

11. Pull-out, sliding organizers and drawers

Make the most out of you cabinets with sliding pantry shelves. These will eliminate the need for shuffling stuff to reach the one thing you need at the back end. These organizers slide on rails that can be fitted to your existing, plain cabinets.

This is a simple, pull-in drawer made of solid wood. It’s so easy to install and you don’t need to be handy to be able to add this to your cabinet. It has a soft close design that eliminates banging, slamming and finger pinching. This can fit in 15” wide drawers.

Looking for a smooth, gliding steel cabinet for your pots and pans? Try this heavy-duty, 2-tier under cabinet. It has all hardware included and is easy to install. The double baskets that measures 15.5” high, 14.5” wide and 21” deep.

Do you want a cookware organizer, not just a shelf to stack them all in? Try out this 2-tier base cabinet organizer for your cookware. It has adjustable dividers that can accommodate different sizes of cookware, and it can hold up to 14 lids at the top tier. Do note that this unit is only suitable for a base 24 cabinet with 21” opening.

If you have even just a slim space between your fridge and your countertops, you can add this tall, slim vertical storage on wheels. This 4-tier storage can be used for keeping your spices, condiments and cans while allowing you to maximize space. It’s made of MDF and has a pretty white design perfect for farmhouse or traditional interior designs. It measures 34.275” x 25.25” x 3.5”. 

12. Wire shelves 

Add an industrial look for your kitchen or pantry with wire shelves. They can house everything from bulk foods to pots and pans to appliances. They also offer a one-stop storage for your goods so you don’t have to store them in cluttered storage around your kitchen. 

This is a 5-shelf shelving unit, with each shelf being able to hold up to 350 pounds. These shelves are adjustable in 1 inch increments. It measures 36” x 14” x 72”.