Useful and Fun Cat Accessories

If you’re a cat lover, you probably want to make them as happy and comfortable as possible. When cats are taken care of properly, they can respond with a lot of love plus entertainment. Check out the following items in order to have the most fun with your feline friend:

Licki Cat Hair Brush




A device that lets you lick your cat might seem a little strange, but it has its perks. A cat that’s gone through some trauma might be in need of a certain bonding activity, and this brush is as close as you can get to that.

You can place this hairbrush in your mouth as well as use your hands. It’s a food-grade silicone material that won’t do you any harm. There are bristles on the top and the bottom for an easy brushing experience. The silicone will be soothing to the cat’s skin and provide a meditative practice for you too.


Bonnets For Cats


Bonnets For Cats


You and your cat may like playing dress-up, or you might want them to look especially cute for a photo shoot. This little bonnet would help to both keep your kitty in control and have her looking her very best.

The material of this delightful bonnet is 100% cotton, along with a satin lining. It also has a vintage-looking floral print as well as straps to maintain a proper fit. It would hence easily fit most sizes of cats without much of a struggle.


Smartphone Controlled Interactive Cat Toy


Smartphone Controlled Interactive Cat Toy


It can be a struggle to keep a cat from boredom or keep up their interest in exercise. With this interactive toy, though, you can use your smartphone to play with your cat at any time of the day. You can even control the toy through your phone when you’re away from home.

With the inbuilt camera, you can control the cat teaser and make sure your cat stays entertained when you’re not around. You can also control the toy with the provided remote.


Cat Cave Bed


Cat Cave Bed


Since cats usually like being in the shadows, you should invest in a cave bed to give them a comfy environment. This particular variety is a handmade product made from New Zealand felted wool. Each bed will have a unique appearance. You can even customize the shape to make it properly comfortable for your kitty.

The inside of this bed is spacious enough for a cat to stretch, lie down, and even turn around. You can also flatten it out for a soft mattress if you wish. This cave bed will be an excellent addition when its winter, with the cat seeking warmth in a safe, secluded place.


Spherical Cat Cave Bed


Spherical Cat Cave Bed


This is another kind of cave bed that’s spherical and available in a bright birch green. It’s made of natural sheep’s wool that is easy to clean and extremely soft. Since the material is natural wool, you want to make sure that no one is the house is allergic to it before purchasing.

Your cat will love the quiet isolation that this bed provides, since cats often want their own company instead of excitement and noise. this would be the perfect place for them to escape to when you’re having a party. It also has some catnip inside, so your cat will be instantly dram towards it.


Cat Toilet Training System


Cat Toilet Training System


Anyone who has a housecat has to go through the hassle of toilet-training them. While cats have a natural way of using the litter box, you may not want that smell around your house for even a little while. This toilet training system will ensure that your cat learns to use the toilet like a human instead of a litter tray.

The system should have the job done in around 8 weeks. This would mean no mess for you to handle and no germs lurking right inside our house. The toilet seats and other accessories have been developed with the knowledge of vets, animal behaviorists, and cat breeders. You can hence be sure that this item has the cat’s best interests at heart.


Taco Cat Bed



You can make things a bit more colorful and fun by getting a quirky taco bed for your cat instead of a regular one. The material is a soft and padded fleece along with microfiber yarn. This combination gives you an amazing comfort that any cat could sink into.

You can use the bed as a flat tostada or a folded taco. Either way, your cat would certainly look adorable lying inside it. You might also get a few Instagram-worthy pictures out of the deal.

ViviPet Cat Dining Table

A regular cat bowl could get boring after a while, so why not invest in a multipurpose cat bowl stand? This little cat ‘dining table’ will add to your home décor and give you options of black and white to choose from. There’ also a space at the side to grow some grass, or store food, toy, or water.

The platform of this table is at a 15-degree tilt, which is perfect for a cat’s feeding position. This way, there’s less pressure on the feline’s stomach and joints. The ceramic food bowls are heat-safe and suitable for the dishwasher, making clean-up very easy.


Hidden Cat Litter Box


A litter box might be a necessity for any home with a cat, but hiding it or getting embarrassed when someone comes over is a huge hassle. You can do away with this unsightly necessity by getting this hidden version. This litter box is contained inside what looks like a clay pot, which you can use for decoration in your living room.

The pot is made of polypropylene, which is durable and able to control the odors. The vented system will also filter out the dust and smells, so no one knows what’s inside.


Cat Tree

This cat climbing tree is available in several colors, including Charcoal Gray, Grey, Dark Chocolate,  etc. You can hence get the best shade to match your home décor. The cat can climb to the top and observe or scratch at the carpet instead of your furniture.

With this tree, you’ll get a safe, fun environment for your cat to play in. They can get all the exercise they need without tearing around the house or going outside where it’s dangerous. The tree itself is easy to assemble, with a smooth, soft carpet level. It can fit under ceilings up to nine feet.


The above cat accessories are all quite tempting for anyone who owns cats and wants to give them the best. The best choice, however, would obviously depend on your unique requirements and that of your cat.

For instance, if your kitty is prone to stress and anxiety, you might want to get them one of the Cave beds to escape into. They might also appreciate the Licki Cat Hair Brush for calming them down. If the cat is an active and energetic one, get an interactive or a cat climbing tree to let them find a safe release.