Unusual Gummy Candies and Snacks

Gummy candies, aside from being colorful and fun, are one of those snacks with limitless potential. They come in different colors and forms like gummy colas, gummy bears, and gummy worms which are some of the most popular ones. But as time goes by, it seems like the forms of gummy candies being created are becoming more strange and weird. There are those which are shocking, and those which are just kind of gross.

If you’re looking into trying out some of the unusual gummy candies and snacks out there, here are some that you can add to your list.

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1. Gummy Noodles

If you want a unique gummy candy this time, this is one of the weirdest options that you could try. Inside this cute takeout box are gummy candies that made to look like noodles- but there are no chopsticks included though! Aside from the mouth-watering gummy noodles, you would also love the other gummy treats such as shrimps, vegetables, eggs, and other toppings that are also put inside the box of this delicious gummy noodles. There are also marshmallows on top to complete the unique combo.

2. Jelly Filled Gummy Brains

How about eating brains for a snack? These jelly-filled gummy brains are really weird to be eaten, but they are delicious as well. They can also be one of the perfect treats you can give to kids on Halloween.

3. Swedish Fish

This is a fish-shaped gummy candy that kids and adults will love. And even though they are fish-shaped, they taste like fruit and not like fish. They are red, chewy, and delicious gummy candies.

4. Gummy Eyeballs

If you’re a fan of horror and gruesome films and shows, then you might probably like to taste these gummy eyeballs as well. Or maybe challenge a friend to eat one if they can.

5. Gummy Chicken Feet

These gummy chicken feet are indeed very unusual. Who would’ve thought that someone would come up with making gummy candies in the shape of chicken feet? But it sure looks good and they come in fruity flavors.

6. Sweet Mice Gummy Candy

A lot of people are afraid of mice, that’s why it’s also weird to eat snacks that are shaped like them. But no matter how unusual that may seem, Haribo still made that possible by coming up with their sweet mice gummy candy. It comes in fresh and fruity flavors of juicy orange and raspberry.

7. Fried Egg Gummies

Fried eggs are not just for breakfast because they can also be fun snacks in the form of gummy candies. These are cute little fried egg gummies that children and as well as adults will love. What’s cool about them is they are very detailed just like how real fried eggs look like.

8. Gummy Sour Fries

These are fries-shaped sour gummy candies that come in different flavors such as grapefruit, pineapple, peach, orange, and lemon. These are fun and colorful gummy treats that are perfect for all young and old fruit gums lovers.

9. Gummy Boogers Candy

If you want to really gross out your friends and family, try giving them a box of this gummy boogers candy. Gummy candies are yummy but we’re not sure if you will be able to eat these with the way they look. This is certainly not your regular gummy.

10. Gummy Spaghetti Meal

This gummy snack is made with lots of efforts because it looks like a real spaghetti meal. It is made with strawberry banana noodles, cherry sauce, and fruity meatballs. Unusual but cool, isn’t it?

11. World’s Largest Gummy Worm

Gummy worms are no longer unusual these days, but a large one might be. This gummy worm, believe it or not, is 125 times larger and better compared to the average gummy worm. It comes in 23 x 2.0 inches and is approximately 3 pounds. In fact, you will be able to get a whopping 51 servings of mouthwatering sweetness with the world’s largest gummy worm.

12. Gummy Sour Gecko

Another weird animal turned into a delicious gummy treat is a gecko. They come in different color combinations which are in different sour flavors as well. Geckos can be scary but these gummy treats are somehow cute and adorable.

13. Gummy Sushi Meal

If there’s a gummy spaghetti meal, there’s also a gummy sushi meal. It’s unusual but how this gummy meal is done is amazing as well. Its colors and shape resemble a real sushi meal. In fact, you might mistakenly dip it in soy sauce and wasabi if you’re not informed that they are gummy candies. It is a combination of 8 delicious fruity flavors.

14. Gummy Nachos

These gummy nachos are complete with gummy chips topped with gummy meat, gummy olives, gummy jalapeños, gummy cheese, and a gummy hot pepper. Each of the ingredients come in delicious fruity flavors such as grape, green apple, banana, and cherry.

15. Giant Gummy Watermelon Slice

This is a hefty hunk of watermelon slice gummy on a stick. Aside from looking like real watermelon, it also has an unbelievably authentic watermelon taste. This unusual gummy treat weighs over a pound, making it a crazy one of a kind gummy.

These are some of the unusual gummy candies and snacks that you might want to try. Gummy candies are indeed versatile snacks because they can be shaped into different shapes and forms depending on what you want. So, which of these unusual gummy candies would you like to try soon?