Unusual Groomsmen Gifts

Groomsmen, just like bridesmaids, also gave lots of their time and effort in making your dream wedding come to life. They are the ones responsible for planning the groom’s stag party. Aside from that, they also gave time for fittings and rehearsals even when they have busy schedules. Therefore, giving them gifts is an awesome idea to show them how much you appreciate them to be part of your wedding. 

There are lots of groomsmen gifts out there, but it’s great if you can find unique ones that they will surely love. When choosing a gift, you should go for quality, but practice practicality at the same time. It is always better to give meaningful gifts than give expensive ones that aren’t likely to be used again. Therefore, the best tip is to make it personal. Pick gifts that will match your groomsmen’s personality, interests, and needs. You can also pick out silver accessories to go with your groomsmen’s outfits.

If you are planning to give your groomsmen gifts on your wedding day, we’re here to help. Today, we are giving you a list of the unusual groomsmen gifts that they will love. 

Where to Buy
Pocket Size Survival Wallet Card
Personalized Flasks for Weddings
Whiskey Stones Gift Set
Groomsmen Drinking Team Can Coolers
Groomsmen Pocket Watch
Groomsmen Beer Glasses


1. Pocket Size Survival Wallet Card

This survival wallet card is an excellent gift for your groomsmen. It is a card that can be used in many ways, such as a bottle opener, a ruler, and more. It also comes with a card that features funny codes for your groomsmen on your wedding day. This will surely give your groomsmen a good laugh, and they will always remember you when they use it.

2. Personalized Flasks for Weddings

You can also give each of your groomsmen a personalized whiskey flask with their names engraved on it. This one is a stainless steel flask that can be customized. It is a perfect gift and remembrance from your big day, especially if your groomsmen love to drink and have fun. 

3. Whiskey Stones Gift Set

This is a set of whiskey stones that comes with two 6.8 oz. crystal clear shot glasses. Your groomsmen can use this gift set when drinking whiskey, scotch, bourbon, and other alcoholic liquors. The whiskey stones will keep their drinks clean, strong, and tasteful. And they will also remember your wedding whenever they drink. 

4. Groomsmen Drinking Team Can Coolers

This is another great gift for groomsmen who love to drink. It is a set of 6 can coolers that are printed with, “Groom’s Drinking Team Member”, making them perfect for your groomsmen. Even after your wedding, they can still use these can coolers when having a good drink with their friends. 

5. Groomsmen Pocket Watch

This pocket watch is one of the ultimate wedding keepsakes for your groomsmen. It is engraved with a message that says, “Thank you for being a part of our special day.” It is a stunning watch that all of your groomsmen will surely love. It also comes in a lovely black gift box, ready to be given to your groomsmen. 

6. Groomsmen Beer Glasses

You can also have some beer glasses customized for your groomsmen. You can have it engraved with their names, the date of your wedding, and a special message. This beer glass can hold 12 oz. of their favorite beer. It is also dishwasher safe, and the etching is permanent. 

Where to Buy
Wooden Beer Mug for Groomsmen
Personalized Pocket Knife
Moleskin Classic Notebook
Tie Case
Personna Men’s 5 Blade Razor System
Custom Engraved Wooden Watch


7. Wooden Beer Mug for Groomsmen

If you want your groomsmen to drink in a more unique way, then give them this wooden beer mug that is labeled with “Groomsman”. It is a mug made of natural wood, but its inside is stainless steel. It is perfect to be used when drinking beer, sodas, water, and more. It is a unique gift for your groomsmen. 

8. Personalized Pocket Knife

Another cool and unique gift for your groomsmen is a personalized pocket knife. A pocket knife is very handy for men. It can be used at a bottle opener, a screwdriver, a knife, and more. This pocket knife’s casing is wooden, and it can be engraved with your groomsmen’s names, as well as the date of your wedding. It is a useful remembrance you can give your groomsmen.

9. Moleskin Classic Notebook

If you have a creative groomsman, he would surely love to receive one of Moleskin’s minimalist journals. Moleskin actually offers lots of different designs. Meaning, you will be able to find one for each of your groomsmen that speak to each of their personalities. 

10. Tie Case

You can also give your groomsmen a luggage accessory they never knew they needed. What is it? A tie case. It is a very useful item to have to keep their neckties from getting wrinkled in their bags when they travel. It is a unique and useful gift they will surely appreciate. 

11. Personna Men’s 5 Blade Razor System

If your groomsmen don’t want to have a rugged beard look, then they will surely love to receive a set of razors. This set includes 12 replacement cartridges so they will never run out of replacements for old and dull razors. 

12. Custom Engraved Wooden Watch

If you want to give a special gift to your best man on your wedding day, then this custom engraved wooden watch is perfect. You can have it engraved with the word “best man”, or even the name of your best man for a more personal touch. Or, if you want, you can give all of your groomsmen a customized watch as well, and they can all wear it on your wedding day. It is a unique gift that they can still use even after your big day.

These are some of the unusual groomsmen gifts we can recommend. You don’t really need to spend a lot to show your groomsmen that you appreciate the efforts they gave on your wedding. With these unique and meaningful gifts, they will undoubtedly know how much you’ve valued them to be part of your wedding.