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Unusual and Fun Candy Treats

Halloween Candy Treats

Almost everyone will agree that candy is one of life’s nice pleasures because it has a way of uniting people. Some sweets that most people may find quite bizarre, yet individuals in various cultures have liked these delicacies since they were very young. Even if we may disagree on the ideal type of candy, we can all agree that it is generally delightful and occasionally even necessary. Enjoy learning about some of these fascinating candies, then decide for yourself whether they are genuinely ingenious or merely bizarre.

Looking for some holiday-themed snacks that will appeal to children who come to your door to ask for candy this season? Give them some unusual candies to put in their Halloween baskets. Here are a few fantastic and unique candies you might want to include in your sweet collection. All ages are welcome to enjoy candies. They are trendy, especially around Halloween. It would be perfect to distribute candies and other delicious snacks that make the kids and the community laugh while tasting great.

1. Caramelized lamb 

In Hokkaido Japan, shredded mutton barbeque is known as “Genghis Khan.” The classic dish is cooked in a skillet with grilled lamb meat on top and various veggies around it. Sapporo Gourmet Foods’ proprietor created the Genghis Khan Caramel Candy in 2002. The product didn’t sell well when he first tried to market it as a sauce. They rebranded the item and started marketing it as a delicious delight. The novelty sweet has a slight sweetness and a lamb curry flavor. A terrific joke present for friends and family, each box of this unusual candy contains 18 individually wrapped caramels.

2. Chocolate Kitten Tongue

“Kitten Tongues” is the literal translation of the well-known Czech confectionery Kocici Jazycky, a dreadful name for sweet. You would anticipate tiny, pink, or moist candies, perhaps even ones with hairballs. Fortunately, the miniature delights are only milky, sweet chocolate bars in the form of a cat tongue, which were initially created in Vienna in 1892. They gained popularity in the Czech countries in the 1920s and 1930s. Along with the chocolate bars that resemble tongues, the chocolate box also has images of cuddly and furry kittens. The candy may seem odd, but at least it’s made of delicious chocolate. You should give this a try right now if you enjoy cute and cuddly sweets.

3. Botan Rice Candy

Botan Rice Candy invites you to consume the treat’s packaging. It is a soft, chewy candy with lemon and orange flavoring packaged in edible rice paper. You need to taste the candy in the form of jelly-like cubes. The candy is packaged in a box that looks like a movie theater, which appeals to kids. Cartoon ninjas, dogs, a bunny using a computer, and even a squirrel perched on a mushroom is just a few of the collector stickers that may be found in the packaging. Although primarily sweet, the candy also has a moderate flavor. Although it can occasionally be a little sticky, the candy’s edible wrapper is what makes it truly unique. Several American online stores offer unusual candy.

4. Musk Sticks

The peculiar confectionery that many Australians and New Zealanders enjoy could be repulsive to others. Musk sticks are pink cylinders with a musk-like scent of gelatin and icing sugar. The candy breaks down gradually in the mouth, and many compare the flavor to a potent fragrance. The candy has been popular in Australia for a century despite the strange taste and challenging grasp appeal, which one Australian baker compared to the smell of older people waiting for the bus. Every year, Woolworths alone sells almost 24 million musk sticks. You may always utilize these candies as air fresheners if you don’t find them delicious.

5. Salted Black Licorice

All candies do not have to be sugary. Salmiakki often referred to as salmiak or salted black licorice, is a favorite among consumers in several parts of Northern Europe. Many children in Finland, Scandinavia, and the Netherlands are first exposed to salt licorice and continue to like the sweet well into adulthood. Soft licorice called salmiakki has ammonium chloride added to it to give it a distinct salty flavor. Both hard and mild forms of salt licorice are available for purchase, and it is frequently used as a flavor for ice cream, soda, and alcoholic beverages. There are somewhat salty flavors for those who want to experience the candy for the first time. Other flavors range from salty to quite powerful. Although some of the product’s manufacturers insist the candy is delectable and addicting, it seems to be more of an acquired taste.

6. Gummy Lightning Bugs

This delicacy is for you if you want to experience a tasty sweet that is also enjoyable to consume. Small gummy candies called Lightning Bugs light up. This gummy treat has no lightning bugs, so don’t worry. The only peculiar aspect of the candy is how it functions, not what’s inside. Small sweets in the form of bugs and a tiny pair of tweezers are included in each bag. On the tip of the tweezers are a battery and an LED light. Gummy bugs can be pinched with the tweezers’ tip until they light up. The gummies are tasty, have a good flavor, and work well.

7. Salsagheti

The Salsagheti sweet doesn’t seem all that strange at first. They resemble skinny gummy worms. The fact that it is spicy, acidic, and sweet distinguishes this candy from others. The sugar-coated, watermelon-flavored gummy strings have a coating of chili-tamarind powder, which is more frequently used in savory foods. The candy looks like a spaghetti dinner, and its “salsa” portion even includes a packet of sauce. In Mexico, salsagheti is a favorite dish, especially at events like children’s birthday parties.

8. Beard of a Dragon Candy

Because it is served fresh, this candy is unavailable in supermarkets, but it is a common sight at carnivals and fairs. Cotton candy-like dragon’s beard candy was created thousands of years ago. According to folklore, a bored Han Dynasty emperor observed a cook making the candy stretch the rice flour mixture into thin strands. Because it resembled a dragon’s beard, the Emperor gave it the moniker “Dragon’s Beard candy,” which stuck and rose in popularity because only the wealthy could afford the sophisticated treat. No longer subject to such restrictions, candy producers will prepare Dragon’s Beard for street fairs.

9. Chocolate Chips with Onion and Cheese

Unusual chocolate candies with cheese and onion crisps. Irish-made crisps go under the name Tayto. The business has been supplying the nation with delicious snacks in various flavors since 1956. But would you ever consider combining chocolate with cheese and onion crisps? The Irish producer made the same decision for a bar of special edition chocolate.

10. Creamy Corn Candies

Literally created from creamed corn, these candies are from Malaysia. Although creaming corn is common, this line of sweets dramatically simplifies the process. The taste, marketed as “rich and sweet,” is quite powerful and lingers in your mouth for a long time.


It’s always fun to have a little candy at a party, for a holiday or just for fun.  You can mix it up with some of these candy ideas to surprise your guests or just have a break from the standard fare.  Enjoy!

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