Unique Desk and Office Accessories

The typical office worker will have a black monitor with a black computer tower or a black laptop with a black mouse on a black mousepad. If he or she is the artistic type, maybe some fancy pins, sticky notes or some multicolored highlighters.
You can make your workspace your own by adding a unique desk or office accessory that shows who you are. You can elevate your working space with items like paperweights, organizers, monitor stands and more. These items will add both style and substance to your desk or office scheme.
Here are a few suggestions you might want to look at to bring your workspace to the next level.

Monitor Stands and Mounts

Where to Buy
AboveTEK Premium Acrylic Monitor Stand
VIVO Black Triple Monitor Mount Freestanding Desk Stand with Glass Base
SONGMICS Bamboo Wood Monitor Stand Computer TV Riser with 2 Drawers Laptop Printer Stand Desktop Container with Storage Natural ULLD701NL


1. Above TEK Premium Acrylic Monitor Stand :

Raise your monitor and organize desk space with this one-piece computer monitor stand. It has a unibody design that is sturdy and the crystal clear platform is made from exquisitely polished acrylic that complements any decor at your desk and office space. The stand positions your monitor higher than conventional desktop stands and promotes good posture with over 3″ elevation to match your eye level. It reduces strain on the neck and eyes and will make your workstation more user-friendly and healthier.

2.  VIVO Black Triple Monitor Mount :

Increase productivity like a pro by getting three monitors off of your desk and into a more efficient viewing position with the STAND-V003FG from VIVO! Maximize your desk space by mounting three monitors to one stand. Made from high-grade steel that’s able to support up to three 22 pounds monitors, this triple monitor mount will keep your expensive equipment safe and secure. It features fully adjustable arms for a very customizable setup, ample height adjustment for perfect screen alignment, a heavy-duty glass base for secure placement and cable management points to keep things nice and tidy. All the necessary hardware and instructions are provided to get your screens mounted for triple monitor set-up in no time!

3. SONGMICS Bamboo Wood Monitor Stand :

Elevate your monitor or laptop for a more comfortable position to reduce neck and back strain while providing a better viewing experience. The monitor stand comes with 1 spacious drawer and 1 partitioned drawer to meet all your storage needs. You can smartly hide clutter inside to save on precious tabletop real estate. The drawers can also be taken out and used independently as storage trays. The bottom space is ideal for your keyboard and mouse. This monitor stand is crafted to ensure durability and simple assembly. The rounded legs provide better stability and aesthetically pleasing to make your desk stand out. It is made from natural and renewable bamboo which is stronger and more flexible than most wood materials.

Desk Organizers

Where to Buy
ArtsOnDesk Modern Art Business Card Holder St201 Stainless Steel Silver Color Patented Luxury Desk Accessory Name Card Stand Case Office Organizer Gift for Any Occasions
MyGift Rustic Torched Wood Office Desk Stationery Organizer - 3 Compartment Remote Control and Media Storage Holder
MyGift Adjustable Brown Solid Wood Desktop Storage Organizer Display Shelf Book Rack


4. ArtsOnDesk Modern Art Business Card Holder :

Made from high-quality stainless steel with cutting-edge workmanship, this business card holder/stand/case is a must-have in any office. It is not just a business card holder but a work of modern art as well. It can hold up to fifty standard sized business cards.

5. MyGift Rustic Torched Wood Desktop Organizer :

A desktop organizer made of wood and featuring a unique torched finish. This organizer features 3 compartments that can be used for storing office essentials like sticky notes, pens, highlighters and paper clips. Simply set this office supply organizer on to your desk or table to bring style and sensible storage to your workspace.

6. Adjustable Natural Wood Desktop Storage Organizer :

Compact, versatile, and stylish, this adjustable natural wood shelf is ideal for adding order and style to your workspace. The shelf is composed of two pieces that can be fully overlapped to make a shelf approximately 16 inches wide. The set can also be pulled apart to nearly double the width and storage capacity. The pieces can be arranged at an angle to take advantage of often unused corner spaces in cubicles or desktops. Perfect for storing books and office supplies this organizer can also be used in the kitchen to keep spices or in other areas of the house or office to store just about anything. This organizer adds much-needed storage space to small and sometimes confined workspaces.

Office Chairs and Desks

Where to Buy
Herman Miller Aeron Tilt Limiter Task Chair
Hudson Durable Goods
Ergotron Workfit-D Sit-Stand Desk (Birch)


7. Herman Miller Aeron Tilt Limiter Task Chair :

The Classic Aeron Chair, with its 12-year warranty, has become the new benchmark in ergonomic office seating. This chair easily adapts to all the motions you go through every day while seated, the Aeron provides healthy comfort and balanced ergonomic body support. Our PostureFit mechanism supports the way your pelvis tilts naturally forward so that your spine stays aligned avoiding back pain. The Pellicle suspension conforms to your body and reduces pressure points while providing unparalleled support. Our patented Kinemat tilt mechanism lets your neck, shoulders, hips, knees, and ankles rotate and move naturally. The unique breathable Pellicle suspension keeps you cool and comfortable. The high, wide, contoured back design takes the pressure off your lower spine. The armrests slope slightly down in the back for the most natural and comfortable support. The unique front edge of the seat takes the pressure off your thighs.

8. North Bayou Sit Stand Desk :

This Ergonomics Interactive Sit-Stand Desktop Workstation allows you to convert your tabletop into a healthy standing work desk. The mechanism is attached to the opposite ends of a desk with a clamp or grommet hole. It features a VESA bracket for mounting a display from up to 35”. This mechanism lets you swing your display left, right, up and down with a full range of motion to provide unsurpassed ergonomic comfort, promote a healthy lifestyle and improve productivities in both homes and offices. The adjustable display and keyboard mounts move easily and simultaneously for proper height, allowing you to easily sit down or stand up on demand as you choose. The extendable and foldable keyboard area provides ample adjustment for the keyboard and allows you to push the arm out of the way when you need your desk surface for other tasks. Built with a durable gas-strut cylinder, aluminum alloy, and steel this product is made to last. It also features cable management routing under the arm for a cleaner look. It also features 2 USB hub interface adaptors for charging your phone and other devices. This sit-stand workstation is suitable and for constraint space and corners at home or offices. Its modular design makes installation simple and easy.

9. Ergotron WorkFit-D, Sit-Stand Desk :

Choose whether you want to stand up or sit down as you work. This sit-stand desk encourages healthy movement and posture as you go through your office work. An integrated brake and locking system secures the table height in place and, with just a touch of a button, releases to easily change to your desired position.

Desk Decors/Toys

Where to Buy
Geocero Physics Mechanics Science Toys
Desk Decor Sculpture Toys Stress Relief Desk Toys Intelligence Development and Stress Relief SPOLEY Desk Sculpture Decor Fidget Toy for Anxiety


10. Newton’s Cradle Kinetic art Desk Decoration :

This newton’s cradle Kinetic Art Desk Decor is a great present for office decoration. Its unique design and holographic effect make it unique over most other office desk accessories. Your office will not only look great with our product but more interesting

11. G-WACK Stress Relief Desk Toy :

This anti-stress desk toy can get you through the hardest days. These DIY magnetic balls can be arranged indefinitely. As they say, the only limit is your imagination. It is easy to build without the need for any special tool.

12. Aukee 3 inch C shaped MagLev Floating Globe :

Floating and rotating in midair this floating globe works steadily, comes with a LED light to make it look very cool when turned on in the dark. This is an awesome high-tech gadget that people of all ages will enjoy and appreciate. The globe can be used as a home or office desk as a decoration, a teaching equipment or a toy.

Computer Accessories

Where to Buy
Marble Mousepad
Audioengine A5+ Speakers
Corsair K70 RGB mechanical Keyboard


13. Marble Mouse Mat Desk Accessory :

Express yourself with this unique mouse pad. Decorate your desk with this marble designed mouse mat that looks great and protects your mouse from scratches and debris. The mats fine-textured surface improves tracking and the non-slip rubber undersurface firmly grips the desktop.

14. Audioengine A5+ Speakers :

The top of the line Audioengine A5+ speaker system has received numerous recognition and distinction from audiophiles and reviewers around the world for the incredible performance it offers at a reasonable price. The A5+ was designed by Audioengine as an all-in-one high-performance speaker system that can easily connect to any computer, turntable, TV, gaming console, and even your phone.

15. Corsair K70 RGB mechanical Keyboard :

The CORSAIR K70 RGB MK.2 SE is a premium mechanical keyboard for those who want only the best. It is made with lightweight but the durable silver aluminum frame, original CHERRY MX Speed key switches, and PBT double-shot keycaps for the best typing and gaming experience. The CORSAIR iCUE software allows the users to use complex macro programming and use the vivid dynamic multicolor illumination and full-system lighting synchronization available only to CORSAIR. The CORSAIR K70 RGB MK.2 SE has 8MB of dedicated onboard memory for hardware playback meaning you can take all your settings with you. Additional features of the keyboard a USB pass-through, dedicated multimedia controls, and a detachable soft-touch wrist rest.

Power Strips and USB hubs/chargers

Where to Buy
HITREND Charging Station Dock
Mountable Surge Protector Power Strip with USB Charger
USB Power Strip Umirro 8-Outlet Surge Protector with 4 USB Ports


16. HITREND Charging Station Dock :

Its unique dinosaur back design allows you to charge multiple devices at the same time while maintaining a relatively small footprint on your desk. It has a built-in surge protector to protect your device from electrical spikes and lightning strikes. It features Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0; the latest, fastest and most efficient USB charging technology in the world.

17. Mountable Surge Protector Power Strip with USB Charger :

The TROND Prime II turns a regular wall outlet into a charging station which offers 4 AC outlets and 4 USB charging ports. Each of the 4 USB ports can intelligently detect your smartphones or tablets power requirements and provide up to 2.4A charging current (4A/20W in total).

18. USB Power Strip Umirro 8-Outlet Surge Protector with 4 USB Ports :

The Umirro USB Charging Station is a versatile carry around and goes anywhere in the office or at home type of charging and AC hub. It features four built-in USB ports that automatically detect and identify plugged-in devices to deliver full speed charging (Max 2.4A per port) for each device. It can extend your AC outlet by 6 ft. It uses a heavy-duty power cord with a 45-degree angle flat plug to fit easily in tight spaces or behind furniture. It features a heavy and stable base that keeps product upright and fixed on your desk or floor for safety.

Desk Vacuums

19. Holife 6KPA Handheld Rechargeable Vacuum Cleaner :

The Holife Handheld Rechargeable vacuum cleaner delivers outstanding power and performance for its size. It is an ideal desk cleaner and great for vacuuming small debris from hair, food and even liquids. It built-in rechargeable battery allows it to operate without a cord giving you the freedom to move and reach the hard to reach corners of your working space.

20. ELP Mini Desk Electric Vacuum :

Great for cleaning electronics this portable vacuum cleaner can be used on your computer keyboards and other hard to reach spaces on your desk. Just simply plug the USB cable to any port on your pc and clean away. It features an easy to clean removable filter. Just take the filter off the vacuum and rub the dust off or wash it and lay to dry and reuse. Works best glitter or other small debris on the tightest of spots. This vacuum is perfect for cleaning keyboard, car, kitchen countertop, workspace, storage bag etc.

21. AuSionHandHeld Mini Dirt Remover :

You may not realize how much dust is left behind our tables, keyboards, chairs etc. even after we finish cleaning. Even with the endless cleaning attachments available with our regular vacuum cleaners, there are some hard to reach places that we simply cannot get to. The AuSion Mini Dirt Remover was designed from the ground up just for this reason. With its unique design and size, this vacuum cleaner can reach even the hardest to reach corners of your space.

Fun and Unusual Desk Accessories

Where to Buy
Honsky Thumbs-up Cell Phone Desk Holder
8Bitdo Retro Cube Bluetooth Speaker
I Survived Another Meeting Ceramic Coffee Mugs- Pack of 2


22. Honsky Thumbs-up Cell Phone Desk Holder :

The Honsky Universal Thumbs up Phone Stand will bring the “Wow!” to your desk space. This cell phone stand features an adorable & fun thumbs-up design that will surely brighten your day. It is made from high-Quality TPU plastic which is sturdy yet flexible. It is compatible with any Android or iOS device with a span of 4 to 10 inches.

23. 8Bitdo Retro Cube Bluetooth Speaker :

This NES-Inspired Bluetooth speaker has a giant DPAD for controls and features a retro look that will surely add life to your desk. It sounds like a much bigger speaker and features a battery that can last for about 8 hours of continuous wireless playing.

24. I Survived Another Meeting Ceramic Coffee Mugs- Pack of 2 :

These Mugs are printed on both sides with the statement that “I Survived another meeting that should have been an email”. These ceramic mugs come in packs of 2 and are an ideal gift for your love once to let them know that you have a sense of humor. These items are dishwasher and microwave safe and would be a great companion for your every morning coffee.