Unique and Quirky Condiment Dispensers

No dining table or dishware collection is complete without the condiment dispensers to spice up that meal. It’s hard to live without a ready salt and paper shaker or a ketchup and mustard dispenser once you are already used to them by your side while eating. So why stick to the boring kind everyone else has? It’s the time to choose a unique condiment dispenser you love that will reflect your personality, spice up your kitchen and dining décor, and impress your guests. These can also serve as a thoughtful gift for your friends!

Where to Buy
Wink Science Flask Salt and Pepper Shakers
MyGift Brown Egg-Shaped Salt and Pepper Shaker Set w/Egg Carton Style Holder
LEGO Salt and Pepper Set
Star Wars R2-D2 Soy Sauce Bottle Holder Dispenser
Vucchini Olive Oil Dispenser Bottle
CB Accessories Oil and Vinegar Dispenser Set
Chef’n Fridge Fork Condiment Fork
Kakaman Porous Squeeze Bottles
Remedic Stainless Steel Salt and Pepper Grinder

1. Wink Science Flask Salt and Pepper Shakers

Hello to science nerds out there! These salt and pepper shakers shaped like lab flasks are the absolute dining companion for making your meal flavorful. Each features a periodic-style symbol to indicate salt or pepper and comes with rubber stoppers on top. The flasks measures around 4 inches tall and 2 inches wide at the base. It’s an excellent gift for the scientist friend or family member.


  • Dishwasher safe

  • Good quality glass

  • Pepper and salt comes out smoothly


  • Some users have complained that the shakers’ holes are too big; thus, the cork falls in.

  • Expensive


2. MyGift Brown Egg-Shaped Salt and Pepper Shaker Set w/Egg Carton Style Holder

Love displaying eggs on your counter? This will be a cute and quirky addition to your home décor. This salt and pepper shaker set is designed to look like two brown eggs, plus it comes with a white ceramic holder that looks like a 2-slot egg carton. The eggs are made of porcelain. It looks perfect for a country-style kitchen and makes an ideal gift for a friend or family who started raising chickens. You can just add a label to avoid mix-ups! 


  • Easy to fill

  • Pours out fast

  • Very appealing and realistic design


  • The color of the shakers is much lighter than the pictures

  • The salt shaker has only one hole

3. LEGO Salt and Pepper Set

Construct a quirky dining theme with the LEGO salt and pepper set. It’s a supersized, one-stud LEGO brick shaker in black and white that can spice up your kitchen. It can help a picky get excited for eating time (but supervise them – you don’t want them eating too much salt and pepper). And it also makes a great gift for LEGO fans or adult friends nostalgic about their childhood.


  • Cute design

  • Makes an excellent gift for Lego fans


  • Cute but not much practical, according to some users

  • Small size

  • Expensive

4. Star Wars R2-D2 Soy Sauce Bottle Holder Dispenser

Share a sushi meal or dumplings with your favorite robot when you bring along this R2-D2 soy sauce dispenser. If you’re a Star Wars fan, or you know someone who’s a die-hard fan as well, this soy sauce bottle dispenser will brighten up their mood. It’s 4 inches tall and can be filled to the brim with soy sauce or any other liquids you like drizzling into your food. Simply pop open the top and fill it with sauce, then close it again, and it’s ready to use.


  • Star Wars fans will love to add this dispenser to their collection

  • Great design 


  • Small dispenser hole


5. Vucchini Olive Oil Dispenser Bottle

This olive oil dispenser bottle is made from PP and lead-free glass. It is thick, robust, and has a silicone-sealed gasket inside the cap to prevent leakage, spoilage and keep the liquid fresh. The gravity flip lid of the Vucchini oil and vinegar dispenser bottle opens automatically when tilted and closes when upright, allowing for one-handed pouring. 

You don’t have to press with your thumb to get the perfect pour every time. Therefore, it is ideal for dispensing liquid condiments like olive oil, vinegar, soy sauce, syrup, etc.


  • Made of robust material 

  • Easy to clean

  • Easy to fill

  • Features a smart automatic cap design


  • Has silicone ring that is prone to falling out.

  • Not suitable for things in solid form.

6. CB Accessories Oil and Vinegar Dispenser Set

This condiment is a multi-use and decorative container duo suitable for any style from traditional French country to farmhouse cottage chic. The bottles are made of thick glass for durability, and the airtight, leak-proof fit cap makes them ideal for storing liquids and creating delicious infusions. 

Each bottle has a capacity of 200ml and a size of 3.5 inches diameter x 6.5 inches height, which is perfect for table setting.


  • Suitable for any style, ranging from traditional French country to farmhouse cottage chic.

  • Thick glass, and the airtight, leak-proof flip cap makes them suitable for storing any liquid or creating lovely infusions.

  • Make an excellent option for holiday gifts.


  • The handles are hollow glass, so the soap and water get stuck when washing them, making it difficult to get them adequately rinsed and dried.

  • The tops on the bottle set might not be easy to put on.

  • Even though the holder is a bit rustic, it might not be practical to use.

7. Chef’n Fridge Fork Condiment Fork

You can attach this fork condiment with a jar of pickles, olives, etc. It is easy to access, and you would not have to use your fingers or utensils to pick pickles out of the jar. You can fit the security band around the rim of nearly any jar that you want with an attached caddy to support the fork storage.

It catches excess drips when not used, allowing for a spotless refrigerator. This innovative and one-of-a-kind product was inspired by the sticky situations we often face in our refrigerators.


  • It can be attached to any jar you can think of.

  • The stainless steel and ergonomic design make it simple and easy to use.

  • For easy storage, the condiment fork nests perfectly in the storage cabinet.

  • Excellent gift for olive and pickle lovers.


  • It might not fit around a giant jar.

  • The silicon band might not be flexible and snap instantly if you try to place it around a standard-sized pickle jar.

  • It might not fully hug the jar as advertised.

8. Kakaman Porous Squeeze Bottles

This one’s a carefully designed seasoning squeeze bottle with a multi-hole nozzle that prevents leakage and sprays out in a filamentary pattern. The bottle makes an excellent choice for salad dressing and for over pizza and pasta.


  • It prevents leakage and sprays out in a filamentary manner.

  • Dishwasher safe


  • It is a bit costly compared to other condiment bottles.

  • The cover and the seal are good but not great.

9. Remedic Stainless Steel Salt and Pepper Grinder

Crystal Salt and Pepper Mill are made of high-quality borosilicate glass, solid, and easy-to-clean brushed stainless steel. 

Its ceramic grinder is non-corrosive and will not absorb flavors, and the knob on the top of the mill allows you to adjust the grind from the fine to the coarse. It is suitable for most spices, sea salt, and various types of pepper. All in all, this salt and pepper grinder is a stylish and functional addition to any kitchen.


  • Easily adjustable from a fine, coarse grind because of the plastic knob on top of each salt and pepper.

  • The ceramic grinder in the mills is non-corrosive and doesn’t absorb flavors.

  • The salt and pepper shaker’s high quality and elegant design make it stand out in your kitchen. 

  • Made of high-quality glass, and is a perfect gift for any occasion.


  • The glass is on the thinner side, and with one wrong bump, they will fall over or set down too hard or may even break.

  • The neck could also break if tightened too much.


There are many unique and quirky condiments that you can find on the market, from science-based to cartoon-inspired. The best thing about these dispensers is that they help you store various condiments while making your surroundings look good. If you are looking for a way to make your daily tasks a bit easier, go ahead and try these condiment dispensers.