Ultimate String Lights Buying Guide


    Adding atmosphere to your outdoor space with lighting is simple and inexpensive. String lights are the perfect final touch of romanticism to your balcony, garden, or party. 

    You may make your own enchanted outdoor haven, ideal for summer gatherings, with the help of a wide variety of lights, from the bistro and spherical lights to bulbs shaped like constellations. Since string lights are so cheap, there is a wide range from which to choose, allowing you to make your own unique aesthetic statement.

    Many people today fancy the aesthetics of string lights. Most of their applications enhance the appearance of patios and backyards. Outdoor decorations are popular, but some people also use them indoors to spruce up their homes for parties and other special occasions. 

    String lights’ widespread appeal has resulted in their proliferation across retail and e-commerce platforms. You might also wish to buy these fancy string lights. In this ultimate string lights buying guide, you will know what string lights are, their pros and cons, and what to look for in a string light if you are planning to buy one.

    String Lights vs. Christmas Lights

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    Christmas lights and string lights are basically similar. All of the lights are connected and spaced out. However, unlike Christmas lights, which have little bulbs, string lights often contain larger standard-sized bulbs. While Christmas lights are usually used only during holidays, string lights can be displayed all year round. 

    Furthermore, the bulbs on string lights are often spheres, which cast a warm, comforting glow. The bulbs are industrial quality, so they can resist being outside in all kinds of weather. As a result, retailers provide a wide range of string light cord lengths to meet the needs of customers decorating spaces of varying dimensions.

    Cost of String Lights

    First and foremost, if you’re looking to buy some string lights, you want to know how much they’ll set you back. Professional installation of string lights can add up to anything from several hundred to several thousand dollars. 

    DIY blogs and websites often recommend using string lights as an economical substitute for permanent outdoor lighting fixtures, which may be the case for some properties. The price of string lights will depend on factors, including the power source, transformer, and anchor points. 

    You may find a variety of firms that can put up string lights for you and offer advice on how much they will cost and what factors you should consider before making a purchase. If you utilize 1,000 LED string lights with an average daily use of 1.1 kWh, you may expect your daily power cost to be as low as $0.14. However, it may cost as much as $1.62 a day to power the larger and more powerful ceramic string lights.

    String Lights Improve Ambiance

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    Why do you suppose bistros put up string lights on their outside seating areas? String lights are strung overhead to create a breathtakingly tranquil atmosphere that may leave your customers and visitors speechless. 

    String lights may produce a border of light around a patio, hang overhead, and illuminate the space below. Either way, your friends and family will be blown away by the beautiful string lights arrangement in your garden, which will transport them to a cozy Parisian café.

    String Lights are Highly Durable

    Buying the cheaper holiday version instead of industrial-quality bistro lights might seem like a good idea at the time. Still, it usually ends up costing more in the long run. 

    Invest instead in more durable, high-quality string lights. Commercial string lights are built to last, with features such as wiring and outlets that are rated for continuous use and protection from the elements, including the sun’s powerful ultraviolet rays.

    Measure the Dimensions Before Buying One

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    You hurriedly purchased the string lights without knowing their length, and now, halfway through the installation, you find they are not long enough. So frustrating, right? That’s why measuring the area you intend to light up with the string lights before making a purchase is crucial. With this, you will know the appropriate length of string lights you need to buy. 

    To avoid any surprises later, it’s a good idea to take measurements of the area where the lights will go before making a purchase. If you want to hang them in a zigzag pattern across a 20-foot-wide balcony, for instance, you could need 60 feet of string lights. Always leave yourself some extra space, at least five feet, if you can.

    Plan Out the Power Source

    You’ve finally gotten around to displaying the string lights you’ve been anticipating, but there’s nowhere to plug them in. If you can’t turn on the lights, they’re just a bunch of string around the area. Because of this, you should think about how you will power your string lights before you go out and get any. 

    If you want to use string lights to illuminate a room, you’ll need to be sure that the power source you choose is compatible with the lights you intend to purchase. Most of the lights sold in stores nowadays are designed to be connected to an outlet. Protection for the sockets is another hallmark of long-lasting alternatives, as this is especially important for outdoor use. However, suppose you want to decorate a room without access to an electrical outlet. In that case, solar or USB-powered string lights are your best bet.

    Know the Type of Bulb You Prefer

    Suppose you want to get the most out of your string lights. In that case, you should also familiarize yourself with the many bulb options available. Knowing your preference for string light bulbs and the type of bulb you want to see lighting up is crucial. 

    A vast range of bulb shapes is available, with LED bulbs now widely available in the market. These typically last the longest and have the best energy efficiency. However, you’ll need to decide whether you’d prefer the dazzling, retro light of a standard-style bulb or the warmer, cozier illumination of a globe lamp. Some bulbs on a string are constructed of plastic for longevity, while others are made of glass and need more delicate handling.

    What Type of Lighting Effect Do You Want?

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    Every person has their own preferences when it comes to the atmosphere created by the lighting. There is a demand for constant-on string lights. Some people might want different effects, such as dimmer or other hues and whatever. Some people like strobe or flash effects. However, some individuals are looking for a fading or blinking effect. 

    Different string lights offer these effects. Your preferences and demands should guide your choice of lighting effects. It’s a good idea to acquire one with a wide range of lighting effects if you want to use it for parties. A steady lighting effect may also be more appropriate if you only want to create a relaxing, chill atmosphere in your garden. If you’re still not sure what kind of lighting effect you want, you can always ask your friends and family for advice.

    With their ability to illuminate your outdoor space and enhance its aesthetic value, string lights are an excellent choice for creating an outdoor living area. Have dinner parties, read in the yard, or let the kids play outdoors after dark without resorting to glaring floodlights.

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