Ultimate Guide to the Different Types of Grills


    Choosing a particular type of grill could be difficult. There is a wide variety of grills out there, and you would want to make your investment worth it. These things do not come cheap, and therefore, there are several things that you need to consider before purchasing one. From portable to charcoal grills, each type carries its advantages and disadvantages. So, if you are confused about which type to buy, do not worry, we have your back. Follow us as we break down the most important types and recommend some products along the way.

    Things to consider before buying a grill

    Before we break down different types of grills, we would like to share certain tips for considering.

    What kind of grilling will I be doing?

    The first thing you need to consider and decide is the kind of grilling you will be doing. There is a significant difference between low and slow and hot and fast or a combination of both. Your grilling requirements are important for you to decide, and the grill you choose should reflect that. Heat control and temperature are two critical things you need to consider before purchasing.

    How much cooking power will I need?

    In addition to the kind of grilling you will be doing, you need to decide the frequency of cooking. It could be two or three times a week or the entire week, depending on your preference. If you are looking for something that provides optimum efficiency and output, then be sure to keep in mind the time required for the grill to reach full cooking temperature. So if you are cooking for your friends and family members, you would not want them to wait.

    Do I need a portable grill?

    Portable grills are indeed convenient if you want to move them from one place to another. However, you need to make sure that the portable grill you are opting for is up to the mark. The last thing you would want is to lose its wheel while trying to move it to another place during extreme weather.


    Camping grills normally come with stainless steel, aluminum, or iron grates. Most camping grates are made of stainless-steel grate. Although cast iron grate adds a lot of weight to the grill, it makes it more durable. Whereas on the other hand, aluminum is not that durable but certainly light and easy to carry around.

    Types of Grills

    1. Outdoor Grills

    Gas Grills – Gas grills are the most popular type of grill used across the United States. It is not surprising as they are convenient, versatile, and efficient. Due to ease of use, they are the perfect type of grills for a beginner or a casual griller. With minimal effort, gas grills can reach cooking temperatures quickly and prepare gourmet-quality food for your friends and family members.

    Propane Grills – As compared to natural gas, Grills that require Propane gas consist of more energy. If you are using a Propane gas grill, it is assured that your barbecue will be dealt with more efficiently. The grilling process is bound to be more serious by providing a greater amount of heating and power. Propane gas grills typically offer multiple cooking methods such as multi-zone cooking, indirect heating and are easy to use.

    Charcoal Grills – Charcoal grills are one of the most widely used grills out there today. Charcoal grills operate differently as compared to gas grills in terms of fueling. With a charcoal grill, you will need to buy charcoal from a store and use it as a source. Although the process of creating a bed of coals and then heating them is time-consuming, the taste is as organic as it could get. The best part is that properly cooked meals on the charcoal grill feature a fantastic taste.

    Pellet Grills – Pellet grills are the type of grills that are fueled by little flavored wood pellets. So, in other words, they are basically wood fire grills. The taste you get when you cook with pellet grills is unmatchable. Wood pellets are offered in different flavors such as apple, cherry, maple, and pecan, etc. All of them are popular flavors and used across the world. Today, pellet grills have become quite advanced and are loaded with features that are supposed to make grilling easy for you.

    2. Indoor Grills

    Electric Grills – As you pretty much get the idea, electric grills are powered by traditional power outlets and are normally designed for indoors. Since there is no smoke involved, you can use it inside your house. However, if you are using any other type of grill, do not even think of grilling inside the house. Electric grills typically happen to be small in size and are designed to be used for the countertop. Therefore, if you are looking for something that grills food quickly, then an electric grill is a great option.

    Portable Grills – Portable grills are a different type because they are designed to be portable. They come in several varieties and can be used as propane or charcoal grills. Regardless, you can take them with you wherever you go, and that is the biggest feature. It is a perfect food companion while food camping, tailgating, or wherever your traveling takes you.

    3. Other Popular Types of Grills

    Open Grills – Open grills happen to be the simplest of all grills. It is a metal or stone box that includes burning wood, charcoal, propane at the bottom while the food is positioned directly over the fire. You can add a grill grate if you desire. Such grills are normally used for high-direct heating for quick-cooking foods, kebabs, steaks, fish fillets, and chops, etc.

    Covered Grills – A covered grill is similar to an open grill, except that it consists of a tall lid that you can raise and lower so that your grill gets covered. This may sound like a simple innovation, yet the covered grill allows you to add two additional important methods of live-fire cooking to your repertory: smoking and indirect grilling.  Covered grills differ in grilling purposes as well. They are typically used for grilling thicker and larger foods. These foods include thick steaks, both tuna, and beef and double-thick pork and veal chops. Fattier or larger cuts of meats such as whole chicken, pork shoulder, and baby back ribs.

    Vessel Grills – Vessel grills consist of thick-walled, deep ceramic grills that rely on the radiant heat of the side walls as well as the direct heat from the coals to cook the food. Sometimes, people tend to cook food directly on the walls or on a vertical spit positioned inside the firebox rather than a grill grate.  Vessel grills are used for high-heat roasting, grilling, and smoking. In addition to that, these are best suited for flatbreads like Indian naan, which are cooked on tandoor walls. Chicken, kebabs, fish steaks, peppers, and lambs, etc. are some of the things that are cooked on a vertical spit.

    Rotisserie Grill – A rotisserie grill adds motion to the process of grilling. This is basically a slow and gentle rotation of a turnspit, which makes sure that the food is cooked evenly. It casts out the meat melt the fat and browns the exterior. You can use a Rotisserie grill for both direct and indirect grilling. When it comes to direct grilling, the food will face the heat, whereas, in indirect grilling, the food will be cooked next to rather than directly over the fire.

    Final Word

    When it comes to choosing a particular type of grill, it all comes down to your preference. Depending on where you live and the frequency of grilling, you can choose gas grills that are the easiest to use. However, if you want to give that smoky flavor to your food, there is nothing better than a charcoal grill. Make sure that you consider the grates and built quality so that you pick the best one.


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