Types of Lighting for Garages

The garage is often an overlooked interior space when it comes to lighting. It’s because some people only use it to store holiday decorations and some garden tools. However, if you use your garage as a workshop or recreation space to pursue your hobbies, then you need a proper lighting for it. In the present time, garages have become an important part of our living spaces and many industries are producing a wide range of amenities for it including lightings.

If you find it difficult to work in your garage because it’s poorly lit, then it’s about time you find a better lighting for it. To help you, here are the different types of lightings for garages.

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Incandescent Lights
Outdoor Garage Lighting

Incandescent Lights

Incandescent lights are the usual lights found in most garages. If you choose to use this type of lighting for your garage, two or three basic light fixtures in 60, 75, or 100 watts’ bulb can be adequate. Replacement bulbs are also cheap for incandescent lights and you can find them even in grocery stores. If you only use your garage as a place to park your car, this type of lighting will work. But if you use it for other activities, you can consider other options.

Fluorescent Lights

Fluorescent lights are tube-shaped bulbs which have mercury vapors. But there are also other styles of fluorescent lights aside from the tube-shaped ones. This type of lighting comes in any color depending on the tube’s coating inside. This is probably the most common among garage lights. However, you need to be careful in purchasing cheaper fluorescent lights because some of them flicker and hum when they are on, or sometimes they do not turn on if the air temperature is too low.

If you want to use fluorescent lights for your garage, go for 4 foot fixtures which use electronic ballasts and T8 tubes. Having these features makes the fluorescent light work even in cold temperatures and it will not produce flickering light.

Natural Light

Natural light or lights from windows and sky is a wonderful type of lighting for garages. However, it’s difficult to get enough light in your garage through this type especially during rainy days. But if you’re building a garage, you might also want to consider placing windows and skylights so you can take advantage of natural light. It can also help you save energy during the day.

Task Lighting

Task lightings are fixtures placed in specific areas such as your work areas. For example, you’re using your garage as a working area for crafts, you can simply place a clamp-on desk lamp to have more light on the place where you need it most.

Another example of a task light is the portable halogen light. It comes with a single or double bulb versions with 300 to 500 watts. This is the kind of light used by contractors when there are no lights installed yet in the place where they are working. It can provide a great light source to your work space in the garage. If you have cabinets in your garage, you can also put under-cabinet light fixtures to illuminate those areas.

Decorative or Themed Lighting

If you want to highlight a particular car in your garage, you can use themed garage lighting to match the brand or model of your car. Some also put pool tables in garages and hanging themed light fixture over the pool table can also add style to a garage.

Track Lighting

Track lighting is a type of lighting where the lights are fitted on tracks which allows variable positioning. What’s good about this type of lighting is its flexibility. You can add different sizes and kinds of lights to it to meet your needs or to make the lighting in your garage more stylish.

Solar Powered Lighting

Today, the use of solar powered lights is becoming more popular and using them in garages is also a great idea. The ultimate solar lightings are window type, skylight, or solar tube. However, solar powered light units are quite expensive. But as alternatives, you can use electric lightings in your garages and use reasonably prices solar panels to power them. Though solar powered lights may cost you more, it can help save energy in the long run.

Outdoor Garage Lighting

It’s also important to place lights outside garages. For some people, putting lights outside garages is for decoration purposes only, however, it can also be for security and outdoor activity purposes. If you have a basketball court outside your garage, you can consider placing an overhead area light. This way, you can still play in the court even at night.

If you’re still in the process of building your garage, try to review some garage plans for ideas on where to place windows, skylights, or solar tubes. When you have proper lighting in your garage, it will allow you to have a more enjoyable time working and finishing your tasks. You can start with simple set of ceiling lights then add task lights on your working space, and eventually place custom lights for a more personalized garage.