Tutorial: personalizing your #GiftofPhilips {Sonicare for Kids}

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When it comes to playing Santa Claus, there’s a tradition in my family that the kids always get a new toothbrush in their stockings. With all of the holiday snacking, candy, and goodies, their teeth could use some extra brushing, and Santa loves to give practical gifts, doesn’t he?

This year is no exception to that traditional rule, but I’m trying to kick it up a notch so that my kids can put their best face forward this holiday season. They’re getting older, I’m getting busier, and I sometimes find myself slacking on making sure they keep up on their oral hygiene. When they were little I always made sure to remind them to brush in the morning and at bedtime, but now, not so much. Homework, chores, and other responsibilities get in the way and I’ll realize it’s been 3 days since I reminded my 11-year-old son to brush his teeth, and I’m willing to bet he “forgot” too. Why do kids hate brushing their teeth so darn much? Someone needs to make it fun.

That’s why I was so excited when I found the Philips Sonicare for Kids at my local Walmart. My husband and I both use Sonicare toothbrushes, and I’ve been debating whether or not to get my older kids their very own Sonicares too. The one I chose has Bluetooth technology, which connects the toothbrush to an app on your phone. It sounded a little crazy at first, but then I realized it’s not just a fun, interactive game to engage kids in brushing. It also tracks their brushing habits for me and I can see when they last brushed and for how long, which is so helpful. No more trying to keep track of it all in my head- just check the app. It will even send you an alert if your kids miss a brushing! The Sonicare app is available for Apple or Android and features this super cute little furry brushing partner, Sparkly, to help get kids excited about brushing their teeth. Not only that, but I know my kids are doing a better job too because Sonicare toothbrushes deliver 500 brushstrokes per second and remove up to 75% more plaque than a manual toothbrush. I have to agree with the 98% of parents who say it’s easier to get their kids to brush longer and better- Sonicare for Kids makes it easy and fun!

Now, if your kids are anything like my kids, you’ll appreciate this next part. I’m going to show you a fun way to personalize the Sonicare for Kids toothbrush so that you never have to run the risk of getting them mixed up or left behind when you’re traveling. Plus, it makes for such a cute gift. If you’re giving the gift of Philips Sonicare this holiday season, make sure to make it extra special and personalize it! That’s basically a crafter’s motto- personalize it! Of course, I had to bust out my BFF, my Silhouette Cameo, for this project, but if you don’t have a cutting tool you could just use stencils and scissors.

Here are my supplies:

  • Silhouette Cameo and cutting mat
  • vinyl
  • transfer paper or contact paper
  • scissors
  • washi tape


First, I created my design. Since I’m working with a small area, I decided to keep my design simple and went with a simple, modern looking monogram. Here’s a little note on monograms: A monogram is not the same as a person’s initials- the letters go in a different order. Monogram etiquette usually goes like this: first, last, then middle, with the last name being the largest letter in the center. So for example, my name is Melissa Ann Swenson, so my monogram would be mSa, while my initials would be MAS. This one is for my daughter Lily, so I designed her monogram and sized it down to a little less than an inch in size- perfect for the Sonicare for Kids handle.


I loaded my piece of vinyl onto my cutting mat, then fed the mat into the Silhouette for cutting. With my cut settings at blade 2, thickness 9, and my speed slowed down to 5, I made the cut. Sometimes when I do a project like and it cuts perfectly I like to make duplicates while I’m at it. Sometimes I’ll cut 2 or 3 or 10. You’ll see why later.


Remove the vinyl, including the backing, from the mat, and trim the design down to size. Next, I had to “weed out” or remove the unwanted vinyl from the design- simply peel up a corner of the vinyl away from the backing, and you’ll be left with just your cut design still on the backing. Don’t forget the centers of any letters you might have, like the A in mine (and if you don’t have a hook tool like the one I have you can just use a pin or needle).


Now here’s the trick- transfer paper (or contact paper, if you prefer). Transfer paper is going to allow us to pick up and place the entire design all at once, rather than piece by piece. Cut the transfer paper big enough to cover the entire design. Peel off the backing and place the sticky side over your design, then press firmly over the entire design. Make sure you’re smoothing over the entire thing. Then slowly peel up a corner of the transfer paper, and your design should lift up with it.


Now you’re ready to place your design. I like to use an alcohol soaked wipe to clean the surface of the area where I’m applying vinyl first to ensure a long lasting hold- I highly recommend doing this if you want your design to stick! Once it dries, carefully place your design, making sure it’s centered and lined up exactly how you want it. I like to start at the center and work my way to the edges, ensuring I smooth out any bubbles that might form. Make sure to press down firmly and get every corner, and then slowly peel off the transfer paper to reveal your design!


I decided to go one step further and personalize the charging base too since I just knew an epic meltdown would ensue if even the chargers were mixed up or accidentally used by the other person. Can you even imagine? Anyway, I used the other monogram I had previously cut (I told you it would come in handy) and I placed it on the charging base. Then I used some washi tape to go around the front edge. I love the way this turned out! The blues matched perfectly and I love how the geometric pattern on the washi tape pairs with the modern monogram design. So cute and chic for my Lily!



When I was done personalizing Lily’s Sonicare I couldn’t bear to look at Ayden’s poor, plain, un-personalized toothbrush any longer, so I just went right ahead and did his too.


I have to confess: I couldn’t wait to show Lily, so I decided to just give it to her early (I’m so bad about that!) She loved how I personalized her Philips Sonicare for Kids toothbrush and couldn’t wait to try it out either. She said it felt “tickly” and told me that she couldn’t stop running her tongue over her teeth because they’ve never felt so clean and smooth before. That’s something I can definitely attest to as well- it’s one of my favorite things about my Sonicare too!


Bring on the Christmas candy! My kids are ready to put their best face forward.

Can you think of a kid in your life who would love one of these for the holidays?

How would you personalize it? I’d love to hear your ideas!