Tuesday, day 5

Day 05 → Something you hope to do in your life. One thing I’d like to do on my never-ending to-do list is to travel.  I don’t go anywhere, ever. We never take vacations and that’s something I fondly remember from my childhood and want to do for my kids. We didn’t do glamorous or exotic trips. We just did trips to visit family, which is my favorite! I love my dad’s side of the family dearly…we all have so much fun together and I just love sitting around listening to stories of their childhood (which I’ve already heard about 100 times!) Nevertheless, I adore them. My dad has 5 siblings so I have a lot of aunts and uncles and cousins that I grew up with. And thankfully after we moved to Idaho that gave us an excuse to vacation in southern California and Arizona. Yay for warm places! I really want to take my kids down there to see some of the extended family that they don’t really know. Ayden met them when he was like 9 months & I went with my parents to California for a visit, and then again when he was about 2 to Arizona for another visit with my family, and the last time we went he was 3 1/2 and I was 5 months pregnant with Lily. So I guess we’ve done a little bit of traveling when Ayden was younger, but every time we went Shayne stayed home to work and make the money and I just tagged along with my parents and brothers for our little family vacay. I want to take a trip ALL together for a little family reunion because none of them have even met Lily, and she needs to meet her great grand parents too. (Oh, and not to mention my grandparents haven’t even met my husband now that I think of it! My aunts and uncles and cousins came  up for our wedding, but my grandma couldn’t travel for health reasons). Anyways, Ayden already has fond memories (like I do) of going to their house in California and swimming in their pool. I love that place! Oh, and I’d like for me and Shayne to take a trip together, alone. We never got a honeymoon and we don’t go out or get babysitters ever. We had a trip to Seattle scheduled before and the kids were going to stay with grandma & grandpa but that was canceled due to my back issues. I really want to take a trip together for like 4 or 5 days and just get away! We never, and I mean never, get time really alone and it would be so nice to get a break from the kids and the house and everything else. So yeah, I’d love to do some traveling and vacationing with my family, with and without the kids.