TTP Weekend Wrap Up #5 & blog changes!!!

We had another great group of link ups for The Pinterest Project this week! Thanks to everyone who participated. I just love seeing all of the different versions of Pinterest-y projects.


OK, so the top 3 most clicked link ups this week were:
Lauren from Tennessee Honey
Megan from Brassy Apple
Kelly from The No Drama Mama
I think I’m gonna have to do this one for sure in the new house.
And my personal favorite for the week is
Anna Nimmity
Love the look of these crochet cut out shorts!
Grab a feature button, gals!
And don’t forget to check out Amber & Sarah’s favorites from this week too 🙂
Another great week of The Pinterest Project starts on Tuesday so link up again! And please, invite people to TPP. If you see a really great awesome project online somewhere, tell them to link up!
So…did ya notice the blog name change? I decided it was time. There are soooo many blogs out there that had similar names to mine and I didn’t want people confused or mixing us up. I needed something unique, so I came up with this logo:
And so people would still know it’s me, I added the last part:
(one of my new buttons!)
So I know people are wondering…what the heck does male & Sweet Pea mean, & why did you change your blog name to that?
Believe it or not, I didn’t just put these names together at random. male is something I call my daughter & Sweet Pea is what my mom always called my son when he was a baby. I trying to think of creative blog names and it was hard. Like really hard. I’m horrible with naming things. Everything was too vague, long, or already taken. So I decided to try playing around with my nicknames. Realizing I had none, I went on to the kids’ nicknames. That’s where male & Sweet Pea came from. I like that “a day in the life” is still there but can easily be shortened when needed. You’ll notice the blog URL is still the same. It’s a huge hassle to change that and I’d probably lose a lot of my followers. I’m not willing to risk that so it will remain the same…for now at least.
So what do you think?! Yay, nay? I mean, it’s already done so hopefully the name doesn’t totally suck.
Hey, did you see that I’m moving? Again? For like the 20th time? Well this time it’s just a few blocks away & into a bigger place. More on that here.
Oooh! I read a really good book this week. It’s the 4th installment to The Maze Runner series. This is actually a prequel to the first 3 and it was amazing! I couldn’t put it down. In fact, I read the entire thing on Friday. Yeah…I have a problem, I know.
So now I’m up to 28 out of 50 book read for my 2012 reading goal!


2012 Reading Challenge

Melissa has read 29 books toward her goal of 50 books.
29 of 50 (57%)
view books


Not bad, but I need to get cracking!
Hope you had a great weekend 🙂