TPP Weekend Wrap Up #2

We had another great group of link ups for The Pinterest Project this week! Thanks to everyone who participated. I just love seeing all of the different versions of Pinterest-y projects.
OK, so the top 3 most clicked link ups this week were:
Erin from Come What May
Jen from Little Miss Alizzi
Bri from No Boys Allowed
And my personal favorite pick for the week is…
Bri from No Boys Allowed! So you are double awesome this week Bri! Go you 🙂
Seriously, I’m in love with this pallet coffee table. I neeeed to make one.
Don’t forget to link up your Pinterest inspired projects to TPP on Tuesday! It’s a lot of fun, and did you know you can actually win ad space from 3 awesome blogs just by linking up? Yep, check it out HERE. If you’re a blogger, ad space can be like gold for your blog. So link up! You know ya wanna.
Like I said yesterday, I’m on our family vacation in gorgeous North Idaho. It’s so pretty here and the time I’ve spent with my parents & family has been a blast. It makes me smile and get just a tad weepy to see my kids run around laughing and making memories in the same backyard of the same house I was raised in. Since we’ve been here they’ve literally played outside from sun up till sun down. I know these are some of the fondest & happiest memories they will probably ever have here at Grandma & Grandpa’s house. I’ll be telling my grandchildren all about it some day. I feel old just thinking about it!
This is the cutest little drawing I think I’ve ever seen. This was done by my precious 4 year old daughter & it’s us at the lake on Saturday. It was so hot out. I had my hair up in a real cute, frizzy/messy bun and had a black sundress on. Lily nailed it perfectly! At least my lashes look great though. I also like how long she made my legs look.
I’m not lying when I say she’s a better artist than me too.
Don’t forget to make yourself a cute NO SEW tank before summer is over. The only supplies needed are a T-shirt & a pair of scissors, so get at it!
Hope you’re all staying cool and enjoying the last month of summer. TPP starts tomorrow 🙂