Guide to Vitamix Blenders

Vitamix is the name you can trust for the best blenders. William Barnard established The Vitamix Company in Olmsted Falls, Ohio, in 1921, and the family has owned it solely ever since. Continue reading if you want to learn more about Vitamix blenders and tips to use them. 

Vitamix Blender Series 

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Currently, there are four Vitamix series available. Here, we analyze each of the series and the models that make up each one.

  • Vitamix One 
  • Vitamix Legacy series
  • Vitamix Explorian series
  • Vitamix Ascent series

Vitamix One 

1. Vitamix One

The Vitamix One is the company’s most portable and entry-level blender in terms of price. The One’s turn dial is easy to use, and Vitamix advises starting the blender and immediately ramping it up to high speed. This blender is less powerful than higher-end models because it is a more affordable model. That implies that you won’t be able to make some things, such as nut butter, hot soups, or doughs, and trying to do so would void the warranty.

Vitamix Legacy 

1. Vitamix TurboBlend Three Speed

The name of the TurboBlend Three Speed identifies its features: To get the grind or consistency you want, it has three speed controls: low, medium, and high. It has the traditional 64-ounce tall Vitamix container and a pulse function, which is a feature that not all of Vitamix’s blenders have but that users value. And in contrast to the Vitamix One, which is limited to a few methods, the TurboBlend can blend anything.

2. Vitamix 5200

The 5200 is a step up from the TurboBlend and replaces the three-speed dial with a variable dial that offers a wider range of speeds as opposed to just low, medium, and high. You can change the dial mid-blend for more control, and you can turn the blender up to high to crush your ingredients.

3. Vitamix 7500

The 7500, which clocks in at 2.2 horsepower as opposed to the other models’ 2 horsepower motors, is said to contain Vitamix’s most potent motor. This implies that it can penetrate whole fruits or other dense objects more quickly and easily. It has a 10-speed variable dial, a pulse feature, and a low-profile design on the container to better fit in small spaces.

4. Vitamix Professional Series 750

The Legacy Series’ 750 model is a culmination of all the others. It has the pulse control of the TurboBlend, the variable speed control of the 5200, and the 2.2 horsepower motor of the 7500. The 750’s five pre-programmed settings for smoothies, hot soups, frozen desserts, purées, and self-cleaning are its main selling point. You can set the blender to work while you step away to do something else using the preprogrammed settings.

Vitamix Explorian 

1. Vitamix E310

You can use the Vitamix E310 if the Vitamix One won’t suffice for you as an entry-level model. It costs a few dollars more, but the motor is the same as in the 5200. Small kitchen owners will appreciate its space-saving design, and it has the vital pulse feature for making perfectly chunky salsas or dips.

Vitamix Ascent

1. Vitamix A2300

The most intelligent models of Vitamix blenders belong to the Ascent series. To improve blending, the A2300 has a Self-Detect feature that can identify the Self-Detect container you’re using. Additionally, thanks to wireless connectivity, any future Vitamix updates will be automatically downloaded and installed on your blender. To keep track of blend times, there is also an integrated timer.

2. Vitamix A2500

The A2500 includes three pre-set program settings in addition to everything the A2300 has. If pre-settings are important to you, it might be worth the extra $50 even though it costs more.

3. Vitamix A3300

The A3300 is the perfect blender for those who simply need a touch-screen interface. It is essentially the A2300, but with a more streamlined control panel that is also simple to clean and use.

4. Vitamix A3500

Five built-in settings for Smoothies, Hot Soups, Dips & Spreads, Frozen Desserts, and Self-Cleaning are included with the A3300’s features.

Tips for Using Vitamix

1. How to Load a Vitamix

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How your Vitamix is loaded can affect how well it blends. For best results, load it in this manner:

  • Liquids: Start by adding liquids like milk, water, and yogurt.
  • Dry ingredients: Add the following ingredients, such as protein powder, spices, and grains or seeds.
  • Leafy greens: Next are vegetables like spinach and kale.
  • Fruits and vegetables: Examples of what will come next include sweet potatoes, bananas, avocados, and fresh fruit.
  • Ice and frozen items: Ice can now be added, along with frozen fruit and vegetables.

If you have a 20-ounce Vitamix, take note that you must reverse the order because you must flip the container on top of your super-blender when mixing.

2. Use the High Speed

The first time you use your Vitamix, you’ll notice that it makes noise when set to high. However, using your appliance on high will yield better results. Don’t worry; there is no risk of overheating because your Vitamix has a cooling fan. Start your Vitamix on low, then immediately increase the speed to high. You shouldn’t blend on low because you run the risk of overheating. But there is a safety feature called Automatic Overload Protection. Therefore, if the motor begins to heat up, it will shut off.

3. Use the Tamper

You should educate yourself on the useful tamper tool after receiving your blender. Use the tamper attachment with the lid on, it’s really simple! To make sure you are mixing all of the ingredients, including the peanut butter that sticks to the side of the container, use your tamper to push the ingredients down while the lid is on. As you re-start the mixture, use the tamper with the lid on to keep it from coming into contact with the blades.

4. Watch your Quantities

A Vitamix should not be overfilled or underfilled. You’ll be fine if you stick to the directions; doing so results in your best performance. Avoid filling your Vitamix more than the maximum fill line, but also avoid underfilling it either. Be sure to cover the blades before attempting to mix anything. To properly mix the ingredients, there must be friction between the blades and the ingredients.

Asian woman putting fruits in blender

5. Clean your Vitamix Blender

Use the neat cleaning feature at all times. When you add a few drops of dish soap and halfway fill the machine with water, it will automatically clean itself. It only takes about 30 seconds to switch the machine from low to high. Even so, you should occasionally give it a thorough cleaning, especially if you notice that the container is becoming cloudy. This is a common occurrence that can follow the blending of some spicy recipes or if your liquid is strong. 


Vitamix has been innovative with its blenders. Their blenders are not only powerful but also durable and quick in what they are meant to do. With the information above, you will know the different series of Vitamix blenders and tips to use them. With the information above, you will know the different series of Vitamix blenders and tips to use them. Vitamix blenders come in different ranges and capacities to cater to small, medium, and large batches, giving professional-quality smooth blending at home.