Top Robot Vacuums Reviews

If you’re tired of sweeping, dusting, and wiping your home’s floors, then maybe it’s time for you to get a robot vacuum cleaner. Robot vacuum cleaners will be able to help you keep your home clean even when you have a busy schedule. It’s because you can leave them at home and they will take care of the floor cleaning for you while you do other tasks or chores.

If you’re looking into buying a robot vacuum cleaner, you’re in the right place because we have gathered the top robot vacuums on the market. If you still haven’t made up your mind on what kind of robot vacuum to get, here’s a list of the best ones that you might want to look into.

Where to Buy
ILIFE A9 Robot Vacuum
Eufy RoboVac 30C
iRobot Roomba i7+ (7550)
LG Hom-Bot CR5765GD
Samsung POWERbot R7040
Neato Robotics D7 Connected
Shark ION Robot 750
Roborock S5
Electrolux Pure i9
Ecovacs Deebot M88


1. ILIFE A9 Robot Vacuum

If you’re looking for a quiet robotic vacuum cleaner, then this one is great for you. The iLife A9 Robot Vacuum uses the Panoview scanner to move through the rooms methodically, boosting productivity and avoiding missing spaces. It simplifies the operation of your phone. Wi-Fi only supports 2.4G, not 5G. The shape of the trashcan significantly lowers the need for routine filter replacement and dustbin cleaning. To ensure that the robot cleans only the necessary areas, place ElectroWall at specific locations where you wish to limit its cleaning. I can easily manage various cleaning duties. Path mode provides the broadest cleaning coverage; Spot mode provides focused cleaning on a small area; Max mode provides thorough cleaning; and Edge mode focuses on edges and corners.

2. Eufy RoboVac 30C

The Eufy RoboVac 30C is another extremely quiet robot vacuum cleaner. In fact, you will not be able to tell if it is on or running, making it a perfect choice for those who need to run a vacuum while working at home. It also comes at a very affordable price and can do its job really well, especially on bare floors. This robot vacuum cleaner is compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. And by using its manufacturer’s app, you will be able to program its cleaning schedules as well.

3. iRobot Roomba i7+ (7550)

Roomba is popular when it comes to robot vacuums and its iRobot Roomba i7+ (7550) is considered to be the king of robot vacuums. This vacuum cleaner is smart and it can easily map out your home’s environment. It can quickly learn every nook and cranny of your house through its vSLAM navigation system, making it one of the most impressive robot vacuums in the market today.

This robot vacuum can work well on tiles, floorboards, and other hard surfaces, and it kicks things up a notch when it’s on a carpeted floor. Once it senses that it’s rolling onto a carpet, its motors will whir into high gear so that it can get in between every fiber. 

iRobot Roomba i7+ (7550) is also ideal for homes with pets because it has unique Dual Multi-Surface Rubber Brushes that don’t get tangled with pet hair. Other features of this vacuum include Wi-Fi connectivity, automatic dirt disposal, and it works perfectly with the Alexa app. 

4. LG Hom-Bot CR5765GD

This robot vacuum cleaner can be expensive but it can give you a wonderful performance when it comes to cleaning your home. It is able to adjust its suction based on the type of the floor it is working on. It works excellent most especially on bare floors. You can program the setting of this robot vacuum by downloading the manufacturer’s app to your smartphone. It can also work through voice commands via Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant.

Another impressive and unique feature of the LG Hom-Bot is that is can detect movement in your home and can take photos and videos of your space which can be sent to your phone. Therefore, aside from keeping your home clean, it can also give an extra set of eyes as a home security system.

5. Samsung POWERbot R7040

This robot vacuum cleaner has 20 times more suction power compared to a conventional robot vacuum with a circular design, meaning, it can deliver more powerful cleaning on all floor types. It features visionary mapping and a full view sensor which enable it to create the ideal cleaning path when working in different rooms in your home. It can be connected to Wi-Fi and control it remotely through your smartphone or through voice-enabled devices like Amazon Alexa, Bixby, and Google Assistant. The Samsung POWERbot R7040 can run for 49 minutes on surfaces. It has an excellent rating for cleaning bare floors and carpeted floors.

6. Neato Robotics D7 Connected

This robot vacuum cleaner is the rival of the Roomba 980. It is a great looking vacuum cleaner that gets the job done very well. It features “no-go” lines, allowing you to cordon off areas of your house that you don’t want it to venture into such as desks moated by wires. In fact, you can draw a line and create a boundary while this robot vacuum is at work by using its app, for example, if you want it to stay out of your room for a moment. However, the biggest drawback of this robot vacuum cleaner is its size because it’s not as big as other Neato robot vacuums. Its bin does not have a sensor as well and it can end up overfilling.

7. Shark ION Robot 750

The Shark ION Robot 750 is an impressive robot vacuum that has a great design and excellent cleaning performance. It also has a smart mapping feature that when you think it’s going to bump into something it will quickly pivot and carries on its way. This robot vacuum can work well on hardwood floors and on thinner area rugs. However, it kind of struggles to crest above thicker rugs.

This robot vacuum can perform very well, leaving your floors sparkly clean. Compared to other robot vacuum models, this one is also quieter. It is also great for floors that are not too dirty because its bin is kind of small. This is one of the most good-looking robot vacuum cleaners you can have.

8. Roborock S5

The Roborock S5 is a versatile robot vacuum. It has a wet mopping function and it will also allow you to program its cleaning zones. Through its app, you will be able to check the time it has spent cleaning, its battery level, and its path. You can also set spots to clean or set a complete home automation schedule using other Xiaomi devices. This robot vacuum also has a few thoughtful design details such as a covered dustbin that you can check if it needs to be emptied without the need of removing the whole bin. If you’re on a budget but you want a reliable robot vacuum cleaner, this one is a great choice.

9. Electrolux Pure i9

The Electrolux Pure i9 robot vacuum features a 3D vision navigation, allowing it to navigate well through your home and never get stuck. It also has an extended side brush that can clean every nook and cranny of your home. It also has an easy-to-use app where you can watch its progress in real-time. This robot vacuum will give you the impression of being much smaller than it is. It also has a gentle navigational technique that will leave your furniture, walls, and doors scratch free.

This robot vacuum can clean hardwood floors and tiles very well. However, if you’re looking for a robot vacuum to deep clean carpet, this might not be the best choice.

10. Ecovacs Deebot M88

The Ecovacs Deebot M88 robot vacuum cleaner is perfect for multi-surface use. It has a Smart Move Technology that adapts to different surfaces and as well as a 3-Stage Cleaning System that can sweep, lift, and vacuum with an optional wet and dry mop. Aside from that, this robot vacuum also features an interchangeable suction technology, a brush for deep cleaning, and a tangle-free extractor that is made especially for cleaning pet hair.

This robot vacuum can be connected to Wi-Fi, and through its smartphone app, you will be able to create schedules and as well as control and monitor it while it cleans your home. It can run for 90 minutes and it has an auto recharge technology. This is a great robot vacuum for those who are struggling to clean pet hairs in their homes.

These are the top robot vacuums you can find on the market today. These robot vacuums will definitely help you in keeping your home clean even when you’re busy or not at home that much.