Top Kitchen Gadgets To Help Us Eat Healthier


    It can be much simpler to stick to your healthy cooking and eating goals if you have access to kitchen tools that make preparing fresh food simple. Plus, using a few clever, well-made tools and gadgets can make cooking so much more enjoyable! For all you healthy cooks out there, here are some useful and convenient kitchen tools to help you eat healthy with a little less hassle.

    Top Kitchen Gadgets To Help Us Eat Healthier

    1. Immersion Blender

    Every home cook who is concerned about their health should have a basic immersion hand blender. It’s easy to put together and use, doesn’t take up much room in the dishwasher, and—most importantly—can be used for nearly all meals. Green smoothies and breakfast smoothie bowls taste great when blended in immersion blenders, which can also handle frozen fruit and ice. Additionally, they work well for creamy vegetable-based cold and hot soups, homemade pasta sauces, pureed root vegetables, as well as pesto and dips. You won’t want to live without it ever again!


    2. Vegetable Spiralizer 

    You should be able to eat Zoodles, also referred to as zucchini noodles, or any other vegetable-based noodle substitute every week, right? Having a simple spiralizer at home is a great way to make nutrient-dense veggie-based noodles that are lower in calories and carbs whenever you want. The entire family can enjoy spiralizing, and it’s a great way to get kids and spouses interested in cooking and consuming more vegetables.

    Neutral white no-name kitchen tool in a modern bright kitchen with a brick wall

    3. Veggie Brush

    Especially if you buy a lot of fresh vegetables from the farmer’s market, having a good vegetable brush is essential for a wholesome and delectable kitchen. Beets, carrots, and radishes can be difficult to clean of dust and dirt when you first bring them home, so a sturdy veggie brush is ideal for the job. A veggie brush will help clean all the crevices on the surface because it’s also a good idea to cook with the skins on vegetables intact to preserve the vitamins directly underneath.

    4. Slow Cooker

    An absolute necessity in the kitchen is a basic slow cooker, especially if you’re a healthy cook on the go. Simply measure out and combine your fresh ingredients, place them in the slow cooker, and go about your day to create healthy, flavorful one-pot masterpieces like soups, stews, and casseroles. As a result, the protein is more tender, the flavors are stronger, and the kitchen is cleaner and less disorganized.

    Crock Pot Cooking

    5. Mini Garlic and Vegetable Chopper

    You won’t need any knife skills to be the best garlic, onion, and herb cutter if you have a mini chopper. Every time, the chop job turns out flawlessly and without any tears. You won’t ever have an excuse not to use powdered garlic because it is so simple to use. You can easily store any leftover vegetables or garlic in the clear cup that comes with the chopper.

    Carrots for borsch in an electric chopper. Soup cooking

    6. Fresh Produce Saver

    We’ve all experienced it: the moment when we overspend on a ton of fresh fruits and vegetables only to discover a week later that they are rotting at the bottom of the refrigerator. It’s a good thing that the incredible produce saver can help increase the shelf life of fresh produce. In addition to making it easier for you to use, storing clean, ready-to-eat produce in a clear container in your refrigerator will motivate you to consume it as soon as it is still tasty and fresh.

    7. Personal Food Processor

    Making your own sauces and spreads at home is a great way to consume more plant-based foods, save money, and take advantage of lower-calorie and reduced-sodium options. An incredible tool for doing just that is a food processor. 

    Food processor with accessories on white background

    8. Meal Preparation Containers

    Only with the proper storage tools is meal preparation for the coming week both feasible and enjoyable. It can be difficult to find a good set of containers that can hold fresh vegetables and snacks. The perfect size for your preferred healthy salad should be in a salad container set, which also helps you with portion control for all the accouterments. Make sure your containers are BPA-free, microwaveable, and dishwasher-safe to cap it all off.

    Restaurant healthy food delivery in take away boxes for daily nutrition on white background

    9. Avocado Slicer

    You’ll adore an avocado slicer if avocados are essentially your own food group. Avocado slices in your salads will always come out perfectly even, so you never have to worry about them being awkward. In order to enjoy your guacamole without worrying about battle scars, be sure to select an avocado slicer that also functions as a knife and a pitter.

    10. Zester 

    An amazing tool for a creative, healthy home cook is a high-quality zester. Zesting offers a completely new flavor experience in a short amount of time with minimal cleanup. To instantly spruce up sauces and dressings, use your zester on citrus rinds. Additionally, you can use it to quickly grind spices like cinnamon sticks, which are much more potent freshly ground than pre-ground. Last but not least, you can use it to finely grate hard cheeses to top fresh pasta or roasted vegetables or to top Greek yogurt with fresh coconut and dark chocolate.

    Grater and fresh lemons on black table, flat lay. Space for text

    11. Instant Pot

    It is essentially an electric pressure cooker that can also be used for slow cooking, making rice, sautéing, making yogurt, steaming, and other things. Food cooks in an instant pot up to 70% faster than it would in an oven or on a regular stovetop, and you can prepare entire meals in just one pot with little cleanup. Additionally, it is extra safe and requires no supervision, unlike conventional stovetop pressure cookers. All ingredients can literally be poured in, the lid secured, a few buttons pressed, and then you can leave.

    It’s great for making large batches of nutritious soups, lean proteins, or beans and lentils in half the time to meet all of your needs for plant-based protein. Additionally, you can use it on warm nights if you don’t want to turn on the oven or use the stove much.

    Modern multi cooker in the kitchen

    12. Food Thermometer

    If you’ve ever experienced food poisoning from eating undercooked meat, poultry, or fish, you know how unpleasant this experience can be. To cook your food, it is, therefore, preferable to spend money on a food thermometer.

    The temperature is measured of two seasoned chicken breasts in a baking tray

    13. Air Fryer

    If you want healthy food that tastes indulgent without using much oil or even none at all, an air fryer is a must-have kitchen appliance. It can grill, roast, bake, and toast food while giving it an even crisp. Preset buttons eliminate the need to estimate cook times, resulting in flawless results with little effort. 

     Four spicy air fried chicken thighs in an air fryer in Frederick, MD, United States


    Using the listed gadgets will make eating healthily easier and more convenient. You’ll definitely save time and improve your health by using these kitchen tools.

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