Top Ideas for a Gender Reveal Party


    Finding out whether you are expecting a boy or a girl is one of the most exciting aspects of being pregnant, and a gender reveal party is a fun way to involve friends and family. 

    You’re probably racking your brains as a thrilled and anticipating parent about how to share this magical, once-in-a-lifetime moment with the people you love and care about. Here are some fun party ideas to make your reveal even more memorable and enjoyable if you’re planning to learn and share the gender of your baby before he or she is born. 

    Top Ideas for Gender Reveal Party

    1. Pop the balloon

    Pop the balloon

    Since the beginning of the trend, balloons have been a mainstay of baby gender reveals, but this concept adds a distinctive twist to a tradition. Ask the shop employee to fill an opaque balloon with blue or pink confetti after ordering one. To prevent being able to see the color inside, the balloon must be opaque. Give the worker the envelope containing the baby’s sex if you want to keep it a surprise. When it’s time to pop the balloon, either pop it at a party or ask a loved one to take a photo of you and your partner doing it.

    2. Gender reveal scavenger hunt

    Gender reveal scavenger hunt

    Why not have a scavenger hunt for a baby gender reveal? Scavenger hunts are entertaining for many holidays and celebrations. 

    Organize a treasure hunt to include your family and friends in the adventure. Send your guests on a quest to discover your baby’s gender by placing some clues in an envelope. While it will require some preparation, you can enjoy planning the treasure hunt, watching everyone scramble for hints, and, of course, being present when the big revelation occurs. You can use gender-specific nursery rhymes, baby-related hints, concealed baby gear, interesting facts about pregnancy and childbirth, and more to express your creativity.

    3. Get creative with paint

    The use of paint is a fantastic, vibrant, and enjoyable way to post pictures of your baby having sex online. Purchase pink or blue paint and a plain white T-shirt once you are aware of your child’s gender. Your partner’s hands should have enough paint on them for handprints.

    Have a friend or photographer take a picture of you with your partner standing behind you, their arms around you, and their hands on either side of your belly. Next, snap a second picture of the same scene with your partner’s hands raised to show off the pink or blue handprints that have since appeared on your stomach. These images create a fun reveal when placed next to one another.

    Some couples go one step further and have a free-for-all reveal in their yard using water guns loaded with pink or blue paint.

    4. Cut into blue or pink cake

    Cut into blue or pink cake

    One of the simplest and most popular ways to add extra festiveness to your gender reveal party is by getting creative with the food. You can make your gender reveal cakes or cupcakes at home with a colored filling, but don’t forget the food dye! Many bakeries will make special gender reveal cakes or cupcakes for their customers.

    It might be nice to have some additional food or snacks for your guests at your party in addition to the dessert reveal. Create dessert bags for guests to take home at the end of the party using pink and blue candies.

    5. Pink or blue gift

    Pink or blue gift

    You might like this concept if you want to organize a surprise gender reveal that involves your family and friends. Give a friend or family member the envelope containing the gender of your baby. They will need to purchase one baby item or toy for each participant, and the items can be pink or blue depending on the gender of the baby. They may give you this as a gift or they may solicit funds from the group to buy the items.

    Then, request that the friend or relative wrap the gifts in paper that is of a neutral color before giving one to each guest. Tell all of your guests to open their gifts simultaneously while the cameras are set up and the video is recording. By allowing your family and friends to conduct the gender reveal for you, all eyes will be on your partner and you. Your partner’s and your reaction will undoubtedly be priceless.

    6. Vote boy or girl

    Vote boy or girl

    Ask each person who attends your gender reveal party to vote on whether they believe you are having a boy or a girl as they arrive. Keep track of who voted for each gender when tallying votes on a decorative chalkboard or with strips of paper. When the time is right, reveal your baby’s sex by opening the sealed envelope, then tell everyone the wonderful news! This is a straightforward and affordable gender reveal idea, but if you have more money to spend, you could give any guests who correctly predicted the gender a small gift.

    7. Gender reveal baby shower combo

    Gender reveal baby shower combo

    Combining your gender reveal party with your baby shower by creating a gender-specific theme is a popular concept. Give the party host the sealed envelope containing your child’s sex so they can secretly decide on the theme and other party components. Make sure there are cameras set up on the day of your party to record you, your partner, friends, and/or family as you walk through the door and react to the wonderful news!

    8. Party paper

    You must first purchase (or make by cutting up tissue paper) some pink or blue confetti. After that, you’ll put the confetti in a bag and hang it from a string above your head. By pulling on the string, which should cause the bag to tilt and let the confetti fall out, you can find out the gender of your child! By having a friend or family member make the confetti for you, you can also keep this a surprise.


    If you’re hosting a party, prepare several bags or use a sheet and several strings to hold the confetti. Ask your visitors to pull the strings while simultaneously standing underneath the bags or sheet. Either pink or blue will be used to decorate your room! 


    Set up a timer or ask someone to take your picture as you pull the string if you’d prefer to just capture the moment on camera and send it to family and friends. The picture should then be shared on social media or mailed.

    9. Guess the baby’s name

    This idea can help you come up with baby names, which is one of the best gender reveal strategies! Invite your party guests to guess your gender by writing down a baby’s name as they arrive. Therefore, if they believe you are having a girl, they will suggest a name for the child that includes your last name. Before revealing the gender of your baby, go over all the suggested names. If you’d like, you can reward those who correctly predicted with a small gift.

    10. The gender-revealing piñata

    The gender-revealing piñata

    This gender reveal party idea is especially entertaining for kids and families if you’re throwing one. By asking a friend or family member to handle the planning for this one, you can be surprised as well. You or your friend will purchase a gender-neutral-looking piñata that is filled with blue or pink candies. Allow each member of your family and friends to whack the piñata once during the gender reveal party. Grab a few as the treats start to pour out and throw them over your head for a cute picture.


    We hope that these suggestions will help you choose how to announce the gender of your child because gender reveals can be a lot of fun. Whether you’re expecting a boy or a girl, sharing your baby’s gender can be a private moment with your partner or a more public event shared virtually, through the mail, or at a party with your family, friends, and coworkers. Whatever you choose, there are many memorable ways to reveal the sex of your future baby.


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