Top Home Office Accessories

A home office has become a must-have part of the house. However, for that you will be required a functional setup for your working area that is cozy and inspiring.

A nicely and luxuriously designed work space is very tempting, but it wont keep you awake and active for hours. This is why, your “at home office” needs to be designed with unique supporting accessories, a few nice furniture pieces and some decor items to help you feel at office with the comfort of your home.

Here, you will read about a few useful items that can make your home office experience pleasant either by offering you convenience and comfort or by giving you positive vibes to stay motivated. But before that, let’s learn about the properties of a home office setup and how to make it better and functional.

Properties of a functional home office

A quick glance at a home-based office may not explain much, but it is essentially different from a traditional office. A conventional set-up looks uncomfortable and cold. It lacks comfort and ease. The formal setting dictates work instead of inspiring productivity. In contrast, an informal office at your residence can be warm, welcoming, pleasing to the eye and inspires creativity. Accessories in this type of set-up play an important part in making it likeable and cosy. Here are some features that define and differentiate home-based work station from its traditional counterpart. 

1. Professional/Practical 


An office space in your own home is not just any room with your computer and study table. It is a special room or corner, and there are well-grounded reasons for it being a distinct place. 

  • A dedicated and exclusive work space at home has your entire work setup and the required tools. Therefore, unnecessary stuff should not be allowed there. 
  • It should have the professional and practical look that inspires productive work and motivates to finish the tasks on given time. 
  • Home office should not be a cluttered room because irrelevant stuff is distracting, and you need to focus on your tasks. It means you need a room or a space without undue distractions. 
  • Organization is the rule of thumb when you talk of practical and professional setups, and decluttering is the first rule of organization.
  • Hence, decluttering your work space is the first step of starting a home office. Check out the tips.

2. Accessories for home office

Home based set-ups look professional because of the furniture and arrangement scheme. They can be further made pleasant and graceful with decor items and accessories. In fact, only a few decoration items and accessories can turn a cold looking boring corner into an appealing niche that lures you to your impending tasks.  

Work-friendly spaces can be beautifully decorated with art work, plants, and nice colored wall papers, etc. These small additions help make them cozy and inspiring without taking away the feeling of a professional environment. 

3. Comfortable and Relaxing 


Professional and precise as they are; at-home functional spaces should have better rest options than traditional offices. Working for long hours on machines can be very tiring. It can lead to a point of saturation where creativity just ends, and your brain starts to spin. 

In this situation, an extra seating arrangement, away from the work table can do wonders. Warm colors, a wide window, better light and a general feeling of comfort can help your mind relax. It is best if you can afford a slightly spacious place for your setup where you can walk for a while between work breaks. This helps your muscles stretch and release tension from your body. 

Guideline To Some Must-have Office Accessories

While design and furniture are very important to set the tone of a professional but relaxing work setup; some home office accessories also play an important part. They will help make the place comfortable, creativity boosting and relaxing. The boredom of long and tiring hours can be diminished with a few easy-to-get accessories listed here. Have a look.

Where to Buy
LED Desk Lamp with Wireless Charger, USB Charging Port, Modern Eye-Caring Desk Lamps
Coccyx Seat Cushion & Lumbar Support Pillow for Office Chair, Car, Wheelchair Memory Foam Chair Cushion
ComfiLife Foot Rest for Under Desk at Work – Adjustable Memory Foam Foot Rest
Safco Products Onyx Mesh 2 Tray/6 Sorter Desktop Organizer 3255BL, Black Powder Coat Finish, Durable Steel
VASAGLE Sofa Bed, Convertible Couch with 2 Cup Holders and Removable Armrests
JC nateva 16" Small Fake Plants Artificial Potted Faux Plants

1. LED Desk Lamp with Wireless Charger, USB Charging Port, Modern Eye-Caring Desk Lamps

Overhead lighting does not suit many, especially when you have to work for long hours. Tedious paper work or screen reading takes toll on the brain and eyes. In this situation, better lighting options are crucial in making things easy for you. A task light/lamp is a great addition to your office desk accessories. It showers soft light which is why you won’t feel tired even after several hours of reading and writing. 

Visibility is also several times better because of high brightness beads of this LED Desk Lamp. The absence of tiring blue light is a great relief. High brightness means no shadows and less strain for the eyes. This product offers flicker-free light which significantly reduces pressure on your eyes and gives clear vision. It comes with an inbuilt wireless phone charger that can charge two devices simultaneously. You can also rotate the light to 90 degrees for convenience. 

The best specification is that; it saves energy! This desk lamp is long lasting: you will not need to replace the LED for 25 years. It is made to go on for 50,000 hours. Moreover, its price is affordable and causes no undue, unreasonable pressure on your pocket.

The minimalist design of LED desk lamp saves space. It looks sleek, graceful and petite but it offers more than one service. The 5V/3A adaptor of this desk lamp is great: you can charge your phone and use the light at the same time. The product comes with a 24-months guarantee, which makes it a safe choice for the buyer. 

  • Energy saving
  • Blue light: no  
  • Brightness Level: high 
  • Light type: soft
  • Performance: up to 50,000 hours
  • LED replacement: after 25 years
  • Temperatures: 5 different colors
  • Brightness levels: 10
  • Charger: wireless
  • USB charging port: yes
  • Adopter: 5V/3A 
  • Head: rotating
  • Design: space saving 

2. Coccyx Seat Cushion & Lumbar Support Pillow for Office Chair, Car, Wheelchair Memory Foam Chair Cushion

This pillow and seat cushion help you sit in a better and straight posture. The upright torso will tire later than a hunched one. This simple cushion provides lumber support and you feel energetic for many hours. You body stays active because you’re physically in an optimum position. This is also a great product for sciatica patients. The support for hips and back eases out strain on nerves and the debilitating pain can be avoided.

Qutool seat cushion is designed to provide relief to human body in every possible way. If your tail bone is constantly touching a surface, it starts to feel soar and causes extreme pain and discomfort. However, this cushion ensures an ideal sitting posture because there is a hollow space in its design for providing ease to the coccyx. In addition, its breathable mesh covers are skin friendly hence no risk of allergies. The seat cover is also washable. Moreover, you do not have to keep fixing the seat cushion constantly because it has a non-slip cover and is free in size to fit all.

  • Filling: memory foam
  • Cover fabric: breathable, skin-friendly, washable
  • Size: free size
  • Surface: non-slip

3. ComfiLife Foot Rest for Under Desk at Work – Adjustable Memory Foam Foot Rest

When your feet are not touching the floor or they are not in a comfortable position; it means there is an increased pressure on your back and hips. A foot rest can help you in this case by offering a comfy sitting for longer hours. And when it comes to choosing the best footstool, Comfilife foot rest can be a great choice! It aids in better circulation of blood towards the lower body parts and the backbone. This property makes the product a significant relief for back and hip joints aches. 

The Comfilife footrest comes with a soft cushioning filling, and its material is much better than plastic. Hence, your heels will feel more relaxed and comfortable. Moreover, this incredible stool works as a rocker as well, which means you can move your feet to and fro for better blood circulation. The feature will automatically relieve tension in your legs. 

This amazing foot rest has washable cover. Therefore, you do not have to spend money on dry cleaning. Also, it has a non-slip bottom to prevent any slipping accident.

  • Filling: memory foam
  • Covers: breathable and washable
  • Bottom surface: non-slip
  • Price: affordable
  • Design: ergonomic and comfortable

4. Safco Products Onyx Mesh 2 Tray/6 Sorter Desktop Organizer 3255BL, Black Powder Coat Finish, Durable Steel

No one wants mess of uncountable papers and files on the table. Loose documents will get lost frequently among other papers. It will be an undue tension and waste of time. In these scenarios, you need to buy apt organizers to avoid any inconvenience. This Safco products organizer can be a savior! It can do wonders by decluttering your space and allowing you to sift through material faster. 

This arranger comes with six sorting slots for small items along with two document trays. It is not too big to take up all the space on the table. However, it is not too petite to leave out most of the required documents. The organizer is made of steel, which means you are not dealing with fragile material. 

This sorter has smooth edges to avoid small accidents. Moreover, its chip resistant powder coating makes sure it lasts longer. Besides, the bottom cushioning keeps the table safe from scratches. Moreover, no assembly is required with this one as it lands ready-to-use.

  • Built: Strong and durable 
  • Ideal for study and office desks
  • Six sorting slots and two document trays
  • Smooth edges 
  • Chip resistant powder coating for durability
  • No assembly required, ready to use

5. VASAGLE Sofa Bed, Convertible Couch with 2 Cup Holders and Removable Armrests

Sitting on one chair for a long duration can make you tired and ultimately block your mind from productivity. Therefore, you need a comfortable couch to shift after a while for a much-needed break. In this case, this Perfect sized convertible couch can serve you well! 

The particular model has two cup holders, which allow you to have your refreshing coffee during those breaks. You can even use it to sleep when you are too tired to work and need to rest for a while. This way, you can have a small nap without getting out of the work environment. 

  • Size: 72 × 33.9 × 30.7 inches 
  • Color: grey
  • Convertible to a queen size bed easily 
  • Cushion: 8.7” 
  • Cover: lux velvet  
  • Seat depth: 20” 
  • Removable armrests and cup holders 
  • Shape: comfortable
  • Design: tufted

6. JC nateva 16" Small Fake Plants Artificial Potted Faux Plants

Adding plants and greenery to any place can never go wrong, including your small at-home work station. If you love office plant decoration ideas but don’t have enough time to take proper care, then JC nateva 16" Small Fake Plants is an ideal product for you!

This small artificial plant is great to add greenery to any compact space without hassle and mess. The best thing is that; minimal maintenance is needed, just clean them occasionally with a damp cloth and that’s all. These fake plants are great mood uplifters and very light on the pocket as well. Moreover, you don’t have to burn holes in your pocket for decoring your home office. JC nateva plants are reasonable in price yet they have the ability to add a lively vibe to the entire setting. Besides, no one can tell if there is a fake plant by just looking at it because its leaves look so natural that anyone can get confused. 

  • Price: affordable
  • Suitable for indoors and outdoors
  • Design: compact and delicate
  • Maintenance: less to zero
  • Realistic and real touch


Your functional space should be designed and decorated with comfort, productivity and creativity in mind. One just needs to find items that offer more in less – less space, less money and less effort. Appropriate color scheming and space management along with a few comfort accessories can be enough to create a wonderful work place in your own home. 

These above-mentioned home office accessories are mostly small in size to accommodate narrower space at your residence. However, they have huge aesthetic impact. They are also matchless in lending comfort during tiring working hours. 

In short, you will definitely start loving your work much more and excel consequently when you have a dedicated space that compels you to sit down and finish your to-do list. What are your views about it?