Top Fly Traps Reviewed | Buyer’s Guide

With summer and spring come flies, which often means contaminated food and bug bites. As the weather becomes warmer, more and more houseflies crop up, swarming together, rubbing their segmented limbs together on your meals, transmitting diseases. This nuisance can turn into a problem, especially for outdoors. Your home might be safe to a degree, but during muggy and humid days, these repulsive pests can take over your outdoor living space.

Fortunately, there are a handful of different kinds of outdoor fly traps that you can use to neutralize those pesky unwanted guests. In the paragraphs that follow, we’ll breakdown a few useful types of fly traps as well as a few safety considerations to help you pick a fly trap that will tackle the exact fly problem that you’re facing. To help you save the trouble of wading through the rough, you’ll also find a rundown of some of the absolute best fly trap models that you can buy in 2019.

How do they work?

Even though different outdoor fly traps make use of varying trapping mechanisms, more often than not, they stink. Outdoor traps are built to attract and terminate as a large number of flying insects, over as large an area as possible. But to attract flies in such numbers, these traps use foul-smelling lures (which house flies are commonly attracted to).

Once the insects find their way inside the trap, they become trapped and eventually die. Some of these products use water reservoirs that are used to drown the flies. The contents can be disposed of, and the trap can be refilled.

Note that this already foul-smelling container becomes truly putrid when thousands of flies’ carcasses start collecting inside it. So to avoid the stench, you’re advised to hang these traps far away from your home. These fly traps are strictly designed for outdoor use, and not within your home.

Different kinds of traps available

Odorous bait-based

These traps are primarily plastic containers that can hang with a rope and hold fly bait to attract air-borne pests. The opening on the topgradually narrows, trapping the insects who fly into the container. The attractant is often either rotten meat or spoiling fruits, hence the stench mentioned above. Some of these traps are designed to become more malodorous as it gets warmer –attracting more flies in the hotter season.

Odorless bait-based

If the outdoor fly infestation isn’t too bad, you can also use odorless bait-based traps. They release a sweet fragrance, attracting fruit flies and house flies. But as you can imagine, they’re hardly as effective because they can’t lure in most species.


Unlike odorous solid-bait containing traps, containers use powdered-bait mixed with water. The liquid bait is used to drown the pests. You can find both disposable and reusable variants. As the name implies, disposable traps are to be discarded once they’re used to their capacity. They’re more sanitary than their reusable counterparts since you don’t have to handle the flies or the bait directly. Reusable containers are more economical, but emptying and refilling the contents of the box can be unpleasant.

A few considerations

A caveat, however, if you have pets or children in your home, you wouldn’t want to leave them unattended where they can reach the traps. If that is the case, try to find products with non-toxic baits that are equally effective.

You’ll also need to take into account for the airborne-pest species that you’re aiming to exterminate. These products are commonly built to lure house flies, but if you need to neutralize a specific species or a kind that feeds and nests on a particular source present in your outdoors, you’ll have to find a trap that’s build to eradicate them.

As a rule of thumb, outdoor traps will last a month and can kill as much as 20,000 flies each. But depending on the season or the frequency of intended use, you can purchase reusable traps that either last a whole season or you can opt for disposable traps, if you only need them for a few weeks.

Where to Buy
Victor M380 Set of 1 Reusable outdoor Fly Trap 32 oz - Fly Magnet Bait Traps - Bundled with 2 Bait Refills of Victor M383, And 1 SEWANTA Hanging Chains
RESCUE Outdoor Non-Toxic Disposable Big Bag Fly Trap, 2 Pack
Flies Be Gone Fly Barrel Fly Trap (1) Non Toxic re-usable or Disposable Outdoor Fly Catcher
Farnam Home and Garden 14680 Starbar Captivator Fly Trap, (1.06 ounces or 30 grams) (2)
Most Effective Ranch Green Cage with Pots- 2019 New Ranch Tools for Indoor or Outdoor Family Farms, Park, Restaurants
RESCUE! Sterling Outdoor Disposable Fly Catcher, Control Trap with Attractant, Insecticide Free (8 Pack)
Raid Fly Trap (2-Pack), Outdoor Fly Trap, Disposable Fly Trap Bag, House Fly Trap with Food-Based Attractant, Hanging Fly Bag, 2 Home Fly Trap Bags, Outside Fly Control for Home, Hanging Fly Bait Bags
Black Flag HG-11015 Stick, Trap, Houseflies and Flying Insects, 1-Count, 6-Pack, Case Pack of 6


Victor M380 Reusable Outdoor Fly Trap

  • Complete trap kit with two bait refill packs
  • An adjustable hanging chain measuring 9.5 inches
  • Large 32-ounce carrying capacity
  • Bait effective over a long time; catches up to 20,000 flies
  • Can be reused once the trap is full
  • Bait contains feeding material and attractant
  • Effective against house flies, fruit flies, lance flies, cluster flies, and flesh flies

RESCUE Outdoor Non-Toxic Disposable Big Bag Fly Trap

  • Perfect for heavy infestations
  • Disposable design; you don’t have to handle the bait or the dead flies
  • Free from chemicals and pesticides and safe for the environment
  • Lures flies in with the help of scent and uses water to drown them
  • Can catch up to 40,000 flies
  • One bag can last up to a month

Flies Be Gone Fly Barrel Fly Trap

  • Design free from pesticides and poison
  • Uses non-toxic natural food materials as an attractant
  • Effective against pesticide-resistant flies
  • Uses water to drown the flies and can be hung outdoors
  • Work for up to 30 days
  • Can catch thousands of flies
  • Comes with a suspension strap and trap bail refills

Farnam Home and Garden Fly Trap

  • One-way entry design
  • Weighs only 30 grams
  • Comes in a pack of two
  • Reusable container
  • Insecticide-free
  • Can catch hundreds of winged insects

FFPRO Ranch Green Cage

  • All-natural, non-toxic trap
  • Has a durable gauze and wire construction
  • Environment-friendly
  • Reusable design
  • Comes with a six-month manufacturer’s warranty

RESCUE! Sterling Outdoor Disposable Fly Trap

  • Pack of 8 disposable fly traps
  • Doesn’t use killing agents or poison
  • Sanitary design
  • Uses a powerful attractant and then drowns the flies
  • Can catch up to 20,000 flies

Raid Fly Trap, Outdoor Fly Trap

  • Uses food-based attractant
  • Traps flies with a one-way-entry system and drowns them
  • Pack of two disposable bags
  • Can last up to a month

Black Flag HG-11015 Stick

  • Uses honey or syrup to lure to attract flies
  • Flying insects get stuck to the exposed stick
  • The stick itself can be suspended with the help of the included hook
  • Can last up to 3 months of use
  • Only requires one tablespoon of attractant

Final Thoughts

Flies aren’t just a nuisance, they’re also germ vehicles since they thrive on excrement and garbage and these germ vehicles find their way into your food and on your skin. But when their number grows into hundreds and thousands in summers, you need an effective way to clear your outdoors of these repugnant pests. Outdoor fly traps are specifically designed with that purpose in mind, making them the ideal solution to any fly problem.