Top Five Wheeled Backpacks for Easier Transport

There is a reason the wheel is considered one of, if not the most, important invention in the history of mankind. Lugging around heavy loads has been a problem people have faced ever since they began to utilize agriculture. Nowadays, a very common form of taking items around with you is the use of backpacks. Now, this is a great way to move items sure, but sometimes the things you’re carrying with you are too heavy and end up causing your shoulders great discomfort and fatigue by making the straps cut into them.

This is where wheeled backpacks come into play. Also called rolling backpacks, these are backpacks that include wheels on their bottom and an extendable arm with a handle at their top. These are excellent backpacks for people who are not carrying enough to justify a suitcase but still do have enough to be too taxing on the shoulders. In this post we will be looking over our top five picks for wheeled backpacks to help you decide on one.

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1. Matein Waterproof Wheeled Laptop Backpack

This backpack comes with a handful of convenient pockets and compartments, and has enough room to even stash some clothes. Apart from that, it also has a laptop compartment with padding inside it so you can carry your laptop with you without fear of it getting damaged. It also has mesh pockets on both of its sides for holding bottles which are always welcome.

As for the rolling aspect itself of this backpack, its extendable arm can reach a length of 22 inches and its shoulder straps can be tucked inside a zipped pocket so they don’t drag along on the ground. The backpack also has a waterproof bottom panel which is incredibly useful for traversing all kinds of terrain after it has rained. The backpack is quite durable and made of polyester fabric.

2. Antec NX Series Rolling Backpack

Made of polyester and lined with fabric, this backpack comes with a padded laptop section as well as the main compartment, a front pocket, and two mesh pockets on the sides. The handle is designed to provide a comfortable grip so you can pull the backpack for a long time without your hands getting tired. The extendable arm itself is made of rust resistant aluminum and can be locked at three different lengths.

What sets this backpack apart however, are the following things. In the front pocket it includes a nice pencil holder section with multiple pockets for pencils and pens, multiple card holder slots, a key fob and a zipped-up pocket. On the back of the backpack there is a strip of reflective tape so you are visible at night from the back. The included wheels are noiseless and have shock absorbing properties and they last a long time too. Lastly, the roomy design of the back makes sure your back and shoulders remain comfortable when wearing the backpack.

3. Olympia Cascade Carry-on

For those of you who like to take your backpacks with you while exploring rough terrain i.e. hiking or camping etc., this Olympia backpack is a perfect companion. Made of sturdy polyester and smooth wheels that have protective coverings over them, the backpack also has padded shoulder straps for comfortable wear. It also comes with a padded back panel in which the shoulder straps can be hidden away when not in use.

This backpack also has handles on the top and right side if you wish to pick it up like that. Furthermore, it has a bunch of slim pockets alongside a large main compartment. The main compartment also has buckling straps to keep items in place. This backpack is also bigger than the ones we have already discussed due to its intended outdoor use.

4. High Sierra Powerglide Wheeled Laptop Backpack

A larger backpack than the first two we looked at, the High Sierra backpack has quite a few compartments, pockets, and slots. The main compartment is naturally the largest, and then there are the other pockets on the front and sides. It has a padded and cushioned laptop slot as well, and its wheels have been designed to handle a multitude of terrain types. The side pockets have zippers instead of being open, so your possessions are more secure than ever.

This backpack also has a key fob, pen pockets and multiple other small slots including several card holders. The backpack also comes with a headphone port if you wish to listen to music while on the go. There is a padded back panel as well if you want to hide your shoulder straps, and the handle is big enough for almost all sizes of hands.

5. Kipling Luggage Sanaa Wheeled Backpack

The Kipling backpack is made of Kipling’s signature crinkle nylon which is water resistant as well as durable. The handle is comfortable and large, and the shoulder straps are padded. The backpack has three front compartments and a fourth flap covered pocket as well. It also has the expected mesh side pocket for holding bottles. If all that doesn’t sell it to you, it has a monkey keychain too. What more do you need, really?


And that wraps up our list of the top five wheeled backpacks handpicked by us. Hopefully, you will find something you like amongst it. In case you’re looking for other kinds of backpacks as well, here are our posts on the top 5 designer backpacks and the top 5 cheap laptop backpacks under $50.